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Discussthese questions with a partnel. in yourcountryor Howoftendo youplace/take an order?Doyou mostlydealwithcompanies abroad? z Whatarethe stepsinvolved in ptacing/taking Whatformsdo you have an orderfor yourcompany? to complete? fromyoursuperiors to place/take a[[orders,or justfor onesinvolving large 3 Doyou needapproval quantities or significant amountsof money? whatarethe mostdifficuttaspects in placing/taking 4 Whenworkingwithforeigncompanies, orders? r



fean Dubanworks as a satespersonfor the international telecommunicatlonssupplier TEGID (SA) in Lyon,and spendsa lot of time on the phone.Listento two of his phoneconversationsand completethe notes.


fra rnJunkt Hanarnura,JapanCarm tw Quawity: vwdd # Xpk14: ynadel #

3: N0

Dellvery by Frtday m.ornivgto Needto fax

5 codract

Order: Cnstovnr-r fravwNa &etk, Phtva ExroPe,ibflrdd FLrstorabr va.dcrthe Q'vutttty: Ddwery utttl4Lw

6 contract

7 utewi.avt' Ie,ods

8 rnlntlas


Orders | 4it




Llstento the callsagalnandcompletethe sentencesbelow. Call r rWe

someUSBadapters forournetwork. to ourofficein Osakaby Friday morning?

z Canyou

I'vegot everything downright. a modeIcontractimmediately.

3 So,let me 4*- Fine. Call z 5 ...we're 6 Letmejust finda penso I can 7 Of course.l'll emailit to you


to let you knowhowthingsaregoing.


Whenhandtingorders,it is importantfor the salesperson andthe purchaserto exchangeall relevant information suchas: r Specifications (formateriat,quality,etc) r Quantity . Contactperson o Placeof delivery . Deliverydate r Methodof payment(e,g.cashon delivery(COD),invoice,directdebit) r Othertermsandconditions r Paperworkneeded(signedorder,confirmationby fareetc.) purchaseogreement, Muchof the informationaboveis inctudedin a frame contract.Atso calleda cal!-off thistypeof contractis oftendrawnup whena clientor companyneedsa just-in-time deliveryof standard productsthat they do not wantto storethemselves. An orderplacedundera framecontractis calleda call-offorder.


Completethe sentenceswlth wordsandphrasesfromthe box.

withthetermsandconditions r We'dliketo placeourfirstorderin accordance of our witlbeourwarehouse nearCoventry.

. The

The to yourfactory.

2 We' e sentthe

is enclosed andshould

be paidwithin3o daysof 3 We'vespokento our productionunit,and I canassureyouthatwe will be ableto meetallthe

of yourorder.

44 | UNITs Or de rs

0ur charges dependon yourchosen canpayfor the goodson ourwebsite. your 5 As soonas we havereceived

. You'llfinddetailsof howvou (orreturned we will emaitconfirmation),

passyourorderonto theproduction unit.


Workwith a partner.Usethe informationin the PartnerFilesto practisehandlingorders.Tryto usesomeof the phrasesfromthe boxbelow. PartnerA File5, p. 6r PartnerB Fite5, p.63

._-rla!!,PJ!!!G_9}lq8g Placingorders Wewouldliketo order/have ... We'rereadyto makeour firstorderunderthe framecontract. We'dtiketo placea call-offorderfor 3,ooounits. deliveryby Friday. Wewouldappreciate Canyou manageit/that? Takingorders I'ltjusttake/writedownthe details. Let me just write this down/typein your order. So,how manydo you needexactly? Wasthereanythingelseyou'dliketo ordertoday? Checkingand confirming information Letme just check/repeat that. got Letme makesureI've everything down right. Yes,that's right/correct. Sorry.Didyou say...? Couldyou saythat again/repeat that, please?


