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Nicolet Opens a New Era in IR Spectroscopy An era free from the built-in limitations of the old dispersive IR technology. An era of superb infrared performance that will set new standards for excellence. To state it simply, there is no other complete line of infrared spectrometers that offers the performance, versatility, and value of the new Nicolet family. A N i c o l e t FT-IR for every applic a t i o n , e v e r y budget. This is the most comprehensive line of infrared

spectrometers available, designed to increase your analytical efficiency and productivity. Every Nicolet FT-IR incorporates examples of the sophisticated technology originally developed for our standard-of-theindustry research systems. No matter which Nicolet spectrometer you choose, you will be using the finest, most advanced spectrometer you can buy at its price.

Look to Nicolet for infrared e x c e l l e n c e . Our nine new spectrometers incorporate features that provide unmatched experimental versatility and operational convenience. This family provides advanced analytical power, with three available levels of data system sophistication; newlyextended capillary-column GC-IR capabilities; rapid and accurate spectral search programs with a large data base of FT-IR spectra, including the exclusive Nicolet/Aldrich library.

T H E N E W N I C O L E T FT-IR FAMILY: A N O V E R V I E W The numerical designation indicates the fundamental figure of merit for a Michelson interferometer, optical retardation, which relates to spectral resolution. The letter designations indicate the three levels of data system sophistication.

The Economical MX Series (Models 5MX, 10MX). Compact, easyto-use, ideal for routine analytical work. DX Series (Models 5DX, 10DX). Compact interferometers with interactive color graphics data terminal for added system power and versatility.

SX Series. Unparalleled data system power with high density storage. Includes compact 5SX and 20SX; revolutionary new 60SX; 170SX research standard; 200SX with evacuated sample chamber.

The new 5DX unites a compact optics package with a powerful interactive color-graphics data terminal.

NICOLET ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS Worldwide sales, service, applications sup/xirl. 5225-1 Verona Road/Madison, WI 53711 608/271-3333 / Telex: 910-286-2736 See us at the Pittsburgh Conference, Booth #7044-7057.

The new 60SX, a truly state-of-the-art system designed for industrial research applications.