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LB/OC SURF & SUN SOFTBALL LEAGUE LEAGUE MEETING July 29, 2014 Meeting was called to order at 8:02pm at Hotel Current

Quorum was established Attendees Present: Marc Triplett– Commissioner Teri Watkins- Vice Commissioner Michael Rivera – Treasurer Nate Smith – Open Division Director Michael Vecchiolla –Secretary Wyndi Bleeker- Women’s Member at Large Chris Mitchell– Women’s Member at Large Patrick Dyson- Open Member at Large Bomb Squad- Patty Felker Brit Bombers- Mike Silva Absent: Eric Cervantes- Open Member at Large Vacant- Women’s Division Director All In Fighting Cocks Fresh Meat

Cruizers- Rafa Lopez D’Listers- Rigo Cortez Hooks- Jim Poer Hustlers- Kari Knight Minor Threat- Kelly Lukens Outlaws- Whitey Whitehurst Pegasus- Mike Nutter Posse D- Jeremy Johnson Queen Mary’s- Dave Scheel Venom- Randall Homer Havoc P.A.B.O.I. Posse C Riptide C

Approval of Minutes: Dave Scheel made the motion to accept the Secretary’s minutes from June 17, with the addition of the wording that 11.07 of the I.O.G. still needs to be reworded, second by Randall Homer. Motion Passed.


Treasurers Report: $13,000 $22,000 $ 680 $35,680

Checking Savings Escrow Total

We have a total of $7,100 in outstanding checks written. Whitey Whitehurst made the motion to accept the treasurers report, second by Dave Scheel, motion carried.



11.07 Member’s Right to Attend Board Meetings 11.07.01- League members shall have the right to attend Board Meetings that are not deemed

to be a closed session. 11.07.02- Closed Sessions-The Board shall have the right, for business purposes, to determine if a Board Meeting shall be a Closed Session for confidentiality purposes. 11.07.03- League members may not participate in the discussion or vote when attending Board Meetings. 11.07.04- League members may request to address the Board before the end of the Board Meeting. Such requests to address the Board must be sent to the commissioner or made in advance. Amended 11.07 is approved my unanimous vote. • We had 63% (12/19) of the managers present to vote and of the voting Board we had 77%(7/9). Combined we had 67% (19/28) of voting members present. Quorum established. Motion Passed


Liberty Classic• •


With all of the cuts made by the L.C. committee we came it at almost the same profit as last year  Results Open D 1st Venom(repeat) Open C 1st Pegasus(Repeat) 3rd Queen Mary’s 2nd Posse C 3rd LB Outlaws st Womens D 1 Hustlers 3rd Ripped/Meat

Ratification Of New League Codes

Passed out to all Managers on May 20, 2014 at the League Meeting We will quickly go through any questions people have in regards to the League Codes and address them and change as needed. Amendments/Changes • 19.12 OR a. The player(s) who exceeded the maximum division rating/classification for an individual may stay on current team as a non-playing member. b. For player(s) whose increase in player rating/classification surpasses the NAGAAA or ASANA Guidelines: o The team must play in the appropriate division the following season if the player remains on the team. o The team may finish the remainder of the season in its current division with the following limitations:  The Top 10 rated/classified players on the team roster may not exceed the maximum team ratings for the division.  Teams that exceed the maximum team rating will be considered a new team and operate under the guidelines specified in Article 23.02 of this code.

• •

23.02- The new teams shall be permitted to operate as if they were in fall ball during the spring season. Their games will not count towards the season standings and the team will not be eligible for the World Series Berths. Omit 23.05 and move 23.06 up to 23.05 the new wording for 23.05 is-The Division Directors shall be the default manager of the Play Day teams, but may also ask other League members to manage as well. 24.01- The League maintains all social media site pages(Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as places where our fans and friends can share and discuss ideas and information and connect with other fans, friends, family and teammates. Article 25 – Publication 25.01- A copy of the Restated Bylaws and this Code and amendments thereto shall be published annually and available on the League website.

Motion- Whitey Whitehurst made the motion to accept the Codes as amended. It was second by Dave Scheel. • We had 63% (12/19) of the managers present to vote and of the voting Board we had 77%(7/9). Combined we had 67% (19/28) of voting members present. Quorum established. Motion Passed


Website: • • •


Team Snap- Mitch will be creating a Fall Ball website Current Team Snap accounts can be populated into the League Account. Whitey will volunteer to ASAP get the Liberty Classic Tab on Team Snap up and running.

Social Media: •


Eric S is stepping down; we need someone to take over. We would like someone from the Open and Women’s side.

World Series • •


We are sending 2 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams. We wish them the best of luck. We need the Women’s W.S. team rosters ASAP so we can get all of the paperwork together.

Fall Ball • • • • • •

Team Fees $375 New Players Fee $25 Fields-we are still waiting for allocation from Costa Mesa. As soon as we know we will get the information out to the managers. Donna will be the UIC Hoping to begin on September 21. The WS teams will have byes on the Sundays they are out of town. Fall Ball Fees are due by September 14.

OC Pride:

IX. • •


Rafa and Mitch are in charge. We will have a booth and two tables (Marc)and chairs will need to be brought. We will have a New League Banner for OC Pride.

Women’s Division Director •

The Board voted to present Wyndi Bleeker to the League as the New Women’s Division Director to complete the term that was vacant until December of 2015. Teri Watkins has been, asked and accepted, to help Wyndi and accompany her to the Spring ASANA meetings.

Whitey Whitehurst made the motion to ratify Wyndi Bleeker as the new Women’s Divison Director, Second by Dave Scheel. Motion Carried. XI. •

XII. • • •

Women’s Member at Large We are now holding nominations for the Women’s MAL position that Wyndi vacated. It is for 17 months. The secretary will send out an email with the nomination guidelines tomorrow to all managers. National Coming-Out Day Long Beach October 3-5 This is being put on by Scarlett Marketing which helped us secure $2500 from Miller/Coors We have been paired with Executive Suite We are looking for volunteers Friday October 3- Beer Bust- 8-2am (2 Kegs Donated)(Bearacuda) Jello Shots Saturday, October 4- Jello Shots- 9 – 1am(women) Sunday, October 5- Beer Bust- 4-9pm (Buy a Keg @ $132 can be split with the Friday night group) Jello Shots

Thank you all for you diligence tonight. Meeting Adjourned at 9:45 pm. Respectfully Submitted Michael Vecchiolla Secretary LB/OC Surf and Sun Softball