PHOTOVOLT complete line of pH meters Incorporating modern electronic tubes and...

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A complete line of pH meters incorporating modern electronic tubes and circuits, simple in operation and maintenance, featuring sealed amplitier plug-in units.

Line-Operated Model 115 • • -

Single range 0-14 scale length 4 " , accuracy 0.05 pH unit. Fully stabilized for wide range of line voltage fluctuations. Unprecedented in compactness and low price of only


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Line-Operated Model 110 Single rangs 0-14, scale length 7", accuracy 0.02 pH unit. Available also with shielded compartment, w i t h base board and carrying hood, with bottle* and beakers, additional price $60.—.

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Battery-Operated Model 125 • • • •


Single length ovi 5 Va , accuracy single range range 0-14. u-14. sea sea Ιluυ length accuracy 0.03 0.03 pH pH unit, t service. Only 3 batteries, standard radio type, 2,000 hours of sei ,,-j'ce S 2 0 . - . Carrying fromt: for instrument, beakers, and bottle»,, pri< •Iternative operation Stabilized powor supply unit available for alternative from 110 volt AC line, price S48

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Battery-Operated Model 125-B for Blood pH • •

Scale Icncjlh ΐ'\' . expanded five-fold for blood pH tests. Accuracy 0.01 in pH 6-8 range. 0.05 in pH 2-12 range.

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See also Bulletin # 1 3 8 on pH Meter Tester Mod. 25 for checking the of pH meters without electrodes or buffers, applicable



MODEL 125-B performance

to pH meters of any make.


C O R P O R A T I O N 95 MADISON AVENUE. N. Y. 16. Ν. Υ.

For further information, circle number 75 A-1 on Readers' Service Card, page 73 A

PHOTOVOLT Densitometer for Partition Chromatography and Paper Electrophoresis

A photoelectric precision instrument for the rapid and convenient evaluation of strips and sheets of filter paper in partition chromatography and paper electrophoresis. Write for Bulletin

~800 to

PHOTOVOLT CORP. 95 Madison Avenue

New York 16, Ν. Υ.

Also Colorimeters Fluprimeters Nephelometers

pH meters Reflection Meters Glossmeters

Electronic Photometers Multiplier Photometers Interference Filters

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2 8, N O . 1 0 , O C T O B E R


P H O T O V O L T Line-Operated Multiplier FLUORESCENCE METER Mod. 540

• High-sensitivity for measurement of low concentrations (fullscale for 0.001 microgram quinine sulphate) • Micro-fluorimetry with liquid volumes as low as 1 ml • Low blank readings, strict linearity of response • Universally applicable due to great variety of available filters, sample holders, and other accessories • Interference filters for high specificity and for determining spectral distribution of the fluorescence • High-sensitivity nephelometry for minute turbidities • Fluorescence evaluation of powders, pastes, and solids, also in spot-tests on filter paper without elution Write for Bulletin #392 to

PHOTOVOLT CORP. 95 Madison Ave.

New York 15, N . y .

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75 A