OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION Planning (Northern Ireland) Order

OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION Planning (Northern Ireland) Order...

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OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION Planning (Northern Ireland) Order p91

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Bate d£AppUcatJ&£ Site of frcposedDevelojanent;. Inscription of PfepoSal:


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Nfr''M^|m Clarke,._..'

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sni^he late of spprosal of ^ e 11

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14tb March 2014

DOE Department of the Environment www.daeni.gov.uk


Approval of the details of the siting, design and external appearance of the buildings, the means of access thereto and the landscaping of the site (hereinafter called ""the reserved matters""), shall be obtainedfron*the Department, in writing, before any development is commenced.

Reason: To enable the Department to consider in detail the proposed development ofthe site. 3.

The proposed dwelling shall be sited in the area shaded green on the approved plan " datestarfiped; 14thMay2ftl4. ;•• :

Reason: X&easure ihs devgiogmenf ifltegrates mt6,,jfrejandscape iff accordance with the , : requirements ofthe Department's Planning Policy Statement 2 1 . . 4.

The proposed dwelling shall have a ridge height offiogreater than'5.5 metres above existi&g ground level at the lowesfcpoint an the site.

Reason: To ensure that the development integrals into the lEtt^scape in accordance with, tiie requirements of the Departmerits ilarthing Policy Statement 21. 5.

Theproposedd^llkigshallhaveafkxM-afeaofnotnjorethan 140sq.metres ateasurefl internally, excluding any dtspestic garage oroutbuildigs.

Reason: Treasure thatlhe dwelling is satisfactwiih/ integrated into fee kndsgajte. 6. '

,No development saaffiiafe place until a^p]^kdicatii^flcOTleii«fe(rfmeprop^Bd dwefling in relaticaito e^&ting aa$ prt^)osed gKnrad levels hifts. been subraitte&to and aK^vedbythe:Ge5artment.V : :• •-" :L ' :

ReasOTV^oensur$.th^dwel%g^eJratesi^ihefadform. 7.


DuBngAe first,a1railabie pfemtfeg^ason ajSer&e occupatiote of the dwelliHg a •; i^f^orn^BflituralLspecies) hedge shal^ibe jiftaftted in a dJ^oble staggered (SW 200tata, - rapaHat4^rfl^spac^,^mmto%^iarof1h^ i ; ; ; , boundary af the site. ' ' :: : :

Reason^!?& ensure theameHity afforded by existiri^^JESges i s p a ^ ^ n e d . 8



A landscapijig scheme shall be agreed svith the I)epart3nent at Reserved Matters stage and shall include a stifVey of all existing trees and hedgerows un the land, together with details of those to be rgtaihedPand meassres for their protection during the course




DOE Department of the Environment wv.w. doeni.gov. i id

of development. The scheme shall detail species types, siting and planting distances and a programme of planting for all additional landscaping OR the site and will comply with the appropriate British Standard or other recognised Codes of Practise. The works shall "be carried out during the first available planting season after the occupation of the dwelling. Reason: To ensure the provision of a high standard of landscape. 9.

All proposed planting apjiroved by The Department shall be carried out in the first planting season following the commencement of development on site and any trees or shrubs that die within 5 years of planting shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size and species.

Reason: To ensure that a comprehensive landscaping scheme is established on the site complementing the visual amenity of the area. 10.

A scale plan at 1:500 (minimum) shall be submitted as part of the reserved matters application showing the access to be constructed in accordance with the attached form RSI. •

Reason: To ensure there is a satisfactory means of access in the interests of FOad safety and the convenience of road users. 11.

No development shaB take place within the hatched area on the approved site location plaa date stamped the 14th May 2014.

Reason: In the interest of amenity as this area is prone to flooding. Informative^ 1. 2. 3.

This approval relates td stamped approved drawing no Of (Rey.QJ), date stamped 14th : MayJ&14. . ' Road Service RSI form attached foryour information. The Environmental Health Department hasfioobjection in principle' to the above proposed development subject to: 1. Gonsent to [Discharge Sewage Effluent being obtained from the Water Management Unit, Northern! Ireland Environment Agency, 17 Antrim Road, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, KT28 3AL (Tel. 028 92 633489) as required by the Water (Northern Ireland) Order 1999.2. Any new or existing septic tank unit being aminimum of 15 metres from the

