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Pioneer Pages October 27, 2016

Volume #1, Issue #2

Darkness, Chainsaws, and Hands -- Oh My! Kaley Nidey

The Drama Club of Palestine High School held its annual haunted house, “Your Worst Nightmare” on October 14th and 15th. Over 150 people came to the darkened halls of Palestine High School, walking through rooms that included a maze with chain-saws, a cemetery, a room with walls of hands, a demonic room, a slaughterhouse, and a claustrophobic room. Roaming the halls, visitors also saw Slender Man, four spooky children, and a variety of other scary characters. This is the third year the PHS Drama Club has created a haunted house. It is now one of the club's biggest fundraisers, allowing the club to take its members to a theater production every spring. The biggest

Blood Drive is a Success Tarryn Monti

On September 26, 2016, the Palestine High School Student Senate held their first blood drive of the school year. A total of 46 people attempted to give blood, while 44 were successful donors. For 14 donors, this was a new experience. According to Mr. Will, Student Senate sponsor, this is the biggest turnout of first time donors that they have ever had. Student Senate set a goal of 33 donors for this blood drive and easily surpassed that goal. Mr. Will said that he tried to get everyone to at least attempt to give blood. Dawson Vennard, one of the first time donors, said that he would more than likely give blood again. The next blood drive at Palestine High School is January 24, 2017. Students who are under the age of 18 must have a permission slip signed by their parents.

each year, according to sponsor Mrs. Hyde, is coming up with new ways to be scary. Students in the haunted house spend weeks planning and gathering supplies for the event. Each year brings new challenges and this year was no exception. Four times during the first evening, frantic visitors pulled down part of the maze in a desperate attempt to find a way out, causing students to have to meet early Saturday morning to repair the maze. This year’s haunted house earned Drama Club over $800 and members are already thinking of ideas for next year’s event.

Senior Spotlight: Jayden Woodward Baylee Baker

Jayden Wayne Woodward has been nominated as our first Senior Spotlight for the school newspaper. He is 17. His birthday is December 9th, 1998. Jayden plays football and baseball. He spends most of his time at school and on the field, but in his downtime he hangs out with Erikka Patterson, his Even if you’re not 18, you can still girlfriend of a year and a half. After high school, Jayden plans have a voice! Click on the link below to vote for the candidate you on attending college at OCC for radiology. He hopes to get a want to be our next president: away from his family. scholarship for baseball. He Jayden’s tip to incoming plans on moving out of this freshman is to make sure you The poll will be open until county after college to find a job, don’t stress out too much November 7. The winner will be but he doesn’t want to be too far about anything. Make sure you announced on November 8. make time for you friends and enjoy the next four years, If you are 18, don't forget to while still studying when VOTE on November 8, 2016! necessary and making good grades to better your chances The results of last months poll: of making a good career for JUNGLE VOLLEY is the most yourself. popular actvity in PE.

It's Your Turn to Vote

Pioneer Pages: 2016 Presidential Election

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2016 Election MaryAnn Catt, Jenna Correll, Nathan Kiger, and Mason Griffin

Stronger Together

Make America Great Again

Fifth-graders. Most Americans felt like they were watching two fifth graders at the most recent Presidential debate. Lies, namecalling, and past mistakes were thrown at each other. In fact, the only thing shadier than the debate is your ex. But one thing is for sure --the entire country is more than concerned with our future. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have our country in shambles. Albeit both candidates are bad, only one stands with any promise for our future. Hillary Clinton has a passion for children and making this country its very best again. While Trump has sat inside of his tax-free mansion complaining about immigrants and taking advantage of women, Hillary has been out there getting stuff done. Travelling to Africa to help the sick and hungry children, speaking at events in support for LGBT rights, and working with the numbers to try and obtain debt-free college for future generations are just a few of the many works Hillary Clinton has done for America and for the rest of the world. Hillary wants to stop war, not create more. America in the great scheme of history is a very new country still, and it cannot afford to have a president who will do nothing but destroy all the progress that has been made. When someone can't attack you personally, they attempt getting to you through your loved ones. Trump has been bringing up again and again mistakes Hillary’s husband, Bill, made in office. Since when is Bill Clinton running for president again? Hillary isn’t here to make the same mistakes twice. She is for a change, one that will make America reach its fullest potential.

