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Chamber of Commerce Volume 21 Issue 6


June 2015

Lunch and Learn - “Providing Networking Opportunities” THE HAMPTON INN PLEASE NOTE we will be hosting June’s Luncheon a week early due to scheduling conflicts. June’s Luncheon will be held on Wednesday the 10th at noon at the Hampton Inn in Green River. June’s Luncheon will be a catered event by the Hampton Inn. We will hear from Workforce Services. They will be speaking to the group about a variety of services they offer to employers. We do ask that you RSVP to the Green River Chamber at 307-875-5711 or email [email protected] or [email protected] by Monday, June 8th by 10:00 AM. If you know by May 18th that you will not be able to attend, please let us know and you will not be invoiced. Lunch will be $12 for members and $15 for non-members. July’s Luncheon will be held at the regular time on the third Wednesday, July 15th at noon at the Hampton Inn. At May’s Luncheon we heard from Fred Ostler with Joint Powers Water Board, Kandi Pendleton with the Events Complex, and Jerry Taylor with the Wounded Warrior Fishing Project. We would like to thank everyone who joined us for May’s Lunch and Learn. The Lunch and Learn Networking Program is held the third Wednesday of every month at noon, now held at the Hampton Inn in Green River and will be catered by local restaurants; please RSVP to the Lunch & Learns by the Monday before. Mark your calendars ahead and watch for guest speakers! Not only will you be able to network, you can submit your business card in the raffle for free advertising. You can also find dates and locations on our website or go to our Facebook page—Green River Chamber.

Joint Powers Water Board—Raw Water Storage Project The Joint Powers Water Board (JPWB) operates Sweetwater County’s largest and almost only potable water treatment plant. It is located on the west bank of the Green River and across from the Union Pacific Rail yards in Green River. The water treatment plant has existed in Green River to provide water to both the cities of Green River and Rock Springs for over 100years, the modern water plant is far larger and was completed in 1999. However, while the modern plant is a great improvement over the old one, the plant still has challenges regarding its source water; the Green River. The Fontenelle and Flaming Gorge Dams have tamed the Green River in terms of flood control. But the Green still has wild fluctuations of dirt and debris washed into the river from upstream storms. Last November, heavy ice formed on the river overnight and when it began to break up with warmer temperatures, the moving ice chunks scoured the river bottom sending moss and sediments downstream and into the treatment plant’s intakes. Summer thunder storms fall across the many dry washes of Western Wyoming and along the river with flash floods moving sand and soil into the Green River and onto the plant intakes and beyond. The plant’s greatest challenge is the unpredictable source water conditions that puts the plant into an upset situation that restrict the plant’s clean water output. Under good conditions the river’s turbidity number is about 10 ntu, but after these weather events turbidity numbers can exceed 2,000, and sometimes up to 4,000 ntu. The plant is always under threat of chemical spills from the many railcar passing over the nearby railroad bridge or like last winter from a truck crash on the I-80 Bridge near Jamestown spilling its diesel tanks into the river. Sweetwater County’s only potable water source, the Joint Powers Water Board Water Treatment Plant is under constant threat of water contamination from Mother Nature or from manmade causes. The solution to avoiding these treats is a protected water source and separated from the Green River. The JPWB is about to build a 35-foot high dam across the mouth of Telephone Canyon, near the treatment plant. 330 acre-feet (110 million gallons) of river water will be pumped out of the river when water conditions are good and held within a circulated pond for use when the river water is of poor quality. The plant can then draw exclusively or partially from the new reservoir. The 110 million gallons can provide up to 18 day of clean source water to the plant. Having constantly good source water will save money and prolong the life of the plant, but most importantly it will ensure that this single water source that feeds potable water to most of Sweetwater County will remain in full operation regardless of the rail or road disasters, odd weather events and ever fluctuating river conditions.

YOUR BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY ADVOCATE 1155 W. Flaming Gorge Way • Green River, WY 82935 307-875-5711 • 1-800-FL-GORGE • Published monthly to serve members in business and community needs


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~ Green River Chamber Newsletter ~

Don’t tell me you got nothing to do! 

