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LB/OC SURF & SUN SOFTBALL LEAGUE LEAGUE MEETING April 15, 2014 Meeting was called to order at 8:02 pm at Hotel Current

Quorum was established

Attendees Present: Marc Triplett– Commissioner Terri Watkins – Vice Commissioner Michael Rivera – Treasurer Nate Smith – Open Division Director Michael Vecchiolla –Secretary Wyndi Bleeker- Women’s Member at Large Chris Mitchell– Women’s Member at Large Patrick Dyson- Open Member at Large Bomb Squad- Patty Felker Brit Bombers- Mike Silva D’Listers- Rigo Cortez Fighting Cocks- Eric Santonil Fresh Meat- Antoinette Alvarez Absent: Sam Roger – Women’s Division Director All In

Havoc- Ron Norby Hooks- Jim Poer Hustlers- Kari Knight Minor Threat- Kelly Lukens OC Cruizers- Rafa Lopez Outlaws- Whitey Whitehurst P.A.B.O.I.- Kris Beals Pegasus- Mike Nutter Posse D- Jeremy Johnson Queen Mary’s- Dave Scheel Riptide C- Lisa Nichols Venom- Randall Homer

Eric Cervantes- Open Member at Large Posse C

Approval of Minutes: League Minutes from March 18, are approved by Acclamation. Financial Report: $26,065 Checking $ 7,931 Savings + $ 40 Other = $34,036 Question- Jeremy- what is under Game Costs? We only pay for the fields as we use them, That is why there is a balance. Jeremy Johnson made the motion to accept the Treasurers report, Dave Scheel second, Motion approved. Chair Reports: I.O.G. : We plan to give them to the League on May 20, and vote on or amend on June 17 Hall of Fame: Jim Gates will be chairing the H.O.F. – Information is on the website- all documents needed to nominate. Jim and Marc are working to compile all the records of Hall of Fame recipients on the Website Spring Ball: Website: it’s working. If you find something wrong please let Marc know.

We are looking for someone to manage the website. Are there any Takers? Social Media: we are getting 2,600 hits. Meet Up people are visiting the site at the highest number Tried out the different pics we want to use for the Pride Ad and the one we went with got the best reviews and hits. Can we move the Social Media Tabs to a more prominent place on the website? LB Pride: Pride Ad came out great. Parade Chairs are- Rafa, Chris and Bob- you can sign up at the fields, Chris is there waiting and eager. Coors Light Sponsorship: the checks have been written and are on the way. Liberty Classic: Enrollment is open. Question: Wyndi- can we try and get the championship games all at H.B., to feel more a camaraderie? Demarini Truck at H.B. for Liberty Classic: we will have the truck at the fields for our tournament. League Elections: Mike Rivera will be the chair of this year’s league elections. The positions open for election are: Vice Commissioner, Open Division Director, Secretary, Both Open MALs and Both Women’s MALs. You can nominate by email to Mike Rivera at [email protected] or at the league meetings. Open Ratings Committee: will meet during the breakout session. Open Forum from the Floor Kari(Hustlers) 1. Can we get the women’s standings posted quickly like the men’s? 2. Women’s Classification Committee- when are we meeting? I was contacted to be on the committee and haven’t heard anything. 3. On Saturday our team got a text that our Opponents for Sunday’s games changed. Patty Felker(Bomb Squad) Bomb Squads games were changed @ the last minute. Our games moved because of a forfeit, then the game was pushed back to accommodate players that were playing in another game. Some of our players had to leave and missed the game. 12:15 Bomb Squad vs All In (forfeit) New Game 12:15 Bomb Squad vs Riptide C New game couldn’t start because apparently players were on two teams and they needed those players to start the game. 4. Line Up Cards: a. How are players allowed to be on two rosters? b. Why are there no Jersey’s and numbers, it is hard to regulate players without them. There will be a Special Board Meeting held to address the issues and correct them. Whitey - will the league hear about the results? Marc- the league will be given findings of the Special Meeting

5. Can we get the website to recognize teams in a lone division in regards to their standings Marc- Right now we do not have that capability- we are working on it. Remember we are in the Beta Faze. 6. We are hearing about teams allowed to pay their fees late. Is this Fair? Was it Board Approved? 7. Growth Committee- how are we recruiting? Marc- Rafa is doing our recruiting in OC and we have the Meet Up that Wyndi started that is bringing in people. We are trying to get someone to undertake the same sort of recruitment in LB. Anyone Interested? Meeting Adjourned at 9:02 pm. Respectfully Submitted, Michael Vecchiolla Secretary Surf and Sun Softball