PHOTOVOLT Electronic pH METERS. A complete line of pH meters inco...

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PHOTOVOLT A complete simple in

line of operation




pH meters incorporating modern electronic tubes and and maintenance, featuring sealed amplifier plug-in

circuits, units.

Line-Operated Model 115 • • •

Single range 0-14, scalp length 4", accuracy 0.05 pH unit. Fully stabilized for wide range oF line voltage fluctuations. Unprecedented in compactness and low price of only

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Line-Operated Model 110 • •

Single range 0-14, scale length 7", accuracy 0.02 pH unit. Available also with shielded compartment, with base board and carrying hood, with bottles and beakers, additional piicn $60.—.

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Battery-Operated Model 125 • • • •


Single range 0-14, scale Icwjth SV2", accuracy 0.03 pH unit. Only 3 batteries, standard radio type, 2,000 hours of service. Carrying frame for instrument, beakers, and bottles, price S20.—. Stabilized power supply unit available for alternative operation from 110 volt AC line, price S48.—.

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Battery-Operated Model 125-B for Blood pH • •

Scale length 23-i", expanded five-fold for blood pH tests. Accuracy 0.01 in pH 6-8 range. 0.05 in pH 2-12 range.

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on pH Meter Tester Mod. 25 for checking electrodes

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to pH meters of any make.


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PHOTOVOLT Densitometer


for Partition Chromatography and Paper Electrophoresis

Multiplier FLUORESCENCE METER Mod. 540

A photoelectric precision instrument for the rapid and convenient evaluation of strips and sheets of filter paper in partition chromatography and paper electrophoresis. W r i t e for Bulletin



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* High-sensitivity for measurement of low concentrations (fullscale for 0.001 microgram quinine sulphate) * Micro-fluorimetry with liquid volumes as low as 1 ml * Low blank readings, strict linearity of response * Universally applicable due to great variety of available filters, sample holders, and other accessories * Interference filters for high specificity and for determining spectral distribution of the fluorescence * High-sensitivity nephelometry for minute turbidities * Fluorescence evaluation of powders, pastes, and solids, also in spot-tests on filter paper without elution Write for Bulletin #392 to

PHOTOVOLT CORP. 95 Madison A v e .

New York 15, N . y .

Circle No. 23 A-3 on Readers' Service Card, page 75 A

VOL. 29, NO. 3, MARCH 1957

23 A