Our Cross, Our Burden

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“Our Cross, Our Burden” Sunday, July 19, 2015 Matthew 16:24-28

1. What did you notice about the sermon this week? 2. If you are a follower of Christ, where have you recognized the cost of discipleship in your life? Do you have tangible examples of when following Christ has come at a cost?

3. In what ways can you sacrificially love others or carry someone else’s burdens? Are there things you may need to give up yourself in order to do so? 4. How do you think denying yourself leads to a fulfilling life? Describe.

5. Have you ever witnessed someone enduring persecution for the sake of Christ and bearing his or her cross? Please share any stories you’ve heard of the church of Christ being persecuted around the world. Is there any cost that is too high for you to continue to follow Christ?

6. What is a step you can take this coming week to live out the love of Christ? How can your group hold you accountable for living out the love of Jesus?