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DOE Department of the Environment

APPROVAL OF PkAWftNG PERMISSION Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991

Application No:


Tffl&of Aj^fication:

46th WUy 2011

Site of Pro]p&Sed Development

37«Bi NW ofjmaction of Gpnarney & Knocfcaleery Reads Cookstowa |

Description of Proposal

Propped dweffif bg& garage " i

Appjicanfc Abbess: /

li/irs Amanda WfcCord MThrannaOToss Road Cookstosm B ^ 6 4EA




, Agent: Atf&ress:

ACBesign&Bufltf TJnfi26CS.C7 DraTyf&riRSd Estate Co&kstown

Drais^gRef: ] 01 (IJEV 02X02, 65 ,Bie Depalftsenl of the Environment &j piffsumce of Hs powers isader-the above-mentioned OrderheDeBy : 1


for the compHance!wim ihe following conditions w h i ^ are imposed for_fhe reasons stated:

34 of th&Planning (Northern Irelaad) Older 1991, the permitted shall be began before the expiration of 5 years from oftfife ^mission. Reason: Time Limit.

Appllca&ffl No. 1/2011 /0240/F



DOE Department of the Environment


The vehicular access, including 2.4m x 80m visibility splays in both directions, shall be provided in accordance with the Drawing No 02 (Rev 02) date stamped 09-SEP2011, prior to the commencement of any works or other development hereby permitted.

Reason: To ensure there is a satisfactory means of access in the interests of road safety and the convenience of road users. 3.

The area within the visibility splays and any forward sight Hne shall be cleared to provide a level surface po higher man 250mm above the level of trie adjoining carriageway before the development hereby permitted is commenced and shall be retained and kept clear thereafter.

Reason: To ensure there is a satisfactory means of access in the interest of road safety and the convenience of road users. 4.

All landscaping comprised in the approved details of landscaping shall be carried out in the first planting season following the commencement of the construction of the development hereby approved and any trees or shrubs: which, within a period of five years from the completion of the development, die are removed, or become seriously damaged or diseased shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size and species. No trees or vegetation shall be lopped,, topped or removed without the prior consent in writing of the Department

Reason: To ensure that there is a well laid out scheme of healthy trees and shrubs in the interests of visual amenity. Informatives 1.

Not withstanding the terms.and conditions of the Department of Environment's approval set out above, you arerequired under Article 71 - 83 inclusive of the Roads (NI) Order 1993 in possession of the DRD's consent before any work is commenced which involves making openings to any fence or hedge bounding the site. The consent is available on personal application to the Roads Service Section Engineer whose address is Cookstown Section, 2nd floor, Molesworth Suites, Molesworth Place, Molesworth Street, Cookstown. A deposit will be required.

Dated: 5th December 2011

Application No. I/2011/0240/F

Authorised Officer