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Savannah Times

Official Newsletter for the Residents of Lakes of Savannah Volume 2, Issue 5 May 2011

Meet Dale McCall

The Sports and Recreation Committee

Neighborhood Watch Committee Co-Chair Dale McCall and his wife, Noelene, moved from Winter Springs, Florida to Lakes of Savannah in July 2007. They chose to make Lakes of Savannah their home because of the family atmosphere. Dale said, “We like the walking paths, good value in house process, and it was in a good location for my job.” Dale is a marketing manager for an insurance company that has a regional office in Galveston. Dale’s favorite thing about living in Lakes of Savannah is his neighbors. He said, “We feel the neighbors in our area are the best neighbors we have ever had.” Dale volunteered for the Neighborhood Watch Committee because he feels it is needed in the community. He served on the committee prior to volunteering to be the committee co-chair in January. Dale explained, “the number one priority of the Neighborhood Watch Committee is to get all neighborhoods involved in watching out for each other; getting to know your neighbors and helping create a safe neighborhood.” Dale said the most important thing residents can do to keep the neighborhood safe a prevent crime is getting to know your neighbors. He encourages residents to know what kind of cars your neighbors drive, share email addresses and cell phone and home phone numbers. Dale said, “Our neighborhood has a spreadsheet that most of the neighbors information is on, so we can call each other if we see anything suspicious going on.” Dale said his biggest challenge as co-chair of the Neighborhood Watch Committee is getting residents to attend the committee meetings. He invites all residents to attend. The Neighborhood Watch Committee meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse. If you want to learn more about the Neighborhood Watch Committee, you can contact Dale at rdmccall64@ Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

Times Needs You!

Fatiyauh Jones, Sports and Recreation Committee Chair Pool season is upon us, and we want to make the summer of 2011 the biggest and best ever. The Sports and Recreation Committee will be meeting every third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Clubhouse. Please come with any suggestions to make this season enjoyable for all. EVERYONE IS INVITED! The meeting dates are as follows: June 21

July 19

August 16

September 20

Pool Hours

• • • •

The pool will be open beginning May 28 (Memorial Day Weekend). The pool will be closed on Mondays for cleaning purposes. The pool will be open Tuesday–Saturday from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. & Sunday noon ­– 8 p.m.

Pool Regulations

• • • •

Please be sure to maintain proper conduct at all times. Please wear appropriate swimwear in the pool. Clothing such as basketball and denim shorts is not allowed. Please refrain from running in the pool area or misusing pool furniture and equipment. All residents must bring pool cards to access the entry gates. Please do not let others into the pool area from the inside.

Let’s have a great summer! Savannah Times - May 2011

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Don’t want to wait for the mail?

Light up Lakes of Savannah Otavia Rhone, Executive Committee Chair Please participate in light up Lakes of Savannah June 11–18. Get your energy efficient light bulbs and let’s make Lakes of Savannah a safer place by turning on our porch lights.

Get Connected Otavia Rhone, Executive Committee Chair If you have not already signed up to receive community e-mails, please do so on our website, It is our community site, and we are still working on content. Please be patient with the site’s growth and changes. If you know of an upcoming community event, car pool opportunities or anything you think the community would benefit from, please send your information to [email protected].

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Savannah Times - May 2011

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Savannah Times

Message from the Executive Chair

Otavia Rhone, Executive Committee Chair Have you seen changes in the community? Here is an on going checklist to give you idea of what improvements are in the works and what has recently be completed. • Replace stolen picnic table at the main park

• New signs at main park and pocket parks

• New benches to replace old original benches – in progress

• Re-surface pool

• Add trash cans around the community – in progress

• Fix raised sidewalks that are by man holes or water meters. These are being done in small groups monthly.

• Walkway for pedestrians (particularly children) at the Bend entrance

• Sign marking Landing entrance

• Walkway for pedestrians (particularly children) at Savannah Parkway and Southern Oak

These are just a few things that are being done to help keep our community looking great.

• Signs marking Trace III, Meadows I and Meadows III entrances

Please remember we are always in need of volunteers for the community committees. We can never have too much support. Please contact me or the committee chairs for information about the committees and how you can get involved.