Donald Trump is an abrasive man, and we can all agree on that fact. Donald Trump is many things -- a show host, a businessman, a hothead --but one thing Donald Trump isn’t is a killer. Take Ben Ghazi, for example. Anyone can look up the documented pleas for help from the facilities members and the requests for more security, but Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton ignored them, and as a result of her ignorance, several good U.S citizens died at the hands of the terrorist militant group Ansar Al-Sharia. Yes, Donald Trump is a loudmouth, but so was Kennedy, a mostly revered president, and at this point in our world, a strong spirit is needed to take the helm. Recently, India and Pakistan fired upon each other for the Kashmir territory, both nuclear armed countries. Two Syrian hospitals were recently attacked, Al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for a bombing near a Somalian Prison, and no definitive move has been made on anyone’s part to stop these glorified playground bullies in their tracks. People say it’s an ideology, and that ideologies simply can’t be stopped, but so was World War II era imperialist Japan, and we stopped them dead in their tracks. Hundreds of Japanese civilians killed themselves in the name of their emperor -- new name, same face. It took the invention of the nuclear bomb to stop them, but stop them we did. In this day and age, it’s time for everyone to step up and put a stop to this, make decisions, and sacrifice our naivete for the future of the American way.

Campaign Videos

Second In Command Tim Kaine was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and then moved to Overland Park, Kansas, when he grew up. Tim graduated from the University of Missouri and then later earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. Shortly after, he became a lecturer at the University of Richmond School of Law. He held his first political position in 1994, when he won a seat on the Richmond, Virginia City Council. On July 22, Hillary Clinton announced that she had selected Tim Kaine to be her vice presidential running mate for the 2016 presidential election. He was nominated at the 2016 Democratic National Convention on July 27. Born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, Mike Pence attended Hanover College and then earned a law degree from McKinney School of Law before entering a private practice. In 2000 Mike Pence represented Indiana's 2nd congressional district and from 2001 to 2013, he represented Indiana’s 6th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. In 2012, Pence was elected the 50th Governor of Indiana, and is currently the running mate for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Pioneer Pages: 2016 Presidential Election

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Where They Stand

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Pioneer Pages: College Information

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College Information Keegan Elder, Morgan Kelly, Alex Fulling, and Lexus Gaddis

Lincoln Trail College

Butler University

Robinson, Illinois Total enrollment: 1,062 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT scores: no minimum Tuition: $8,383 Open house/visitor days: N/A

Indianapolis, Indiana Total enrollment: 4,848 Acceptance rate: 68.5% ACT scores: 27 (average) Tuition: $52,030 Open house/visitor days: October 22, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Olney Central College

Parkland University

Olney, Illinois Total enrollment: 1,603 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT scores: no minimum Tuition: $8,383 Open house/visitor days: N/A

Champaign, Illinois Total enrollment: 9,715 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT scores: no minimum Tuition: In Parkland College District 505: $157.00 Out-of-district: llinois residents: $370.00 Out-of-state/international: $529.00 Open house/visitor days: February 21, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Eastern Illinois University Charleston, Illinois Total enrollment: 7,415 Acceptance rate: 49.8% ACT scores: 22 (average) Tuition: In-state: $11,288 Out-of-state: $13,448 Open house/visitor days: Friday, November 11th

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Champaign, Illinois Total enrollment: 44,087 Acceptance rate: 59% ACT scores: 28 (average) Tuition: In-state: $31,046 Out-of-state: $46,668 Open house/visitor days: Register for a visit at:

University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, Illinois Total enrollment: 29,048 Acceptance rate: 74.5% ACT scores: 24 (average) Tuition: In-state: $29,652 Out-of-state: $42,508 Open house/visitor days: Book a visit at:

Illinois State University Normal, Illinois Total enrollment: 20,807 Acceptance rate: 73.9% ACT scores: 24 (average) Tuition: In-state: $28,295 Out-of-state: $39,402 Open house/visitor days: 11/11/2016, 3/20/2017, and 3/27/2017

DePaul University Chicago, Illinois Total enrollment: 23,799 Acceptance rate: 69.9% ACT scores: 25 (average) Tuition: $35,071 Open house/visitor days: Register for a visit at:

University of Southern Indiana Evansville, Indiana Total enrollment: 10,820 Acceptance rate: 71.3% ACT scores: 22 (average) Tuition: In-state: $7,178 Out-of-state: $16,959 Open house/visitor days: November 12