June 2015

Information Distributed

Flaming Gorge Days is June 25th-27th, enjoy the Festival in the Park, the Parade, all the different events, and the con- Relocation Packets certs!

Join a volunteer program, call us for more information!

Go for a walk along the Green Belt, summer is here!

Trails Day is June 6th, go for a bike ride.

May 2015

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Sales Tax Disbursements–April 2015 County $1,866,491 Green River $850,946 Rock Springs $1,585,205 Lodging Tax Sweetwater County –April 2015 County $1,075 Green River $10,345 Rock Springs $27,243

As a Member of the Green River Chamber: You have access to free faxing Just call us at 307-875-5711 or stop by the Chamber at 1155 W Flaming Gorge Way and we will be happy to assist you! This is a $150 value! You can also display your business cards and flyers at the Green River Chamber. We will also include your flyer information in our weekly update that is emailed to over 600 contacts. For the weekly update, we do ask that you have the information to us by the Monday of the same week you want your information included.

Chamber Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors: Patricia Gregory, Oak Tree Inn ~ President Angela Shutran, US Bank ~ Vice President Joanna Nara-Kloepper, BLM ~ Secretary Tom Arnold, Arnold Family Chiropractic Center ~ Hole in the Wall Gang President ~ Treasurer Blair Graham, Krazy Moose Jason Bartlett, Solvay Misty Springer, Grants Specialist City of Green River Curg Murray, Gorge Rock Products Kelli Lennon, Green River Import Plus

Allan Wilson, City Council Liaison Tammy Vaught, Radio Network Linda Martin, SWC School District #2 Jeremy Gibson, Trona Valley Federal Credit Union Staff: Rebecca Eusek, Executive Director Lisa Herrera, Finance and Membership Manager Destinee Rael, Public Relations and Marketing Specialist

Chamber Mission Statement: The Green River Chamber of Commerce is committed to enhancing the community through advocacy and partnership between businesses and community leaders.

June 2015

~ Green River Chamber Newsletter ~

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June/July Sunday

Monday 1

Tuesday 2

Ride Em High 4H Ride Night, 6pm (EC)



HIWG, 7pm Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC)

Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC)

9 Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC)



Ride Em High 4H Ride Night, 6pm (EC)


Horseshoe Pitching Tournament, 9am (EC)



Red Desert Futurity, Derby & 5D (EC)


Sweetwater Speedway Dirt Track Racing—Men’s Night 7:30pm (EC) Overland Stage Stamped Rodeo (GR Rodeo Arena) Trails Day, Scott’s Bottom


13 Wild West Motocross Race (EC)





Wild West Outdoor Gymkhana, 5pm (EC) Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC) Thursday Night Bike Ride, 6pm (Parking Lot B, GR) World’s Largest Swim Lesson (GR Rec Center)


25 Flaming Gorge Days

Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC)


Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC)

2 Thursday Night Bike Ride, 6pm (Parking Lot B, GR) HIWG, 7pm

7 City Council, 7pm



GR Farmer’s Market (Uinta)

RS Farmer’s Market (Downtown) Bus. Dev. & Ret. Meeting, 8am Thursday Night Bike Ride, 6pm (Parking Lot B, GR)

GR Community Spaceport Days SWEAT Horse Show, 8am (EC) Horseshoe Pitching Tournament, 9am (EC)

26 Flaming Gorge Days

Red Desert Futurity, Derby & 5D (EC) Up in Arms Gun Show, 3pm (EC)

3 Chamber Closed Independence Day Observed Sweetwater Speedway Dirt Track Racing, 7:30pm (EC)


Demolition Derby, 4pm (EC)

GR Community Spaceport Days

Thursday Night Bike Ride, 6pm (Parking Lot B, GR)

Up in Arms Gun Show, 9am (EC)



Sweetwater Speedway Dirt Track Racing—Lady’s Night, 7:30pm (EC) Government Affairs, 8am (VC) Overland Stage Stamped Rodeo (GR Rodeo Arena)

