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DOE Department of the Environment 'W.'^.noMIi.!?i;y uh

OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991

Application No:


Dale of Application:

29th October 2013

Site of Proposed Development

243 -245 Woodstock Road Belfast BT68PQ

Description of Proposal:

Ground floor retail unit with 5 no apartments over

Applicant: Address:"

David Warren 245 Woodstock Road

Agent:. Address:

Belfast BT15 3BU

Belfast— BT6 8PQ

Drawing Ref:

A L D A Architects 537 Antrim Road

01, 03-OS

The Department of the Environment in pursuance of its powers under the above-mentioned Order hereby GRANTS OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION for the above-mentioned development in accordance with your application subject to compliance with the following conditions which are imposed for the reasons stated:


As required by Article 35 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991, application for approval of the reserved matters shall be made to the Department within 3 years of the date on which this permission is granted and the development, hereby permitted, shall be begun by whichever is the later of the following dates:-

AppiicationNo Z/2013/1254/O


DOE Department of the Environment

i. the expiration of 5 years from the date of this permission; or ii. the expiration of 2 years from the date of approval of the last of the reserved matters to be approved. Reason: Time Limit 2.

Except in so far as expressly conditioned below approval of the details of the siting, design and external appearance of the buildings, the means of access thereto and the landscaping of the site (hereinafter called ""the reserved matters""), shall be obtained from the Department, in writing, before any development is commenced.

Reason: To enable the Department to consider in detail the proposed development of the site. 3.

The layout shall be broadly in line with drawing references Z/2013/1254/03 - 07 stamped dated 29th October 2013, Z/2013/1254/08 stamp dated 13th March 2014 and contextual report stamped dated 29th October 2013.


Deliveries and collections by commercial vehicles shall only be made to and from the site between 07:00hrs and 23:00hrs Monday to Saturday and at no time on Sundays.

Reason: Protection of human health and amenity due to noise. 5.

The development hereby permitted shall not be occupied until provision has been made for cycle parking in accordance with drawing No Z/2013/1254/03 date stamped 29th October 2013 which will thereafter be permanently retained.

REASON: To ensure acceptable cycle parking facilities on the site and to encourage alternative modes of transport to the private car.

Application No. Z/2013/1254/0


DOE Department of the Environment ., -«.'. c l c . e - • - i j

.' •

Informatives 1.

This approval does not dispense with the necessity of obtaining the permission of the owners of adjacent dwellings for the removal of or building on the party wall or boundary whether or not defined.


This permission does not alter or extinguish or otherwise affect any existing or valid right of way crossing, impinging or otherwise pertaining to these lands.


This permission does not confer title. It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that he controls all the lands necessary to carry out the proposed development.


The applicant's attention, is drawn to:

i. the relevant provisions of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons (Northern Ireland) Act 1978; and ii. the Code of Practice for Access for the Disabled to buildings. 5.

The applicant is advised to ensure that any plant and equipment used in connection with the development is so situated, operated and maintained as to prevent the transmission of noise, dust or odours to nearby residential premises.


In the event that unexpected contamination is encountered during the approved development of this site, the development shall cease and a written report detailing the nature of this contamination and its management must be submitted to planning Service forapproval. Tins nivesLigaLion and I'ltlk assessment Inusl be tilldcl lakeii ill accordance"" with current best practice.


The developer is advised that development shall not begin until drainage works have been carried out in accordance with details submitted to and approved in writing by the Department.


All services within the development should be laid underground.


Public water supply within 20m of your proposal, consultation with NIW is required to determine how your proposals can be served. Application to NIW is required to obtain approval to connect.


Foul sewer within 20m of your proposal, consultation with NIW is required to determine how your proposal can be served.


No surface water supply within 20m of your proposal, you may wish to apply to NIW to requisition a surface water sewer to serve your proposal if it will serve more than 1 property to discharge roof drainage.


Waste water treatment works/sewer network have available capacity.

Application No. Z/2013/I254/O


(DOE Department of the Environment , . v « \ C - . K - . 1 I S'J1 .. I,


The applicant is advised to contact NIW through its Customer Relations Centre on 08458 770002 or [email protected], upon receipt of this consultation to discuss any areas of concern. Application forms and guidance are also available via these means.


If during the course of developing the site the developer uncovers a pipe not previously evident NIW should be notified immediately in order that arrangements may be made for investigation and direction in respect of any necessary measures required to deal with the pipe. Notify NIW Waterline on 08457 440088.

Dated: 11th August 2014

Authorised Officer

k ro»ne

Application No Z/20I3/1254/O