University of Evansville Evansville, Indiana Total enrollment: 2,495 Acceptance rate: 83% ACT scores: 26 (average) Tuition: $33,926 Open house/visitor days: Saturday, October 29, 2016 Monday, January 16, 2017, Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lincoln Land Community College Springfield, Illinois Total enrollment: 7,602 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT scores: no minimum Tuition: $4,752 Open house/visitor days:

email: [email protected]

Pioneer Pages: College Information

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College Information Keegan Elder, Morgan Kelly, Alex Fulling, and Lexus Gaddis

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Lake Land College

Edwardsville, Illinois Total enrollment: 14,235 Acceptance rate: 87% ACT scores: 23 (average) Tuition: In-State: $9,738 Out-of-State: $20,682 Open house/visitor days: Friday, November 11, 2016

Mattoon, Illinois Total enrollment: 8,200 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT scores: no minimum Tuition: In-state: $3,459 Out-of-state: $13,084 Open house/visitor days: October 28, 2016

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Wabash Valley College

Carbondale, Illinois Total enrollment: 17,292 Acceptance rate: 81.5% ACT scores: 22 Tuition: In-State: $8,835 Out-of-State: $21,788 Open house/visitor days: Saturday, November 5, 2016, Monday, February 20, 2017, Friday, April 14, 2017, and Friday, July 21, 2017

Mount Carmel, Illinois Total enrollment: 5,584 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT scores: no minimum Tuition: In-state: $2,954 Out-of-state: $11,070 Open house/visitor days: N/A

Vincennes University Vincennes, Indiana Total enrollment: 18,711 Acceptance rate: 100% ACT: no minimum Tuition: In-State: $4,937 Out-of-State: $12,271 Open house/visitor days: November 18 and 19

IUPUI - Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana Total enrollment: 30,105 Acceptance rate: 70.5% ACT scores: 22 Tuition: In-State: $8,909 Out-of-State: $30,089 Open house/Visit days: October 28, 2016 November 4, 2016

Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana Total enrollment: 13,584 Acceptance rate: 82.5% ACT scores: 19 (average) Tuition: In-State: $8,416 Out-of-State: $18,346 Open house/visitor days:

Senior :

to do list - hopefully you have chosen what college you want to attend, if you're planning on attending college - visit colleges and narrow down your selection of colleges - make sure that you meet the application requirements and begin to fill out applications for your chosen colleges - talk to your parents and begin filling out FAFSA - apply for scholarships and grants to help pay for your college education

Junior :

to do list - prepare and take the SAT and/or ACT - take as many college classes that you can - begin your college search - visit colleges and get an idea of where you would like to go - continue to work hard in all of your classes - talk to current or even alumnus about the advantages and disadvantages of a college education - if you are undecided on what you want to be, do not worry!

Pioneer Pages: Sports

email: [email protected] job to throw a football. If he so strongly thinks that the USA is doing wrong to others, he doesn’t have to keep residence in the states. I’d much rather see him stand and support our flag and when he is not playing football he should be actively trying to work or find the right groups to work on the discrimination issue that we still face.”


Dawson Ferguson, He's Taking a Knee and Making a Point Dawson Vennard & Isaac York

Recently, we asked a few students, and other PHS members what their thoughts were on the recent actions of NFL star, Colin Kaepernick. For those who don't know, Kaepernick recently chose to kneel during the national anthem. He did this to prove a point. Kaepernick said he didn't want to “stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” After Kaepernick “took a stand” many others decided to follow what he had done. Palestine High School’s Dean of




said “I believe that anyone who does not choose to stand during the National Anthem is exercising their constitutional right. I separate my feelings about their actions from their reason for doing it. I stand and honor my flag and country every time the Anthem is played, because I want to, not because it is expected of me. I have seen many people disrespect the anthem at many sporting events in my life. Because he is on a grand stage, everyone takes notice. At least his actions are done with the intention of getting a message across. Unfortunately, taking a knee is not the same as taking a

a senior at PHS had something to say about these current actions. Dawson said “In my opinion, I will stand for the National Anthem. Honestly, I don’t mind at all what Colin Kaepernick is doing because he is standing up for what he believes in, and his rights as an athlete on and of the field. It is his choice and I respect the decision he is making.”

