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Current Needs & Requests

• Financial Partners - sponsoring new residents; special projects (see website) • Strategic Partners - we currently have over 45 helping entities Special Consideration: • Residents of BLR and their families who desperately need BLR • The impact of providing approximately drug free workers to the TriCities workforce • The BLR staff and their families • The impact of BLR’s faith based approach Subscribe to our email list, go to our website and use the Contact Us form.

HELP IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY! If you have a current need for a family member, friend or associate please contact us at:

(423) 797-8532

WAYS YOU CAN HELP • Referrals for individuals: Go to the BLR website (see below) and fill out the PreAdmission Form on behalf of yourself, a family member or as a referral from an agency, church or institution. Start the journey today! • Become a Community Partner: Send an email directly to BLR ([email protected]) or use the Community Partner Form on the website. • Volunteer your time and expertice: Current information and opportunities are listed on our website (see Launch Team). We plan to open up operations the summer of 2018, so check back often for opportunities to be part of our BLR Team! • Finances: Be a financial partner with a one time gift, reocurring donation or other kinds of gifts with tangible property. See below for details. • Prayer Support: Keep up with our latest news - through email we provide regular updates and information on current needs. GROUP PRESENTATIONS - COMMUNITY PARTNERS For a group presentation or information on community involvement please contact us at (423) 797-8532 or by email at: [email protected]

WAYS TO GIVE - visit www.BristolLifestyleRecovery.org


lease consider your partnership with BLR and Fairview’s ministry! One of the easiest ways you can donate is through our website. You may authorize your bank to allow us to deduct a specified amount from your account without having to write a check. You may also use your debit or credit card, just like you pay bills or make purchases online. It's secure and confidential. If you'd like to track your online giving and setup recurring donations, click the "View Donor Portal" link. NEW! You can also Text your donation/s by using your smartphone. Simply text the amount to 423.330.1082. On first time use you will be prompted to visit a secure site. Once you click the Registration link you will enter your credit or debit card information. At this point the donation will process. You also have the option to set up ongoing text donations. We specialize in serving:

If you would like additional information regarding BLR or would like to have a personal conversation about Fairview’s opportunities, contact Bob Garrett at (423) 797-8532 or by email: [email protected]