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Customer Testimonials I use Noonan’s for tents, tables, chairs and tableware for events at Fraase Farms and I recommend their services to my clients. Noonan’s has the tent sizes and the quantities of furniture and equipment to meet my needs.

Party &Event Planning

When I order from Noonan’s I know that the items will be what I requested and wil be clean and in good condition when they arrive.

Party Goods Cupcake Stands We offer a wide variety of versatile cupcake stands. Most of these stands can also be used for many types of foods on a buffet line. Also available are smaller stands for cupcakes at guest tables and a cake pop stand!

Chafing Dishes We offer an excellent collection of chafing dishes, in many different shapes and sizes. Available are a rectangle, square, round and an oblong roll top. Also in stock are cold drink dispensers for a signature drink at your next event!

The Noonan people are easy to work with, courteous and accommodating. Delivery is on-time and set-up is quick and professional. After the event, pick-up is prompt and easy. Carol Jean Fraase, Carol Jean's Fine Cuisine Fraase Farms, New Berlin, IL

As an Event Consultant and Planner, I depend on suppliers who are professional and responsive to my needs. The success of my business and the satisfaction of my clients with their events, demand that I select a trustworthy partner. Noonan’s Grand Rental is definitely a partner who cares about the success of my client’s events. Cindy Millburg

Dishware We offer four exquisite lines of dishware great for any occasion. In all four lines we offer a dinner plate, salad plate and dessert plate. We have an all white china collection, a square glass set, an embroidered white collection trimmed with a silver line, and also a unique glass swirl set.

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Flatware We offer 3 gorgeous lines of flatware for your next event. In our Dubai, Hammer Forged and Lincoln collections are a dinner fork, salad fork, dinner spoon, soup spoon and dinner knife. Any of these sets would go great at any social gathering!

Glassware We offer 6 different pieces of glassware to help fill any of your needs for your next event. Available are a water goblet, wine glass, champagne flute, hi-ball glass, martini glass and coffee cup.

Noonan Grand Rental 3031 S. Koke Mill Road Springfield, IL 62711 217-546-7368

Linens Tents 20' Wide Frame Tents 20 x 20 – 5' Rounds, 40 Guests 20 x 30 – 5' Rounds, 60 Guests 20 x 40 – 5' Rounds, 80 Guests

8' Banquets, 50 Guests 8' Banquets, 75 Guests 8 Banquets, 100 Guests

30' Wide Frame Tents 30 x 30 – 30 x 45 – 30 x 60 – 30 x 75 –

5' Rounds, 80 Guests 5' Rounds, 120 Guests 5' Rounds, 180 Guests 5' Rounds, 170 Guests

8' Banquets, 100 Guests 8' Banquets, 150 Guests 8' Banquets, 200 Guests 8' Banquets, 200 Guests

5' Rounds, 160 Guests 5' Rounds, 220 Guests 5' Rounds, 300 Guests 5' Rounds, 350 Guests 5' Rounds, 400 Guests

8' Banquets, 200 Guests 8' Banquets, 275 Guests 8' Banquets, 350 Guests 8' Banquets, 390 Guests 8' Banquets, 440 Guests

Optional Accessories - Variety of Lighting - Cooling - Side Walls

- Heating - Flooring - Tent Liners

Basic Polyester Linen 20"x20" Napkin, 54"x54" Sq., 72"x72" Sq., 90"x90" Sq., 60"x120", 90" Rnd, 108" Rnd, 120" Rnd, 132" Rnd, 60" Rnd, 90"x132", 90"x156", 13'x30" Skirt, 8"x110" Chair Sash

Krinkle Linen

40' Wide Frame Tents 40 x 40 – 40 x 55 – 40 x 70 – 40 x 85 – 40 x 100 –

We offer over 50 different colors of linens! We assure you that our linens will be of the highest quality. All the linens we rent are cleaned and pressed before every rental to ensure a gorgeous table or chair covering for your event.

- Paper Lanterns - Leg Drapes

These are just a few of the tent accessories we offer to help personalize your tent. Looking for something specific? Just ask! Questions we may ask…

20"x20" Napkin, 90"x90" Sq., 108" Rnd, 120" Rnd, 132" Rnd, 90"x132", 90"x156”, 8"x110" Chair Sash, 15"x120" Runner

Crush Linen 20"x20" Napkin, 60"x120", 90"x90" Sq., 90" Rnd, 120" Rnd, 132" Rnd, 90"x132", 90"x156", 8"x10" Chair Sash

Imperial Stripe Linen 2"x20" Napkin, 72"x72" Sq., 60"x120", 90" Rnd, 108" Rnd, 120" Rnd, 132" Rnd, 90"x132", 90"x156"

• How many guests are you expecting? • What will be under the tent? – i.e. DJ, buffet, dance floor, etc. • What is the time frame of the event? • Will you need a smaller tent for a caterer’s kitchen, buffering zone or for a dressing room? • Will there be electricity close if needed for any accessories, DJ or caterer? • What surface will the tent be on? Grass, concrete, asphalt? • If asphalt, can we drive stakes in? If concrete, can we drill holes for anchors in it? • Do you need a CAD put together for your event?

Bengaline Linen

Our Services

To see a full line of our linen selection, including colors and other patterns, please visit

➤ Free site survey and consultation ➤ 24/7 customer service during your event ➤ Guaranteed highest quality in the area

20"x20" Napkin, 90"x90" Sq., 108" Rnd, 120" Rnd, 132" Rnd, 90"x132", 90"x156", 8"x110" Chair Sash, 15"x120" Runner

Pintuck Linen 20"x20" Napkin, 60"x120", 90"x90" Sq., 90" Rnd, 120" Rnd, 132" Rnd, 90"x132", 90"x156", 8"x110" Chair Sash, 15"x120" Runner

Tables & Chairs Chairs We offer a variety of chairs to best suit your event. - Brown Poly Folding Chairs - White Poly Folding Chairs - White Resin Folding Chairs - Wood Chivari *Available in Silver, Black, and Gold - Plastic Kids Chairs *Available in Red, Blue and White - Barstools

Tables We offer a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. - 6' Banquet - Serpentine - 8' Banquet - 8' Conference - 4' Round - 8' Bar Top - 5' Round - 30" Cocktail - 6' Round - 30" Dinner - 6' Banquet For Kids - Fill & Chill

Dance Floor Our cherry wood dance floor is a great way to bring dancing to any venue. Whether you’re in a venue that has carpet or underneath one of our beautiful tents, we can provide the dance floor you need to entertain your guests. We offer free delivery and set up of our floor in the Springfield area.

Risers/Staging Risers or staging, are great ways to set apart your head table at your reception. By doing so, all of your guests can see the beautiful bride, or any speakers that might be giving toasts for the bride and groom. Risers or staging, can also be used during the ceremony if you have a large wedding where people are sitting a good distance from the ceremony.