Anna Longworks as a purchaserat Stores International in Leeds.She has iust placedan order under a new frame contractwith their wholesaler Fashion Modes Plc in tlilan. Lookat the web order on the next page,and use the words betow to comptete the gaps. a b c d e f g

VAT Contact Totalvalueof goods Deliveryaddresses Gross lnvoice Placeof delivery

UNITS Orders| 45

You have just completed this order, P/ease check all items before confirming. Client

i Stores International,Leeds, England

Frame contract

i 128qi9978 wc0001-128jh

Order number Authorization (PlN)

T:+44(211)5560-900 e' n. r-o'ngdJr""-Jnternationat.com 2 payable within 30 days upon delivery

Paymentterms Billingaddress

Stores International c/o Anna Long 40 North Street Leeds, England Central warehouses.addresses known



.,:,t, ','.,,...$irlni*d'ffd u (net)


42,750.0O euro

6 (19%)

8,12 2.50

7 (total price) 50,872.50




Please make sure that all items are accompanied by detailed delivery notes.

After completion of the order you will receive an automatic confirmation via email. Should you not receive this email within one hour, please contact our internationalhotline 1-800-09 111959. : : : f f - - : : i- q


ln salesand purchasing, the termspart number,item number,andarticlenumberarc often used interchangeably. A moretechnicalterm is SKU,stock-keeping unit. Likethe othertermsabove,this of numbersand/orlettersis usedto referto andidentifya specificproductfor bothsales sequence purposes. and inventory Notethat the abbreviationfor numberis no. (orsometimes #).

tr -5

0 rde: s


puzzle. Usethe ctuesto completethe crossword Youcanfind alt the answerson the formon page{5. Across of this. z USD,EUR,andGBPareexamples form supplier fiils in and sendswith The that the 5 thegoods. whoyou 7 lhe personat the othercompany shouldtalkto. Down r Howthe moneyfor thegoodsshouldbe paid. I'll sendwritten... z FCMIONNATRIO: goodsarestored. The buitding where 3 t7.5"/" in the U.K. 4 6 Howmuchthe goodsareworth.


s w



Annanowhasto changeherorder.Shecatlshercontaetat tashlonitodes,the salesrepRoberto Branca.Llstento their conversation6nddecldewhetherthe foltowlngaretrue f; or fake ffi. r

Theonlinetoolfor changing ordersdoesn'tworkyet.

receive the changes. an emailconfirming z Annawillautomatically to the order. 3 Annawantsto maketwo changes


endphraseryou hear. andtlck p the sentences Listenagalnto the convergatlon, r

I needto change the order...

z I'llmakea noteof the changes. aswell. 3 l'[[needwrittenconfirmation intothesystem... 4 l'l[enterthe changes te[[metheordernumber? 5 ...couldyou ptease 6 Coutdyoutell mewhichitemsareincorrect? not Birmingham. 7 lt oughtto be Brighton, 8 ...couldI alsoaskyouto addanotheritemto the order? t{ow decldewhlch of these s€ntencesyou can ure lor a changean order.1, b accepta changeto an order.2,

U N IT S Ord ers| 47


Usesentencesfromexercise8 to completethe fotlowingminl-dlalogues. A Whatwitlhappennow?| mean,I needsomesortof confirmation. B Yes,ofcourse. receivea confirmation emai[.

', andyou'llautomaticalty

A Unfortunately oneof the itemsis incorrect, andI needto changeit. Canyoudo thatfor me? 2

B Of course.lt's no problem.Butfirst.

B Of course,I cantakecareof that for you.Whatwouldyou liketo change? A B Yes,of course.l'l[ sendyou an emailstraightawayso you canseewhatwe'vechanged. A l'msorry,but I needto talkto you aboutsomemistakesin our ordernumber07 1345. B Yes,certainly.

B Yes,of course.We'realwayshappyto increase the order.