Wild West Outdoor Wild West Motocross Gymkhana, 5pm Race (EC) (EC) Bus. Dev. & Ret. Meeting, 8am (Krazy Moose) 4H Horse Development, 6:30pm (EC) Thursday Night Bike Ride, 6pm (Parking Lot B, GR)

Shrine Circus, 2pm (EC) Southwest Wyo. BMX Race, 6pm (EC) Sweetwater County Fair Board Meeting, 7pm (EC)

Ride Em High 4H Ride Night, 6pm (EC)



Southwest Wyo BMX Race, 6pm (EC)


Ride Em High 4H Ride Night, 6pm (EC)


Lunch and Learn Hampton Inn 12pm

City Council, 7pm




Chamber Board Meeting, 7:30am (VC)

Wild West Motocross Race (EC)


Life R U Ready, 4pm (EC)

Ride Em High 4H Ride Night, 6pm (EC)



City Council, 7pm

RS Motocross Meeting, 6:30pm (EC)




Flaming Gorge Days will be held June 25th-June 27th this year. Concert Line-Up: Friday, June 26th—Love and Theft and Blackjack Billy Saturday, June 27th—Black Stone Cherry and Thousand Foot Krutch

27 Flaming Gorge Days

Red Desert Futurity, Derby & 5D (EC) Up in Arms Gun Show, 9am (EC) Southwest Wyo. BMX -Olympic Day, 12pm (EC)

4 Independence Day Sweetwater Speedway Dirt Track Racing, 7:30pm (EC)

11 Mustang Versatility, Farson International Day, (Bunning Park RS)

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~ Green River Chamber Newsletter ~

June 2015

Sweetwater County Lodging Tax Sweetwater County Lodging Tax Board Plans Use of Additional Tax Collection Local residents voted to increase the Sweetwater County lodging tax from 2% to 3% in November 2014. State statute requires that the lodging tax be spent on destination marketing efforts. Since the election, the Sweetwater County Lodging Tax Board, comprised of 11 appointed volunteers primarily from the hospitality industry, has been working diligently to create a plan to best utilize the additional funds. For the past two fiscal years, the lodging tax collected approximately $625,000. With the increase to 3%, it is expected to collect approximately $937,500. This increase will be spread across five budget line items to include an expanded, comprehensive, out-of-county marketing plan, over 30 local event grants providing advertising and sponsorship dollars, board projects in line with the board mission, Rock Springs and Green River Chamber of Commerce contracts for visitor services, and a marketing block grant to the Sweetwater Events Complex. “The board evaluated the effectiveness of each marketing effort to determine ways to continue to increase the ROI by generating visitation to the area,” said Jenissa Bartlett, Executive Director. A notable change to the administration of the lodging tax concerns event grants. Historically the maximum amount awarded for each event grant was $4,000. That amount will be increased to $6,000 beginning September 2015. Any event that generates out of county attendance qualifies for event grant funding and grant hearings are held quarterly. Application and guideline information can be found at Additionally the board will be partnering with the chambers and cities to provide a mobile information center at local signature events throughout the year to extend visitor stays in the area. The largest portion of the lodging tax budget is allocated to a regional marketing plan. The board has implemented a measureable, comprehensive, out-of-county marketing plan for the past seven years. The additional lodging tax funds will allow for expanded digital, print, billboard and television advertising in key markets throughout the region to generate visitation. “The board appreciates that local residents see the benefit of the lodging tax and looks forward to working on behalf of Sweetwater County residents to champion the power of tourism for our local economy,” said Greg Bailey, Board Chair.

