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PITSCO LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Date: Submitted by First name:

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Title: Email: Supporting document file names: (If enough space is not provided on this form, please provide a Word document with any overflow.)

Lesson Lesson title: Time required in minutes: Overview


Vocabulary (Provide a list of words and their definitions.)

Standards Addressed Provide alignments by grade level to the following standards (as applicable).

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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Common Core Math

• •

Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEEA) Common Core English Language Arts

State: Other: Sample: Common Core State Standards: Math (2010): Kindergarten – K.CC.B.A.3 Common Core State Standards: English Language Arts (2010): Grade 1 – RF.1.38 Next Generation Science Standards (2013): Grade 2 – 2-L54-1

Materials (Provide a list of materials and their quantities needed for 24 students. Note if an item is a consumable.)

Teacher Procedure (Provide teacher-directed annotations to the step-by-step procedures and answer keys to student worksheets [if applicable]. The annotations provide specific suggestions for safety, activity organization, and logistics; when further explanation might be needed; and other teacher tips.)

Student Procedure (The Student Procedure might contain background information that students need to understand the concepts at work within the activity.)

Student Pages (Provide ancillary materials such as worksheets, journal pages, data sheets, and so on. Worksheets are provided for students to fill out as they do the activity.)

Extension Activities (Provide extra activities and ideas for teachers to expand on the lesson. This could include ways to incorporate topic into other subject areas.)

Assessment (Provide at least three questions with answers for assessment of student knowledge.)