• Sand and paint play set at main park • New swing seats at main park and pocket parks where needed – in progress

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Savannah Times - May 2011

Savannah Times

Does Your Child Want To Play Football Or Cheer On The Team?

Neighborhood Watch Committee Meetings Please mark you calendars to attend the Neighborhood Watch Committee meetings. They are held at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse. The meeting dates for 2011 are as follows:

June 7 August 2 September 6 October 4 November 1 December 3

Savannah Times - May 2011

Fatiyauh Jones, Sports and Recreation Committee Chair

The Manvel Jaguars football team is registering new competitors ages 5–11 years old. The cheerleaders are accepting participants of all ages. Registration events are: • • • •

April 23 – Manvel High School (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) May 14 – National Oak Park /Alvin Frontier Festival (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) May 28 – Manvel High School (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.) Online registration is also available!

Go to to view practice and game schedules. Also, Coach Corey can be reached at 281-250-3336 to answer any questions. He is one of our fellow homeowners. Let’s support the home team!

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Savannah Times Caution! Kids of Lakes of Savannah

Roger Parker, Neighborhood Watch Committee Co-Chair 3 p.m. – Time to head home from work (if you’re so lucky). You jump in your car, roll the sun roof back and head out. Thoughts of what’s for dinner start to run through your mind, and before you know it, you turn onto Savannah Parkway. Stop. What’s next? What you’ve likely noticed around this time is a herd of children going home from Savannah Lakes Elementary School. Some wellmannered, taking special care to watch for traffic, but not all take the care they should. Some of these cute kiddies are too occupied with chatting and jumping their prized bikes to pay the attention necessary to avoid injury … or worse. As residents of Lakes of Savannah, we should take pride in watching out for our neighbors’ little ones and SLOW DOWN when driving. With school now out for the summer, the children will be out playing at all times of the day. Please focus on driving and watch for the kids. In the same breathe, I urge parents to please take the same care in preparing your child for the journey to and from school as you do in dressing, feeding and helping with homework. This needs to be a conversation that is had often between parents and children. If your child rides a bicycle, please remind him or her to watch for cars. Please always know where your child is and be sure that he or she is behaving respectfully and safely. No less than an hour before I finished this article, a child rode his bike carelessly out within 15 feet of the front of my car while I was driving by the community clubhouse. The young man looked at me, certain that he and his blue bike were invincible, and continued across in front of me—a terribly dangerous situation. If something doesn’t change, a child will be hurt in Lakes of Savannah. He or she will be hit by a car, and it will be tragic—tragic for the child, the child’s family and the driver. We all must take aggressive action to make sure this doesn’t happen. Other hazards to discuss with your child include: Snakes – There has been an increase of snake spotting in the community. Please remind your child to watch for them and what to do if they come across one. Strangers – Remind them to keep their distance and that everyone’s intentions are not good. Alligators – Make sure your child knows what to look for and what part of the community to steer away from. Explain the dangers to your child and be proactive. Let’s all work together to keep the neighborhood children safe.

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Savannah Times - May 2011

Savannah Times


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Savannah Times - May 2011

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Savannah Times Developer’s Corner

Lisa Zapalac, Marketing Director, Lakes of Savannah, Friendswood Development Company  Lakes of Savannah has its newest model home! Highland Homes, the newest builder to join the community, has just completed its new model home and is offering new homes in the community’s 55-foot home site program with prices starting in the $180,000s. The new model is located in Savannah Meadows. A new section is now open and Highland Homes is a wonderful addition to our great team of top builders that includes Westin Homes, Plantation Homes, Lennar and J. Patrick Homes. Additional new sections are now open in Lakes of Savannah, keeping all of our builders very busy. Improvements continue along CR 58, as does construction on the new City of Pearland Fire Department. Pearland Fire Station No. 6, located within the community, will open this summer. Please check our website,, for information about the public grand opening as well as any other community news. And, like us on Facebook at

Websites of Interest Lakes of Savannah Resident Intranet Family Watchdog Alvin ISD Pearland Town Center Events Pearland Parks and Recreation The Houston Zoo Children’s Museum of Houston

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Savannah Times - May 2011

Savannah Times 0 Meadowlark St. Lakeway, TX -1





Savannah Times - May 2011

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