Wyoming Business Tips April 24, 2015 — A weekly look at Wyoming business questions from the Wyoming Small Business Development Center (WSBDC), part of WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz, a collection of business assistance programs at the University of Wyoming. By Leonard Holler, WSBDC regional director “Why do some businesses have buyers lined up willing to pay top dollar, while others sit on the market for months or years? W hat do buyers look for in a prospective business acquisition?” Dave, Wheatland The things that buyers want must exist in the business before the sales process begins, and it is your job as the owner to create value in your business before the sale. Put yourself in buyers’ shoes, and see what they would look for in a potential business to purchase and why they would be willing to pay. Value drivers play an important role to the overall sale of a business. Here are a few key value drivers that are important for most potential buyers, based, in part, on an article by Kevin Short of Clayton Capital Partners: -- Good management team. You need to establish a good team of motivated key employees. Buyers know that if a solid management team is in place, chances are good for continued business success. If a strong management team doesn’t exist, and the only key employee is the owner, it will be difficult to sell your business to a third party. -- Operating systems. These systems may include computerized and manual procedures that are used in the business to generate revenue and control expenses. They also include methods used to attract customers and how your goods or services are delivered. Establish and document these standard business procedures or systems to demonstrate to a buyer that the business can be maintained profitably after the sale. -- Diversified customer base. Buyers look for a customer base in which no single client accounts for a significant percentage of sales. In some instances, more than 10 percent of total sales to one customer may be significant. A diversified customer base helps protect a company from the loss of any single customer. If you find the majority of your sales are to only one or two good customers, it will be important to invest your efforts into developing a broader customer base. -- Realistic growth strategy. Buyers pay higher prices for companies that have a strategy for growth. If you expect a higher price for your business, you need a written plan describing future growth potential and how that growth will be achieved. How will industry dynamics, increased demand for your company’s products or services, new product lines, marketing plans and expansion of capacity impact the company’s growth? A detailed growth plan will attract buyers. -- Effective financial controls. Financial controls are a critical element of business management and also safeguard your company’s assets. More importantly, effective financial controls support a claim that a company is profitable. The best way to document that the company has effective financial controls, and that its historical financial statements are correct, is through properly prepared and perhaps reviewed financial statements by an established CPA firm. -- Improving cash flow. Most of these value drivers can contribute to stable and predictable cash flow, but it is important that cash flow be on an upswing. You can increase cash flow, in most cases, by simply focusing on ways to operate your business more efficiently, by increasing productivity and decreasing costs. By thinking about what you need to do to make your business more valuable, you can put these value drivers in place to increase the value of your business and position yourself to get a premium price for your business when you exit. A blog version of this article and an opportunity to post comments are available at The WSBDC is a partnership of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Wyoming Business Council and the University of Wyoming. To ask a question, call 1-800-348-5194, email [email protected], or write 1000 E. University Ave., Dept. 3922, Laramie, WY, 82071-3922.

June 2015

~ Green River Chamber Newsletter ~

2016 Chamber Trip Rhine River Cruise!

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A Green River Chamber/SMBA Event Free pancake breakfast starts at 8:30am followed by guided beginner, intermediate, and advanced trail tours. $5 BBQ lunch for sale from the White Mountain Archer Club after the ride. Raffle and giveaways begin after the morning ride. Wilkins Peak shuttle rides start after lunch. Night ride to begin Saturday evening at 8:30pm. Helmets mandatory for all events and good bike light mandatory for the night ride. *There will be bike items raffle & giveaways, Wilkins Peak Shuttle Ride $5, guided night ride with t-shirt $10, to register visit or call 307-875-5711.

The Chamber will be headed to see Holland Tulips and Rhine River Castles in 2016 which will feature 7 nights aboard the brand NEW Ship, the Amadeus Silver III! It also features a 2 night stay in Lucerne and the Black Forest. We will depart on April 6, 2016 and return April 16, 2016. Our group will be the first to stay on this brand new ship! On the ship, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included as well as wine with dinner. There is only a limited amount of space available for this trip, so we suggest you get your deposit in right away in order to secure your spot and a room on a deck that you prefer. You will save $400 per couple if you book early. You may want to book early also to ensure you get a cabin on a deck that you prefer since there is only a limited number on each level. Chamber Explorations will be coming sometime in May or early June to give a detailed presentation on what the trip will entail. Please call 307-875-5711 for more information.

