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NEWS National Science F o u n d a t i o n - N a t i o n a l Research Council, International Union of P u r e and Applied Chemistry. He is a member of the ACS, Sigma Xi, Phi L a m b d a Upsilon, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sci-

Molecular Weights in Minutes w i t h Mechrolab's MEMBRANE


O S M O M E T E R (over15,000m.w.)

• V A P O R PRESSURE O S M O M E T E R (under25,000m.w.) M C C h r O l u b ,


1 0 6 2 Linda Vista A v e . · M o u n t a i n V i e w , Calif.

"See us at Booth N o . 36, N . I . H . Exhibit"

Circle No. 127 on Readers' Service Card

You can measure l / 1 0 0 t h of a millivolt with this superior quality potentiometer recorder. Unit is extremely accurate (,Vz% of span), and fast (V£ second balance time). Step selection of ranges up to 10 V is provided by attenuator on front panel. Standard features include a floating input with separate chassis ground . . . 5" chart width . . . hum suppressor . . . chopper stabilization . . . changeable chart speeds. Write for Bulletin.


10 MV fixed span 10 MV to 100 V . . 1 MV full scale..





$375.00 $420.00 $535.00 of Precision

Model JY-100 Model JY-110 Model JY-120



5 0 9 South Hindry Ave., Inglewood, Calif. Circle No. 195 on Readers' Service Card


Dr. W a l d o E . Cohn, Oak Ridge N a ­ tional Laboratory, won the ACS Award in C h r o m a ­ tography and Electrophoresis, sponsored b y L a b line I n s t r u m e n t s , Inc. D r . Cohn was born in San Francisco, Cali­ fornia, and re­ ceived his B.S. from t h e Univer­ sity of California a t Berkeley in 1931, M . S . in 1932, and his P h . D . in Biochem­ istry in 1938. After teaching at Berke­ ley and H a r v a r d from 1937 to 1942, D r . Cohn joined t h e M a n h a t t a n Project, first a t Chicago, and later a t the Clinton Labs at Oak Ridge. T h e r e D r . Cohn worked with development of radioiso­ tope production a n d distribution meth­ ods which culminated in the general distribution of radioisotopes produced in the Oak Ridge reactor. H e also in­ vestigated the ion exchange chromatog­ r a p h y of fission products, which r e ­ sulted in the first separation of the rare earths b y this method, leading t o the first isolation of element 61. Since 1948 D r . Cohn, as a Senior Biochemist with O R N L , has concentrated on in­ vestigations of nucleic acid structure, chemistry and enzymology. D r . Cohn pioneered in ion exchange c h r o m a t o ­ graphic methods for biochemistry. H e is a u t h o r or coauthor of more t h a n 60 publications. D r . Cohn is a member of the E d i ­ torial Board of the Journal of Biologi­ cal Chemistry, a n d a member of the American Society of Biological C h e m ­ ist, Biochemical Society (London), ACS, and American Association for t h e Advancement of Science. · Dr. H o w a r d V . Malmstadt, Univer­ sity of Illinois, has been named the winner of the 1963 ACS Award in Chemical I n s t r u ­ mentation spon­ sored b y Ε . Η . Sargent a n d Co. Dr. Malmstadt was b o r n in M a r i ­ n e t t e , Wisconsin, and received his B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1943. After three years in the U. S. N a v y in electronics and radar, he returned to t h e