PHOTOVOLT complete line of pH meters Incorporating modern electroni...

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P H O T O V O L T E l e c t r o n i c pH METERS A complet» Une of pH meters incorporating modem electronic tubes and circuits, simple In operation and maintenance, featuring sealed amplifier plug-In units. Line-Operated Model 85 • Single range 0-14, scale length 3 ', readable to 0.1 pH unit. * Fully stabilized, simple, compact, available with carrying case. * A full-fledged p H meter usable w i t h all types of electrodes.

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Line-Operated Model 115 * Single range 0-14, scale length 4 " , r e a d a b l e to 0.05 pH unit. * Temperature control 20-60^C. a v a i l a b l e w i t h carrying case. • A d d i t i o n a l millivolt scale for redox measurements a n d titrations.

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* Single r a n g e 0-14, scale length 7 ', r e a d a b l e t o 0.02 p H unit. " Temperature control 0 - 1 0 0 ' C . voltage selector f o r 80-260 volts. * Available with carrying cover & bascbonrd for bottles, beakers


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* Single range 0-14, seule length 5"·;", readable to 0.03 pH unit. " Only 3 batter ins, standard radio type, 2,000 hours of service.' * A v a i l a b l e with currying frame for instrument, beakers, bottlet.

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All ρrices induce set o f yluu; and calon-c! electrode, cr comb ncrion * g'ass-or.d-xC one" electrode (probe).

See also Bulletin # 7 38 on pH Meter Tester Mod. 25 for checking the performance of pH meters without electrodes or buffers, applicable to pH meters of any make.


M O D E L 115

I $58.


C O R P O R A T I O N 95 M A D I S O N A V E N U E , Ν. Υ. 16. Ν. Υ.

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PHOTOVOLT Photoelectric




Colorimeter Mod. 450 for

Nessler Tubes A new photoelectric instrument of high accuracy for the measurement of pale colors and faint turbidities. • For all analytical colorimetric determinations in which only a slight coloration can be developed. • For sanitary examination of drinkable water and for analysis of water for municipal and industrial purposes. • For color standardization of lightly colored liquids such as kerosenes, sugar solutions, solvents, varnishes, liquid waxes, vegetable oils, beverages, cosmetics. • Replaces visual color comparison in Nessler tubes.

Speed, versatility, and convenience in measuring", optical rotation, eliminating strenuous peering through an eyepiece with dark-adapted eyes. wrife for Bulletin ffjju


tor literature


PH0T0V0LT CORPORATION 95 Madison A v e .

N e w Y o r k 1 6 , Ν . Υ.

Circle No. 83-2 on Readers' Service Card 76 A




P H O T O V O L T CORP. 95 M a d i s o n A v e n u e


N e w York 16, Ν. Υ.

ALSO: pH Meters. Colorimeters, Fluorescence Meters, Densitometers. Circle1 No 83-3 on RearterV Service Ca'd