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Exemplifying the general enthusiasm that pervaded t h e Buffalo meeting was the attendance at the general session on M o n d a y night. T h e main ballroom of the Statler w a s filled, and standees lined the sides of the room as E . U. Condon de­ livered t h e main address. A n d there were o n l y about 1500 registered at the time.


T h e symposium on synthetic fibers, sponsored b y the Division of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, w a s followed closely b y editors of textile papers, who observed that it attracted the top brains of the textile world and w a s t h e best sym­ posium on the subject to date.

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I t isn't only industry that is feeling the p i n c h in scientific m a n p o w e r - t h e uni­ versities are suffering as well. According to stories going around at the meeting, s o m e college chemistry departments are raising the ante on graduate students— a n d bidding against each other like foot­ ball coaches. O n e prominent chemist w h o is also a m e m b e r of the ACS Board of Directors c a m e to the meeting wearing a necktie of w h i c h h e was especially proud. Its design, he thought, had an obvious chemical sig­ nificance. But after several days, he came to t h e conclusion that chemists are not very observant. During t h e time that h e wore it, h e not only talked with dozens of p e o p l e , but he presided at a divisional program. And of all w h o presumably saw t h e tie, only one person mentioned it. T h e tie was yellow a n d blue and figured w i t h small squares divided diagonally; t h e y resembled t h e A C S emblem. I t w a s a physical chemist w h o gave us this definition: "A physical chemist is a m a n w h o can take a thimble-full of facts, a d d a quart of clarifying assumptions, and produce a barrel-full of unassailable con­ clusions."

393 pages of papers jrom tht SYMPOSIUM on TWENTY-FIVE YEARS of PROSRESS in PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY (September 1951) 0


Following a time-honored, if barbarous, custom, some of the groups a t Buffalo held their business meetings at 7 : 3 0 A . M . break­ fasts. On one such occasion the waitress in picking u p the meal tickets tore them in half and returned the stubs. W h e n some o n e suggested that she retain t h e entire ticket, she seemed sincerely shaken as she said, "You mean there isn't a prize or something?" A t another breakfast, a chemist was ex­ plaining to his companion that the best w a y to locate an individual a t t h e meeting w a s to stand beside t h e attractive young l a d y at the information desk. H e had ob­ served that, eventually, all of the men m a n a g e d to pass that point. Overhearing t h e conversation, the waitress commented, "Is that what you people call a chemical reaction?"


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A n d then there was t h e professor w h o is dieting—he wants to win the nobelley prize. CH






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