New Chemistry from the ACS Advances in Chemistry Series

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Reliability. Guaranteed. MCB Guarantees that every product will meet or exceed published specifications, or it will be replaced. This guarantee allows the use of MCB's ACS, high purity ACS, or technical grade solvents, organics, inorganics, or acids—with complete confidence. MCB's close association with E. Merck, Darmstadt, Germany, further supports that

guarantee. E. Merck has built a worldwide reputation for leadership by providing reliable laboratory chemicals for over 300 years. MCB offers the ideal reagent supply formula: Guaranteed performance from state-ofthe-art products. Make MCB your source for laboratory chemicals. We offer reliability. Guaranteed.

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REAGENTS MCB Manufacturing Chemists, Inc. An Associate of E. Merck, Darmstadt, Germany 480 Democrat Road Gibbstown, NJ 08027 An IgM Industries Company


New Chemistry from the ACS Advances in Chemistry Series No. 184 Interfacial Photoprocesses: Energy Conversion and Synthesis, Mark S. Wrighton, Editor. 315 pages (1980) Cloth $44.00

No. 177 Thermodynamic Behavior of Electrolytes in Mixed Solvents—II, William F. Furter, Editor. 400 pages (1979) Cloth $59.00

No. 183 Thermal Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Alex G. Oblad, R. Tracy Eddinger, and Hubert G. Davis, Editors. 364 pages (1979) Cloth $39.50

No. 176 Multiphase Polymers, Stuart L. Cooper and Gerald M. Estes, Editor. 643 pages (1979) Cloth $58.50

No. 182 Equations of State in Engineering and Research, Kwang Chu Chao and Robert L. Robinson, ]r., Editors. 466 pages (1979) Cloth $54.00

No. 175 Positronium and Muonium Chemistry, Hans J. Ache, Editor. 376 pages (1979) Cloth $41.00 No. 174 Probing Polymer Structures, Jack L. Koenig, Editor. 277 pages (1979) Cloth $33.00

No. 181 Hydrolysis of Cellulose: Mechanisms of Enzymatic and Acid Catalysis, Ross D. Brown, ]r. and Lubo Jurasek, Editors. 399 pages (1979) Cloth $60.00

No. 173 Inorganic Compounds with Unusual Properties—II, R. Bruce King, Editor. 418 pages (1979) Cloth $43.50

No. 180 Proteins at Low Temperatures, Owen Fennema, Editor. 233 pages (1979) Cloth $31.25

No. 172 Ultratrace Metal Analysis in Biological Sciences and Environment, Terence H. Risby, Editor. 263 pages (1979) Cloth $36.50

No. 179 Refining of Synthetic Crudes, Martin L. Gorbaty and Brian M. Harney, Editors. 218 pages (1979) Cloth $31.00 No. 178 Hydrocarbon Synthesis from Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen, Edwin L. Kugler and F.W. Steffgen, Editors. 181 pages (1979) Cloth $26.50

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