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Age Concern Alton Bowling Club Barnados



15,000.00 Service delivery and administration 500.00 2nd hand mower for greens 15,000.00 Supervised Access Programme

Bird Rescue

5,000.00 materials for kiwi breeding enclosure


5,500.00 Administration

Brain Injury Assn Bulls and District Historical Society

5,500.00 Administration

Bulls Kindergarten Bushy Park Cancer Society Christ Church Parish Christian Social Services Community House Cooks Gardens Trust Board Counselling and Education Centre (Marton)

1,500.00 Archive development 500.00 Play Equipment 10,000.00 Predator fence monitoring and maintenance 1,000.00 Information Pamphlets 400.00 School holiday programme 8,000.00 Social work services Com.Chat Community newsletter and 10,000.00 administration Events Promotion and school usage and 65,000.00 administration 4,500.00 Counselling services

CPS Training

6,000.00 Child abuse prevention training

Diabetes Wanganui

1,000.00 Administration

Durie Hill Kindergarten Family Support Services

500.00 Play equipment 300,000.00 Home based social work delivery

Gonville Bowling Club

400.00 Club newsletter

Hunterville Mobile Kindergarten

500.00 Equipment

Hurleyville School Learn to Swim and Family Recreation Lions Club Literacy Aotearoa

200.00 Community Swimming Pool Learn to Swim and Family Recreation for low 200,000.00 income people 1,000.00 Men's Health night 60,000.00 Service delivery and family literacy

Mainstreet Wanganui

1,000.00 Christmas Parade

Manawatu MS

500.00 Rangitikei field worker Secondary School's Maori Speech 5,000.00 Competition

Manu Korero Speech Competition Marton Croquet

500.00 Club maintenance

Marton Golf Club Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

600.00 Junior Golf Coaching

Neurological Foundation

3,000.00 Service Delivery 500.00 Public Information Evening

NZ Book Council

3,000.00 Bring two visiting authors to the region


5,500.00 Services to welfare groups

Okoia School

300.00 Community swimming pool


5,500.00 Administration


5,500.00 Administration

Patea and Districts Rest Home

5,000.00 Repairs and Maintenance

Patea Area School

3,000.00 Playground

Patea Paepae in the Park

5,000.00 Waitangi Day event

Patea Standby

1,500.00 Support services delivery

Project Splash Radiowest trust Red Cross Relationship Services Riding for the Disabled

800,000.00 Splash Centre Redevelopment 10,000.00 Feasibility study 700.00 Training resources 5,500.00 Family Group therapy training 700.00 Farrier and vet care

River Queen

9,000.00 Movie Premiere

Rivercity Canoe Club

3,500.00 Replacement of Canoe Polo gear

RNZ Foundation of the Blind

3,000.00 Talking books

Rotary Centennial project Rotary Club of Wanganui Daybreak

5000 Riverbank Walkway Project 1,000.00 Support Last Night of the Proms

Ruapehu REAP

3,000.00 Set up Toy Library

SF Wanganui

5,500.00 Activities

SIIS Rangitikei

47,330.00 Social Initiatives in Schools

SIIS South Taranaki

23,580.00 Social Initiatives in Schools

SIIS Waimarino SIIS Wanganui SPELD

15,900.00 Social Initiatives in Schools 240,255.00 Social Initiatives in Schools 800.00 Conference

St Matthews School

3,000.00 Playground

St. Josephs School Taihape

2,500.00 Playground

Taihape Older and Bolder

5,500.00 Administration

Taihape Playcentre Taumata Hauora Trust Te Ora Hou Te Rununga o Ngati Apa The Hearing Association

500.00 Play equipment 3,000.00 Waitangi Day event 1,000.00 Services to youth 19,000.00 Social work and youth worker Service provision in Patea, Ohakune and 2,200.00 Taihape

Tiniwaitara Marae Totara House (South Taranaki ) Trust

3,000.00 Equipment

Turoa Alpine Ski Club

1,500.00 Learn to Ski classes for local children

Turpin Charitable Trust

8,000.00 Event

Victim Support - Rangitikei

1,000.00 Volunteer expenses

Victim Support - Waimarino

1,000.00 Volunteer expenses

Victim Support - Waiouru

1,000.00 Volunteer expenses

Wanganui Air Ambulance Trust

4,000.00 Equipment

Wanganui Asthma Society Wanganui Blind and Partially Blind Craft Group

2,000.00 Asthma Education

Wanganui Blooming Artz Trust

3,000.00 Event

Wanganui CAB

5,500.00 Administration Regional Careers Expo for secondary 3,000.00 students

Wanganui Careers Workshop Wanganui Community Choir Wanganui Community Skateboard Trust Wanganui Croquet Club

500.00 Rent for Women's Refuge

1,000.00 Equipment

500.00 Music 20,000.00 Skateboard and Recreation Centre 500.00 Club Maintenance

Wanganui District Council Wanganui District Performing Arts Trust

5,000.00 Upokongaro Jetty

Wanganui East Kindergarten

500.00 Play equipment

5,000.00 Arts Festival (Public events)

Wanganui Family Counselling Service

Boundaries programme and counselling 7,500.00 services

Wanganui Harrier Club

1,000.00 Club costs

Wanganui Heritage Event Trust

1,000.00 Heritage weekend

Wanganui In Bloom

8,000.00 Hanging baskets

Wanganui Jazz Club Wanganui Multiple Sclerosis Society Wanganui Neighbourhood Support Wanganui Regional Opera Foundation

1,000.00 Jazz Festival

Wanganui Regional Science Fair

1,000.00 Regional Science Fair

Wanganui Rock N Roll Club

1,000.00 Youth event

Wanganui Schola Sacra Choir Wanganui Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club Wanganui Women's and Children's Shelter

1,000.00 Concert

4,500.00 Administration 3,000.00 Volunteer and Administration costs 4,000.00 Event

500.00 Club costs 6,000.00 Restructuring costs

Waverley Playcentre Wellington Regional Orchestra Foundation

500.00 Play equipment

Whanganui Arts Trust Whanganui Disability Resources Centre Whanganui Living Without Violence Trust

500.00 Exhibition

Whanganui Peoples Centre Whanganui Regional Museum Whanganui River Maori Trust Board

500.00 Event in Wanganui

3,000.00 Advertising costs for 2006 Disability Expo Victim Advocate, Professional development 50,000.00 and youth programmes 5,500.00 Volunteer and Administration costs Whanganui Stories Project and Partington 160,000.00 exhibition 1,500.00 Rangitahi hui

Whanganui Volunteer Centre

20,000.00 Service Provision

YMCA Y We Dance

20,000.00 Break dance and low income scholarships

Youth Services Trust

20,000.00 Service delivery


400.00 Training 2,361,265.00