Wyoming’s Big Show 2015 Photo Contest Tuesday, July 28th—Martina McBride, 8:30 pm Wednesday, July 29th—Old Dominion, 8:30 pm Thursday, July 30th—Chevelle, 8:30 pm Friday, July 31st—P.O.D., 8:30 pm Saturday, August 1st—Eli Young Band, 8:30 pm Wyoming’s Big Show tickets are available online through their Online Store at Tickets available online are: Carnival Ride Pass $20; Fair Admission Booklet—Adult $40; Fair Admission Booklet—Child/Senior $25; Horse Stall $5; Livestock Fee $5; RV Space $75. *Tickets are only available online at this time.

Theme: “Adventures of Sweetwater County” Eligibility: Open to anyone either Amateur or Professional Photographers Entrants per person: 3 Format: Color or Black & White, 8X10 matted (no larger than 2 1/2 inch b o rd e r ). La nds ca p e Photo taken by Julie Lutz, 2014 Runner Up. ONLY. No signature on photo. Deadline: To Chamber office by July 23rd, to Events Complex by July 25th. *All photos must be taken in Sweetwater County The grand prize winner will receive a $100 Green River Chamber Gift Certificate. Winners will be announced at the fair.

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~ Green River Chamber Newsletter ~

Renewals April 2015—Thank You!

June 2015

Red Carpet Nominations— “Promoting the Community”

Business Name

Years of Membership

First Choice Buick/GMC YWCA Eye Care Specialists Pizza Hut Ensignal Green River Wild Horse Tours Bank of The West Taco Time Law Offices of Stulken & Tynsky Sw. County Concert Association Rocky Mtn. Elk Foundation Desert Remodels Arctic Circle Sweetwater Co. Republican Party Red Desert Roundup Rodeo WYO Radio Red Canyon Lodge

23 Years 28 Years 12 Years 27 Years 3 Years 13 Years 26 Years 24 Years 2 Years 16 Years 26 Years 2 Years 28 Years 4 Years 19 Years 27 Years 24 Years

Celeste Kramer Business: Sanitation Department Why: Celeste was very professional during our visit to the landfill. Celeste took the time to explain how to navigate through the landfill. Nominated by: JoAnna Robinson Julie Slaugh Business: Krazy Moose Why: Always good food and service, clean tables and bathrooms. Very friendly. Nominated by: Dan Scott Deb Durain Business: Ace Hardware Why: So kinda and helpful, always willing to go the extra mile. I appreciate her service. Nominated by: Ted York Kristy Wallace Business: Arctic Circle Why: Very helpful and gives great service. Nominated by: Karlie Seiller Kurt Schneider Business: Ace Hardware Why: Everytime I have gone into Ace with questions about product I have purchased, Kurt has had the solution and answer quickly and efficiently. Nominated by: Chad Jensen

New Members Heyoka Enterprises, LLC DBA Little Bear Motel 1416 Uinta Drive Green River, WY 82935 Phone: (307) 875-7554

Tickets for Sale

Renovated rooms “Just Right” for nightly, weekly, & extended stay. Linda Failoni and Scott Hamel (New Owners) [email protected] Pink Sink Luxuries 340 E. Flaming Gorge Way Green River, WY 82935 Phone: 307-871-5771

Sweetwater County Concert Association Membership Packs 2015-2016 Concert Season Membership is available. Adults are $45, Seniors 60+ are $35, students in HS and under are $25, family 2A and 1+child is $110. Cash or check will be accepted. Duck Race Tickets Available at the Green River Chamber. 1 for $5 or 5 for $20. Winners will be announced at the 2015 River Festival on August 14th at 7:30 PM. 1st place—$250; 2nd place—$100; 3rd place—$50 and additional prizes for other places. Cash, check, and credit card will be accepted. 5% on all CC. Overland Stage Stampede June 5th and 6th at Green River Rodeo Arena, gates open at 6 PM, performances start at 7 PM. Adults $10 at gates, $8 in advance, Kids (6-12) and Seniors (60+) $5 at gates, $4 in advance, under 5 FREE. Cash or check will be accepted.