stand! If he wants to see a change in the way minorities are treated in the United States, he and all of the other athletes kneeling, need to use their voices and start some real dialogue about the issues. Nothing changes, if nothing changes, and taking a knee has not caused a change in race and minority inequity in the United Wyatt Kennedy, a junior States, nor will it!” at PHS said “I don’t agree with Caleb Will, math teacher at what the NFL superstar is doing, simply because he is supposed to PHS stated “Personally, I believe be a role model to those younger in what Colin Kaepernick is kids that look up to him. I doing but I think he is going understand he is doing this to about it wrong. There is prove a point, but that point will discrimination to minorities never be proven until he actually across the country and through takes a stand and says how he his actions he has started another feels.” conversation about the issue. Colin, though, hasn’t done Pioneers Wrap Up anything since. We can have a conversation all year long and Football Season Issac York nothing may change. He needs to be a voice and a role model by On September 23, the doing something rather than Pioneers marched onto the field kneeling. He needs to go into his for their Homecoming game community or donate money to a against the Cumberland Pirates. cause that may make a difference. This was a big game for the His kneeling, to most people Pioneers for if they won, there including myself, takes a direct was still hope for the playoffs. slam to the American flag and Running out of Double Wing what we stand behind. We stand formation, the pioneers ran the 88 behind our military, freedom, and pass and Isaac York managed to all of the other great things this find Jebb Revalee open for a 17 country allows us to do. Colin is yard touchdown pass. This was allowed to kneel, sit, face the the only score for the Pioneers other way during the national that night with the ending score anthem but that is disrespectful to coming out to be 53 to 6. the great country that gave him a

Page 6 With the loss against the Pirates, the playoff hopes for the Hutsonville/Palestine Pioneers had vanished. The best thing they could do is play for pride. On September 30, they went to Villa Grove and played the Blue Devils. Even though the score didn’t show it (50-6), the Pioneers fought hard in the pouring rain and ended up giving the Blue Devils a couple of touchdowns towards the end of the game. The next game for the Palestine Pioneers was October 7 against the Martinsville Bluestreaks. The Pioneers beat Martinsville last year, but it would still be a contest this year since both teams had the same record. After battling back and forth, the Pioneers scored the first touchdown of the game. The Pioneers defense held the Blue Streaks for a while but Martinsville finally came through with a deep pass for a touchdown. Then, in the last quarter, Dawson Ferguson drove the ball in for a touchdown. The Pioneers came out on top with an ending score of 18-8. On October 14, the Pioneers fought hard but were defeated in a heartbreaking loss against the TriCounty Titans. The Pioneers lost 35-19, but not before Isaac York had a 49 yard touchdown pass to Kyle Boles. After Trent Alderson drove the ball down to the red zone, he scored his first touchdown of the year and Jayden Woodward punched the ball into the endzone for a 2 point conversion. This was the last score of the year for the Pioneers. With so many injuries for the Pioneers, they will not be able to take the 12 men left to play in Decatur LSA on October 21. Although the football players fought tough through their lack of numbers, they played with all of their heart. Their ending record for the 2016 season was 1-8.

Pioneer Pages: Sports

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It's the Most Wonderful Time Of the Year!

Volleyball Season Comes to A Close Ryland Inboden

Brandon Crowe

Opening weekend was a series of missed shots and animal watching. Sitting in the stand, deer can tell something is off. They look at the platform that has been there for two months and notice a weird blob there now. They are a creature of pattern, and once they find a trail they like or a feeding area that can suit them, they'll come back everyday. This logic has led to many hunters' success including my own. This is the reason trail cameras and months of scouting are so important to a hunter. October 1st is a holiday to hunters, they take it off of work and spend it in the woods. Some get the chance to harvest their target, however others are not so lucky. I could not get opening weekend off of work, however that didn't stop me from going. Saturday I climbed in the stand in the corner of a field right on the treeline. It was later in the day and because of this I was almost certain I wouldn't see anything at all. At about 5:45 pm as I stood up to stretch out my back, I noticed movement in the corn, so I sat back down and pulled out my binoculars. I noticed that the corn was separating quite a ways apart so I figured it was either a wide racked buck or a big bodied deer. I continued to watch it get closer and closer to the woods 30 yards from my stand. When 6:00 pm rolled around, they began to emerge; two yearlings came out of the corn and walked the fields edge right next to me. I watched them go under my stand and into the field behind me as peacefully as they could go. I know what you must be thinking -why didn't he shoot one? The answer to that is a matter of patience; those deer will grow in the next few years either into beautiful mature bucks or big does. The time

