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NEW PUBLICATIONS - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry (ACS...

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Vol. 13, N o . 5

NEW PUBLICATIONS Dyes: The Constitution of Indigotin. R. ROBINSON. Journal of the Society of Dyers and Colourists, Vol. 37 (1921), No. 3, pp. 77-79. Erosion of Bronze Propellers. 0. SILBERRAD. Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Vol. 40 (1921), No. 4, pp. 38t-4%. Filter Paper: The Manufacture of Hand-Made Filter Paper. J. BARCHAM GREEN. Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Vol. 40 (1921), No. 6, pp. 100u-101r. Fire-Brick: Tests of Fire-Brick Made from Ganister, Flint Clay, and Plastic Clay Mixtures, with Special Reference to SpaUing. RAYMOND M. HOWEAND MARKSHEPPARD. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol. 4 (1921), NO. 3, pp. 206-212. Flour Milling and the Cereal Chemist. R. WALLACE MITCHELL. Chemical Age, Vol. 29 (1921), No. 3, pp. 85-89. Fuel: Industrial Application of Powdered Fuel. JOSEPH F. SHADGEN. The Iron Age, Vol. 107 (1921), No. 13, pp. 839-842. Gas: Condensation a n d Compression. J. W. LANSLEY. The Gas Age, Vol. 47 (1921), NO. 5, pp. 191-192. Glass: The Composition of Opaque Glasses. J. B. KRAIC. The Glass Industry, Vol. 2 (1921), No. 4, pp. 81-84. Glass: Devitriflcation and Revitriflcation of Glass. J. B. KRAIC. The Glass Industry, Vol. 2 (1921), No. 2, pp. 29-31. Glass: L’Industrie d u Verre d e Silice. GEORGESFLUSIN.Chimie el Industrie, Vol. 5 (1921), No. 2, pp. 119-135. Hypochlorites: The Effect of Alkalinity on the Use of Hypochlorites. E. K. RIDEAL AND U. R. EVANS. Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, Vol. 40 (1921). No. 4, pp. 64r-66r. Investigations of t h e Chemical Literature. FRANK E. BARROWS.Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Vol. 24 (1921), No. 10, pp. 423-428; No. 11, pp. 477-479. Leather: La Semelle: Contribution a 1’Etude des Semelles et des EmJournal of peignes pour Chaussures Militaires. CBSARSCHIAPARELLI. the Society of Leather Trades’ Chemists, Vol. 5 (1921), No. 2, pp. 44-56. Liquid Chlorine for Bleaching. L . N. GOEBEL. Paper, Vol. 27 (1921), No. 27, pp. 17-19. Mercerization: Some Experimental Investigations Concerning the Efficiency of Mercerization. A. J. HALL. Textile Colorist, Vol. 43 (1921), No. 508, pp. 240-242. Ozone and “Hyzone” and Their Technical Applications.’ The Chemical Age (London), Vol. 4 (1921), No. 89, pp. 240-241. Petroleum: America’s Petroleum Problem. J. 0. LEWIS. Journal of the Franklin Institute, Vol. 191 (1921), No. 3, pp. 357-380. Photography: A Sensitometric Study of t h e Reduction of Developing-Out NEW JOURNAL Journal of the Franklin Papers. LOYDA. JONES AND C. E. FAWICES. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine. Official Organ of the AmerInstitute, Vol. 191 (1921), No. 4, pp. 503-516. Photography: The Size Frequency Distribution of Particles of Silver Halide ican Society of Tropical Medicine. Editor, H. J. Nichols, Army Medical School, Washington, D. C. Price, $5.00 per volume. Published in Photographic Emulsions and Its Relation to Sensitometric Characterbimonthly by Williams & Wilkins Co., Baltimore, Md. istics. E. P, WIGHTMANA N D S. E. SHEPPARD. Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 25 ( l Q Z l ) , No. 3, pp. 181-195. RECENT JOURNAL ARTICLES Porcelain: The Effect of the Replacement of Free Silica by Alumina a n d JR., AND C. C. LIN. Zirconia in Electrical Porcelain. ROBERTTWELLS, Alcohols: Sur la DOshydrogOnation des Alcools par Oxydation catalytique. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol. 4 (1921), No. 3, pp. 195-206. CHARLESMOUREUAND GEORGESMTGNONAC.Bullelin de l a Socidtd Resins: Contribution a la Caracterisation des Gommes a Vernis. P. Chimigue de France, Vol. 29 (1921), No. 2, pp. 88-101. Blast Furnace Flue Dust Recovery. GEORGEB. CRAMP. The Iron Age, NICOLARDOT AND CH. COFFIGNIER. Chimie et Industrie, Vol. 5 (lQ21), Vol. 107 (1921), NO. 12, pp. 775-778. NO. 2, pp. 150-156. Catalysis in Industrial Chemistry. E. K . RIDEAL. The Chemical Age’ Rubber: Recent Progress in Rubber Chemistry and Technology. PHILIP SCHIDROWITZ. The Chemical Age (London), Vol. 4 (1921), No. 90, (London), Vol. 4 (1921), No. 89, pp. 245-246. pp. 272-274; NO, 91, pp. 298-300; NO.92, pp. 326-328. Coal: Assay of Coal for Carbonization Purposes. T.GRAY. The Chemical Rubber: Solvents and Thinners Used in the Rubber Industry. FREDERIC Trade Journal and Chemical Engineer, Vol. 68 (1921), No. 1766, pp. 409-410. DANNERTH. The India Rubber World, Vol. 64 (1921), No. 1,pp,487-459. Coal as a Future Source of Oil Fuel Supply. SIR ARTHURDUCKHAM. Rubber: Sulla Solubilita delle Sostanze Cristalline ne1 Caucciu. G. Journal of &he InstituLion of Petroleum Technologists, Vol. 7 (1921), No. BRUNI. Giornale d i Chimica Industriale ed Applicata, Vol. 3 (1921), 25, pp. 3-12. NO. 2, pp. 51-54. Combustion: Controlling Combustion on COz Basis Alone Proves UnSoap: T h e Hydrolytic Alkalinity of P u r e and Commercial Soaps. F. C . BEEDLEAND T.R. BOLAM. Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, satisfactory. ROLANDMOELLER. The Coal Industry, Vol. 4 (1921), Vol. 40 (1921), NO. 4, pp. 271-291. NO. 3, pp. 161-165. Combustion: L’Evaluation des P e r k s par la CheminOe dans le Cas des Steel: A New Process for the Estimation of Small Quantities of Chromium Chaudieres. CH. DE LA CONDAMINE. L’Industrie Chimigue, Vol. 8 in Steels. B. S. EVANS.The Analyst, Vol. 46 (19211, No. 539, pp. (1921), NO. 86, pp. 89-92. 38-42. Steel: Present Status of Molybdenum Steels. JOHN A. MATHEWS. ForgCombustion: Positive Circulation of Furnace Gases. S. TROOD A N D D. ing and Heat Treating, Vol. 7 (1921), No. 3, pp. 169-170. E. SAYLOR.Forging and Heat Treating, Vol. 7 (1921), No. 3, pp. 183-185. Tin Plating from Alkaline Tin Baths by the Use of Addition Reagents. Cyanic Acid: Syntheses d e 1’Acide Cyanique par Oxydation des Substances Organiques. R. FOSSE.Bulletin de la SociEtd Chimipue de France, Vol. FRANK C. MATHERSA N D WILLIAM H. BELL. Brass World, Vol. 17 29 (1921), NO. 3, pp. 158-203. (1921), NO. 3, pp. 61-62. Sugar: A Few Observations upon the Clerget Modiflcation of Neutral Degumming of Silk. EMILECAGLIOSTRO. Color Trade Journal, Vol. 8 (1921), No. 4, pp. 138-141. Polarization. C . A. BROWNE. The Louisiana Planter and Sugar ManuDrugs: The Chemistry of Neoarsphenamine and I t s Relation to Tokicity. facturer, Vol, 46 (1921), No. 11, pp. 171-172. Testing Water in Tar Emulsions. W. W. ODELLA N D E. W. THIELB. The GEORGEW. RAIZISSAND M. FALICOV. Journal of Biological Chemistry, Gas Age, Vol. 47 (1921), No. 6, pp, 234-236. Vol. 46 (1921), NO. 1, pp. 209-221. Vitamines: The Physiological Value of the Vitamines. A. D. EMMETT. Dyes: The Bearing of a Synthetic Dye Industry upon Our National Welfare. MARSTONTAYLOR BOGERT. Journal of the Franklin Institute, Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, Vol. 10 (1921), No. Vol. 191 (1921), No. 4, pp. 445-472. 3, pp. 176-182. Ammonia and the Nitrides, with Special Reference to Their Synthesis. EDWARD B. MAXTED. 11’6 pp. 16 illustrations. Price, $2.00. P. Blakiston’s Son & Co., Philadelphia. Analysis: Technical Methods of Analysis as Employed in the Laboratories of Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, Mass. ROGERCASTLEGRIFFIN, Editor. 666 pp. McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York. Beet Sugar: Condensed Description of the Manufacture of Beet Sugar. FRANZ MURICE. 175 pp. Price, $2.50. John Wiley B Sons, Inc., New York. Benzol: I t s Recovery, Rectiflcation and Uses. S. E. WHITEHEAD. 209 pp. Price, $5.00. D. Van Nostrand Co., New York. Bibliotheca Chemico-Mathernatica. Catalog of Works in Many Tongues on Exact and Applied Science. Compiled and Annotated by H. Z . and H. C. S. 2 volumes. 964 pp. Price, 63s. net. Henry Sotheran & Co., London. Chemistry: A Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry for University Students. J. R. PARTINGTON. 1062 pp. 439 figures. Price, $8.00. The Macmillan Co., New York. Fuel Oil: Elements of Fuel Oil and Steam Engineering. ROBERTSIBLEY A N D C. H. DELANY.2d edition, revised and enlarged. 466 pp. 248 illustrations. Price, $5.00. McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York. Gasoline a n d Other Motor Fuels. CARLETONELLIS A N D JOSEPH V. %EIGS. 709 pp. 206 illustrations, Price, $10.00 net. D. Van Nostrand Co., New York. Metallography. Part 11. The Metals and Common Alloys. SAMUEL L. HOYT. 462 pp. Price, $5.00. McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York. Organic Chemistry for Medical, Intermediate Science and Pharmaceutical Students. A KILLEN MACBETH. 226 pp. Price, 6s. 6d. net. Longmans, Green & Co., New York. Pharmacology: An Introduction to Chemical Pharmacology. Pharmacodynamics in Relation to Chemistry. HUGHMCGUIGAN. 415 pp. Price, $4.00. P . Blakiston’s Son & Co., Philadelphia. Red-Lead and How to Use I t in Paint. ALVAHHORTON SABIN.3d edition, rewritten and enlarged. 139 pp. Illustrated. Price, $2.00. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. Rubber Manufacture: The Cultivation, Chemistry, Testing and Manufacture of Rubber, with Sections on Reclamation of Rubber and the Manufacture of Rubber Substitutes. H. E. SIMMONS. 149 pp. Illustrated. Price, $4.50. D. Van Nostrand Co., New York. Thermodynamics and Chemistry. FRANK H . MACDOUGALL.391 pp. 52’ figures. Price, $5.50 net. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York.