A cottage boutique featuring hand crafted luxury items. Such as hand crafted soaps, lotions, bubble bath and bath bombs to name a few. All products are made in small batches with big personality. We also have shoes, purses, luggage and jewelry. We are located on the main drag. Look for bubbles if weather is permitting. Stop in often as new items are added almost daily.

Flaming Gorge Days Friday, June 26th, gates open at 6:00 PM at Stratton Myers Park, concert starts at 7:00 PM. Love and Theft and Blackjack Billy will be performing. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. Cash, check, and credit cards will be accepted. There will be a 5% credit card transaction fee. Saturday, June 27th, gates open at 6:00 PM at Stratton Myers Park, concert starts at 7:00 PM. Black Stone Cherry and Thousand Foot Crutch will be performing. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. Cash, check, and credit cards will be accepted. There will be a 5% credit card transaction fee.

River Festival Booth Space and Food Vendor Bids The River Festival will be held August 14th and 15th River Festival booth spaces are now available for $65 to Artisans with homemade, hand-crafted items Booths are $50 for loyal vendors (5+ years with us) Booths are 14’X14’ and electricity is an additional $15 We are now accepting Food Vendor Bids for the River Festival. Deadline is June 25th, 2015 by 5:00 PM. Please go to for more information.

June 2015

~ Green River Chamber Newsletter ~

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Local community organizations generously support the Chamber’s new digital sign! Over the past year, the Chamber has been working on securing funding for the new digital sign that is set to be installed by the end of June 2015. The Chamber’s existing reader board sign was already thirteen years old when it ceased functioning over a year ago. The Chamber looked into repairing the sign, but the Y3 Interface technology was outdated and irreplaceable. The Chamber did not have the necessary funds to replace the sign on its own, so the Board sought the assistance of the Community Chest non-profit organization in seeking grant funding. The Chamber also dedicated itself to acquiring at least forty percent of the cost of the sign through advertising sponsorship packages with local businesses. We are proud to announce that in just over a year the Chamber has secured the total amount of funding required to manufacture and install the new digital sign! We would like to recognize our amazing community partners who have generously supported us through grant funding. The Green River Chamber of Commerce received a $25,000 check Sweetwater County School District #2 Recreation Board from Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Rec Board as part of a matching grant for a digital sign. The district had announced that it would match up to $25,000 that the Chamber acquired through other grants, Superintendent Donna Little-Kaumo said during the school recreation board meeting. The Chamber of Commerce Board would like to sincerely thank the Sweetwater County School District No. 2 Rec Board for the matching grant funds. Without their support, the new sign would not have been possible.

Questar Corporation Grant

Pictured L-R: Donna Little-Kaumo, Sherie Smith, Trish Gregory, Rebecca Eusek, and Brenda Roosa; and back from left to right: John Malone, Brad Cutler, Robin Steiss, Tom Arnold, Curg Murray, Blair Graham, Steve Core, and Ann Rudoff.

Rocky Mountain Power Foundation Grant Pictured L-R: Larry Mullins-Questar, Tom Arnold- Green River Chamber Board, Jeff Bybee- Questar Misty Springe- GR Chamber Board, Angela Shutran- GR Chamber Board, Rebecca Eusek-GR Chamber Executive Director, Blair Graham- GR Chamber Board, Tammy Vaught- GR Chamber Board, and Jimmy Druce- Questar.

The Green River Community Chest on behalf of the Green River Chamber of Commerce received a $10,000 check from Questar Corporation on May 5, 2015. In return for the grant, non-profit entities will receive $2,500 of in kind advertising on the sign. Many organizations in the non-profit and service sectors must allocate the majority of their budgets to programming costs, leaving few funds available to actually promote their programs. The new digital sign the Chamber intends to erect is an excellent vehicle for these agencies to reach a wide range of people, including those in need of their services. The four local organizations who will receive free advertising on the Chamber’s new sign are the United Way, the Food Bank, SW-WRAP, and the YWCA. The Green River Community Chest and the Green River Chamber of Commerce Board would like to sincerely thank Questar Corporation for the grant Pictured (L-R): Lisa Herrera, Chamber Board President Trish Greg- funding. Without their support, the new sign would not be possible. ory, Chamber Director Rebecca Eusek, Chamber Board Member Misty Springer, and Craig Nelson with Rocky Mountain Power.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