will come when I get the chance to shoot a big buck or a big bodied doe. The following weekend was definitely more exciting. I got in the stand early in the evening with plenty of time to hunt. Going to the woods I noticed two does off in the distance; they had no idea I was there. I must have been in the stand for about thirty minutes when he came my way. I nocked an arrow and got ready for them to come within the kill range. One was bigger than the other one so it was my main target. It walked in broadside at about twenty-five yards and stopped. This was my chance. I pulled back the string, took aim, and fired. The arrow passed right through its visceral mass and into the ground behind it. it ran into the field and stopped. Fearing I could spook it further in the field by going after it, I left the woods and came back an hour later. The blood trail was thick and easy to follow. Twenty yards into the field the trail had ended and there it was, a button buck no more than one hundred twenty pounds was down. I kicked myself once I had found out it was a button buck, but I knew it was an honest mistake because I couldn't see the stubbs on its head and I thought he was a doe. The rest of the season will hold many more deer for many hunters, including myself.

Palestine Hutsonville Lady Tigers played their first regional game on Monday, October 24, coming out on top in the first set, losing the second set, and then coming back to win the third set for a victory over Grayville. They moved forward to compete against Farina on Tuesday, October 25. Sadly, the girls lost their match against Farina and their season has come to an end. They played very well this season, and made our school proud. The girls never once gave up, and pushed through every obstacle that came about. All the girls are forever thankful for the friends and memories they have made this season. Baylee Baker, the team captain, had a few words to say. “It was for sure heartbreaking walking to the locker room for the last time, knowing that was the last volleyball game I would ever play with those girls, but I will always keep the memories in my heart. The game of volleyball means a lot to me. There was so much heart, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears that were put in the past seven years. I have learned so much more than just the game. Coming out of this season knowing we put our all into it, making the best friends I’ll ever have, and finding a true love for the game, is really all that matters. I love these girls with everything I have and I will definitely be back next year to support the ones who aren’t moving on with me.”

Cross Country Team Goes to Regionals Ryland Inboden

The Palestine-Hutsonville Cross Country team participated in a meet hosted by Cumberland at Lakeland College on October 13. In the boys’ race there were seven Hutsonville Palestine runners, including Palestine runners Nathan More and Chase Knoblett who both finished in the top 75 out of over 250 runners. Nathan Kiger finished 5th in the open race with Jesse Baker close behind. The team competed in Regionals on Saturday, October 22, and placed 7th overall, qualifying them to go to Sectionals.

This Week's Hunter's Forecast

Max Illyes

Dawson Ferguson

Kelsey Lanham Parker Michael

Girls B-Ball vs. Robinson

Brehanna Nidey 2:30 dismissal

Girls B-Ball at Martinsville

Girls B-Ball at Red Hill

Sheltann Waller Veterans Day Program at PHS

Taylor Keene Veteran's Day NO SCHOOL

Girls B-Ball vs. Chrisman

11:30 dismissal

NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving

Curtis Newell NO SCHOOL

Drama Club Production

Girls B-Ball vs. Lawrenceville

Old Ground, New Adventures Koal Fulling

On September 28th, the US history class took a trip to Cahokia Mounds, located in Collinsville, Illinois. When asked about the trip the class said they had a great time and a great experience. Some of the students took their own pictures and the class all got a picture together. Mackenzie Baldner from the US history class was asked a few questions about the trip. Mackenzie said she really enjoyed the trip. She enjoyed the fact that they spent as much time outside viewing the mounds as they did inside viewing the artifacts. She learned a few things about the Mississippian Indians and their way of life and how some things they did are still around today. When asked, Mackenzie said she would love to go back sometime and view the museum some more, but she will never climb the amount of stairs that it took to get up to the mounds ever again.

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Editor: Keegan Elder Sports Editor: Dawson Vennard Photo Editor: Jenna Correll Copy Editor: MaryAnn Catt School Editor: Baylee Baker Staff: Brandon Crowe, Alex Fulling, Koal Fulling, Lexus Gaddis, Mason Griffin, Ryland Inboden, Morgan Kelly, Cameron Kidwell, Nathan Kiger, Kaley Nidey, Tarryn Monti, Isaac York