PHOTOVOLT completeline of pH meters incorporating modern electronic...

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A complete line of pH meters incorporating simple in operation


modern electronic tubes and circuits,

and maintenance, featuring

sealed amplifier



Line-Operated Model 85 * Single range 0-14, scale length 3 " , readable to 0.1 pH unit. * fully stabilized, simple, compact, available with carrying case. * A full Hedged pH meter usable with cM types of electrodes. Write for Bulletin =195


Line-Operated Model 115 " Sing!c range 0 14, scale length 4 '. readable· ίο 0 05 pH unit. * Temperature control 20-60' C, available with carrying case. * Additional millivolt scale for redox measurc-mcnls and titrations. Write for Bulletin =225 $1 7 5 .



Line-Operated Model 110 * Single range 0-14, scale length 7'', readable to 0 02 pH unit. * Temperature contiol 0-100 C, voltage solecTor for 80-260 volts * Available with carrying cover & baseboard for bottle*, beakers. Write for Bulletin 5:105


Battery-Operated Model 125 * Single range 0-14, scale longth S 1 ;' , readable to 0.03 pH unit. ' Only 3 batteries, standard radio type, 2,000 hours of service. * Available with carrying frame for instrument, beakers, bottles. Write for Bulletin --118 $195.


AM price» include sur of g ici-·, l'iuctiûde Gnd l a l j i u H elecl-oiJ-, m combination rjinsi cii'l ci!nmc-i f V t t r o ' l - 1 (prol·* 1 )

See a/so Bulletin # J 38 on pH Meter Tester Mod. 25 for checking the performance of pH meters without electrodes or buffers, applicable to pH meters of any make.




C O R P O R A T I O N 95 MADISON AVENUE. Ν. Υ. 16. Ν. Υ.

Circle No. 104-1 on Readers' Service Card

PHOTOVOLT Densitometer for Partition Chromatography and Paper Electrophoresis

VARICORD VARIABLE-RESPONSE RECORDER for densitometry in paper electrophoresis Recording function electrically adjustable from linear to logarithmic and trans logarithmic

A photoelectric precision instrument f o r the r a p i d and Sensitivity

convenient e v a l u a t i o n of strips a n d sheets

i f adjustable from 10 to 200 millivolts

of filter p a p e r in p a r t i t i o n c h r o m a t o g r a p h y a n d p a p e r electrophoresis.

Wrife for Bulletin ~800 to

PHOTOVOLT CORP. 95 Madison Avenue Also Colorimeters I p H meters Fiuorimeters I Reflection Meters NepHelometers | Glossmeters

N e w York 16, Ν . Υ. Electronic Photometers Multiplier Photometers Interference Filters

Γ Ϊ Γ Γ Ι Ρ Μη 1Π.1-7 nn Doiflorc' Cnr-mm Par if

Designed specifically >o be ased with scanning densitometers for (orrectlvconpensattd quantitative evaluation of elictraphoretic patterns en filter paper Write for Bulletin # 1 1 0 0 Also : Densitometers pH Meters Colorimeters Fluorescence IHIHItll Meters Electronic Photometers Multiplier Photometers

iimiiiiiinp minimi N r Η " O ^ T•O ^V *O ^ LT •- • ItlliIII I

95 Madison Ave.

CW OW RR Pr ·.

N e w York

1 6 , Ν . Υ.

Circle No. 104-3 on Readers' Service Card VOL.

32 NO. 1, JANUARY 1960


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