The Green River Community Chest on behalf of the Green River Chamber of Commerce recently received a $10,000 The Chamber would also like to thank our $5,000 sponsors: Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism, OCI, Solvay, Wind River Hotel and Casino, and check from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation. Trona Valley Federal Credit Union. We would also like to thank our $1,000 The Green River Community Chest and the Green River Cham- sponsors: Oak Tree Inn, Gorge Rock Products, White Mountain Lumber, ber of Commerce Board would like to sincerely thank the Rocky Sweetwater County Library, US Bank, Green River URA/Main Street, WestMountain Power Foundation for the grant funding. Without their ern Wyoming Community College, Taco Time, Trout Unlimited/Muley Fanatic, Williams, Exxon Mobil, and Tronox. Everyone will have an opportunity support, the new sign would not be possible. to advertise on the digital sign if you so choose. The Chamber has a rate card with weekly, monthly, and yearly advertising packages. All Chamber members will be given a discounted rate!

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~Green River Chamber Newsletter~

June 2015

2015 Clean Up and Green Up This year’s Clean Up and Green Up, City Wide Clean Up was a great success. There were approximately 93 volunteers that came out to help clean up on Saturday, May 16th. There were many groups that helped clean up including the Sweetwater Mountain Pictured L-R: Wade Liedtke, Spencer Kurch, Blair Richardson, Phil- Biking Association, School District lip Luzmoor, and Willy Walkinshaw No. 2, and many other community volunteers. Thank you to all the volunteers and all of our sponsors for helping to clean our community! Sponsor’s of 2015 Clean Up & Green Up: City of Green River Green River Chamber of Commerce Sweetwater County School District #2 Green River URA/Main Street Sweetwater Mountain Bike Association Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Department Wal-Mart Shopko Fastenal McDonald’s Union Pacific Railroad WYDOT Fairmont Supply Solvay Chemicals Arctic Circle Taco Time Castle Rock Medical Center

Williams Golden Hour Senior Center

Pictured: (Top Right) Jessica Roundy with her children Julia and Evan. (Bottom Left) Melynda and Mourgen. (Bottom Right) Mike Nelson and his son Nathan.

Promoting the Community—Nancy McCormick Mayor Pete Rust recently recognized Nancy McCormick, a longtime employee of Rocky Mt. Power, for her quite battle against Litter Bugs in her community. Rocky Mountain Power, Customer and Community Manager, Craig Nelson, received an email to alert him that one of his employees had been spotted picking up trash along the river near Stratton Myers Park. The email said the following; “The Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) employee picked up trash for about 10 minutes, returned to his/her truck, secured the trash in the truck bed, got into the truck and drove a short distance to a dumpster and deposited the trash therein. What an exemplary employee and citizen! We have a bit of wind every now and then in Wyoming, but we also have those who seem to think Wyoming is a dump ground for their trash anywhere and everywhere. I applaud and thank the RMP employee for his/her contribution to cleaning up trash along the Green River. I think this person deserves recognition for his/her efforts.” Mayor Pete Rust, and Clean Up Day organizers, the Green River Chamber decided to take a little time to get to know this special individual and officially recognize someone who goes out of her way to better her community even when she thinks no one is watching. Mayor Rust commented; “It was with great pleasure we met with Nancy McCormick who Pictured L-R: Mayor Pete Rust and was recommended for recognition, by a Green River resident who observed Nancy on her Nancy McCormick. work break picking up garbage by the River. In speaking with Nancy we found out not only does she help her community by keeping it cleaned up but she also helps out in other ways, among them, actively seeking to inform folks of environmental and economic methods, which result in savings to themselves and our community. Great Job Nancy and Thanks for all you do.” –From a City of Green River Press Release