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NATURAL  SOLUTIONS ABOUT CARMEUSE EUROPE Did you know that Carmeuse is a family company (6th generation on board) existing for more than 150 years ? With over 150 years in business, Carmeuse is a leading producer of high calcium and dolomitic lime, chemical grade limestone and crushed limestone aggregate products that are a vital part of important industries in steel manufacturing, energy, environmental services, and construction.

CONTACT Rue  du  Château  13,   5300  Andenne Belgium +32  85  83  01  11

MARKETS Recognized as  a  worldwide leader  in  the  production   of  lime  and  limestone products,   Carmeuse provides high-­‐performance,  cost-­‐effective,  environmentally friendly solutions  for  a  broad range  of   applications,  in  a  diverse  range  of  industrial,  commercial  and  environmental applications.   Due  to  its particular chemical characteristics,  lime  is extensively used in  several industries  and  is therefore important  to  many aspects  of  people’s every-­‐day lives: • • • • • •

IRON  AND  STEEL  MARKETS CONSTRUCTION  AND  B UILDING  MARKETS WATER,  WASTE  AND  FLUE  G AS  CLEANING  MARKETS AGRICULTURE,  F OOD  AND  F EED  MARKETS MANUFACTURING  MARKETS METALS  AND  MINING  MARKETS GIVE YOUR CAREER A SOLID FOUNDATION ... AND A PROMISING FUTURE. Map out a challenging and rewarding career at Carmeuse, a global company built on a solid foundation, driven by strong global growth trends. OUR PRODUCTS ARE EVERYWHERE GROWTH IS HAPPENING As the world population grows, and as its infrastructure ages, so grows the need for new buildings, cleaner water and energy, and new transportation routes. And with that trend grows the need for new energy-­‐saving, cost-­‐saving solutions in limestone.