@ 10 22

Sometimesit canbedifficult to understandnumbersandfiguresgivenoverthe phone.Listento the recordlngs andcompletethe mlsslnginformation. r

. Haveyou got that?


z Saleshavebeengreat.So far thisyearwe'vesolda totalof



increase of 3 Goodnews.Wecansaveup to

eachquarterif we switchsuppliers.

outputfrom 4 l'm pleasedto reportthat thisfacititywasableto increase


lastquarter. 5 I havea questionaboutoneof the itemsyou ordered.lt'sitemnumber the


6 Thenettotalfor yourlatestorderis

. Withthe DutchVATof

thisgivesyou a grosstotalof


Reviewthe phraseson page44tot checkingandconftrmlnginformatlon.l{owworkwith a partner.Usethe lnformationin the PartnerFilesto practisepasslngon figuresoverthe phone. PartnerA File6, p.5r PartnerB File5, p,6l


I Uill5


O r der s

Herearesomeertractsfroma stanOarCcontract betweenPhoneEuropeIn Sheffleldandthelr Frenchsuppller,TEGID(sA).matchthe two partsto makecontractterms. r z 3 4 5 6 7 8

binding liable due interest invalidate anyotherclauses reserves revoke subjectmatter

a b c d e f g h

andregulations ofthecontract onarrears allrights agreement date thiscontract foranydamages

llow completetheseextractsfiom the contractwlth the contracttermsabove.

t isthedelivery byTEGID(SA) equipnent of electronic The Unless termsaniltlata,seoAppendixA. delivery of conditions, to phoneEurope.(Forspecifications putia.) arebindingto bothcontracting providerl specifications these otherwise 2for thedelivery partic constitutes a Thesipatureof bothcontracting throughtheonlineportalof TEGID(SA).Both articles;call-offorderswill behanrllod of thechosen of TEGID(SA)' termsandconditions standard thegeneral sides accept

rEGID(SA) (SA)isnot dates.TEGID delivery

3to select to moetschsduled logisticalpartners suitable aor lossos incurrodbythelogistical

partners. daysafterreceiptof the phoneEuropeagrees obligationwithin 14calendar to fulfil itspayment 5bymorethentencalendar days, the puty exceeds articles.If thecontracting 6of fourpercentabove thoba.se an TEGID(SA)will charge for eachreminder' CbntralBank.€10wilt bechargod interestrateof theEuropean voiddoesnot beingor becoming clause Anagreement 8in partsor in full if Phone to TEGID(SA)roservesallrighs ontheextentof thedamage ilepends Europeinfringesanyof theagreedpmvisions.Apenalty B). incurredbyTEGID(SA)(fordeailsseeAppendix


U N ITs Or de r s| 4 9


A colleagueat TEGID(SA)asks questionsabout the contract.Canyou give an ansrfler? 'WhendoesPhoneEuropeneedto payby?Andwhathappens if theypaytate?Witttheyhaveto payinterest?' 2 'Wecan'tacceptthisclause. lf we strikeit out,witttheyhaveto drawup a newcontract, or is it stillvatid?' deliverthegoods? Andwhathappens if a thirdpartycauses to the damage 3 'Whowillactually goods?' canwe getout of the contract?' 4 'Underwhatcircumstances r

Lookat the followingcomments aboutusingintegratedbusinesssoftwarefor processing and trackingorders.Whichopinion(s)doyouagreewith?

JudyWelsh,Headof Sales Usingelectronicorderingsystemsis reollygreot. Everythingis so much quickerand easier.I rememberwhen we usedto send ordersby fax. First you had to type up the orde4then print it out, and proy the fax machine was working.Now everythingis done by computer lt's wonderful.

KenFellows,KeyAccountManager Workingwith online orderingsystemsis o poin. Theyare so complicatedand much too detailed.Plus,I preferto deal with realpeople ratherthan websites,emails,ond paper,anywoy. It makesbusinessmorefun and it is also faster.


LeePark"Buyer Whatieally gets on my nervesare websiteswhereI placean order and then t nothing- no ,rttogi, no email- teilliing me thatthe don't getany response, processed. phone is actuatly That's when or write an order being t reachfor the email of my own so I can makesurethot my order hasreaitlybeenreceived.

Annalones,SatesRep Electronictools should be just that: tools. Theyorejust there to makelife easierand shouldn't be used to do the things people con do better.lf you blamethe tool when thingsgo wrong,then you just aren't doing yourjob right.

. Haveyoueverusedan integrated business Whatdo youthinkthe systemto handleorders? anddisadvantages are? advantages . Haveyoueverencountered anyproblems withan automated systemfor placingor takingan order? Describe whathappened. Howdo youthinkthistypeof probtem canbe avoided?