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Daniel 5

Don’t Linger When God Points His Finger Senior Pastor Matthew St. John

Pastor Matthew St. John || May 29, 2016

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discussion questions 1. It’s been said that pride is the root of all sin. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not? 2. Pastor Matthew shared examples from his own life of God dealing with his pride. How is God addressing this in your life?

May 29, 2016

3. Read James 3:13–17. What are the characteristics of worldly wisdom? Of wisdom from above? How does godly wisdom manifest itself in a life of humility? 4. One of Belshazzar’s downfalls was not remembering God’s work in the past. Read Hebrews 11 and let these stories wash over you, strengthen your faith in Him and move you to obedience. 5. Pray for a heart that honors holy things, seeks God’s wisdom, remembers God’s work in the past, firmly grips reality and avoids the destruction of a haughty life. Message notes available at Next Week: Daniel 6: The Terrible Cost of Fellowship, Pastor Matthew St. John

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