Application No. Ka0I4/0107/O



DOE Department of the Environment www.cioerii.gav.uh

proposed development or any other habitable dwelling/building such as an office or sach dwelling/building in the course of construction or the subjectof a planning approval. 3. A legal agreement being obtained in relation to lands used in connection with any septic tank/drainage arrangement where such lands are outside the ownership of the applicant or outside the, area marked in red which is the subject of thfe application. This agreement must ensure that the lands in question will always be available for the inte^etipurpose-and also that any; occupier/owner of theproposed development will have..access-tci these lands far maintenaHde/imj»ovement wdrks as rSqujsed. Such legal agreement should be included in any^plaSfiing approval-as a planning cendrtion. 4. Tlie applicant ensuring that the proposal does npt compromise airy existingdrainage <»K)^^B^its^^mg'^ds^g^ieighbe)^ffi§:^piratises<»deVelc^iBeBte1w>t' -* eompleted/coininenced wWch are the ssbjectpf a planning approval. 5. All waste generated by. this development, e.g. demolitionjyaste (ass appliea&le) beinghandletiAfisposed of so as to ensur&icompliance with the Waste & Contaminated Land (N&) Order 1997 and subordinate Regulations. -(Special requirement would apply in respect of, fcf^example, asjjestos or other hazardous waste).1 Further infermation regarding handfing and disposaJ of gucfi waste can be obtained from the Land Resource Management Unit, I^rthem Irelaiid3r^nronrneht Agency, Kkaidyke Building, Cromac Avenue, Gaswoiks Business Parit,Betfast, BT7 2IA - telephone 028 90 569359. 6. RanningService rece:ivin^confirniatjon#om Norroem Ireland Water that a niains water supplyjs availaftte and that it isfeasible fofthe; proposed devejopraentfo be connected to same. Wiere mains water supply is not1 available^the applieant/agent is stejngiy advised ^o contact thjs department Ife&re any dejailedtplans areptepared. (IJ^DistricttJouncil cannot approve plpis for nousingdeyelopmeiilnBiess a s^sfaetorywitfBrsup^&avaUabls^ : ,;. _: •£.»-.


7. IHe developer lading aware that if it is their intention tobjring any fill material onto the" siip they will regaiie a ^ f l ^ ; Kcensingt^s^aption unfertile Wagfe Managemeflf Lfensing Regulations (NX) 2003. Applicaipnsfoj-spch an exemption should be made to thelsaod ResotiTCe'ManagenSenlUnit of the Northern bglaSS Environment Ageney.at Elondyk* B»M|dmg, Qosdiae'Avenge, }lEA 1%t pfaimmg -'-'-.: a|proval has ieeV granted for terllling/ialpp|tbig inert material toite associated land'


This, permission aufliorjses only private dome|jfcuse of the prppased garage=arid does not^jsanfer apptoyat pn,the can^fiog out of teadb or tusinessLthgre ifrom^ •'.... -~ ',. ,






. % ^ .







' Hie onts is on the householder/devejoper to find out if there is existing water and sewer mirastruetttte wilhin Ih^rpi^ierty. Application No. 102)14/0107/0



DOE Department of the Enviranment www.doeni.gov.uk

It is an offence under Article 236 of the Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006, to build over or near watermains, sewers, pipes and associated works owned and maintained by Northern Ireland Water unless with the prior consent by NI Water. House owners and developers should obtain details of existing infrastructure from NI Waterfeyrequesting a copy of the water asd sewer records. Copies of our records are sspplied under Articles 257 and 258 of the 2006 Order. There is a nominal charge for this^service; Where existing water and sewer infrastructure is located within a property andh proposed development of the site interferes with the public watermains, sewers and associated works, the householder/developer tfiaypiake a Notice under Article 247 of the2f)(M> OrdeMo-havethe pubBe iafia^acteie^diverted, realigned.-Eaeh diversion; and realignment request is considered on hs owamerits and approval is at the discretion of NI Water. The applicant is required to meet any financial conditions for realignment or diversion of the water and sewer infrastructure, including fill! costs, company overheads, etc. It 15 the responsibility of the developer/house builder to find out about the nearest public watermain, foul sewer and storm sewer/watercourse that has the capacity to service the proposed development. Copies of existing water andsewer records can be obtained from NI Water. There is a nominal charge for Has service. Guidance can be given to developers/beuse builders about how the proposed development can be served by a public watermaai or sewers. To find out how proposed development can be serviced with water and sew^r infrastructure, developers and house builders can submit a Pre-Deyelopment Enquiry/ If your proposed development is not near apublic watejmain, foul- sewer or surface water sewer and you cannot discharge your surface water to a natural watercourse you may wish to consider making a reqyisition Notice asking NI Water to extend the public watermam or fool/storm sewer system to service your development. This cab be done" byr^uisiiioningawatennainunder Article?6ofthe2i)06 Order and sewers under Article 154~of fee 2006 Order. House Insiders and developers may have to contribute to the cost of extending watermains and sewers. IfyOit wish to find out more about what you caaror cannotdo if there is existing water or_sewer in&sstructure in, over or under ypuy7 property, or you want(o find out low • your proposed development:ean be serviced contaetNl Water staff on the pevelorjers Services Business Line 084587700K2iuid ask4©rthe Developed Services CoOrdfeation Team. . _ : . =

Dated: 4th July 2014

Application No. KA0I4/0107/O

Authorised Officer




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