New School Uniforms - OLMC School

New School Uniforms - OLMC

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New School Uniforms Risse Brothers School Uniforms is the official provider of the OLMC School Uniform (except PE Uniforms required for students in grades 4-8).

Risse Brothers 8430 Castleton Corner Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46250 phone: 317-570-0898 You may also purchase some items from Land’s End. *please note that logo items (vest, sweatshirt, fleece) and plaid jumpers/skirts are only available from Risse Brothers

Land's End Catalog navy pants & shorts, white shirts, shoes, belts. Order online or visit the Sears store in Castleton. They will carry Land's End uniform items in the store from Friday, June 30th – Friday, September 15th. Click here to sign up for email notification regarding promotions! Our preferred school code is: 9001-3426-3

PE Uniforms (Grades 4-8 only)

Online ordering is encouraged using link below. Storefront carries limited quantities in stock if you are unsure what size your child needs you may visit them M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm Promotions Plus Embroidery 303 West Carmel Drive Carmel, IN 46032 317-844-4184