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Volume X, Issue 1

Making Christ Central to Life for Children and Families of Northwest Arkansas

Love One Another Jesus loved people. He loved thieves, prostitutes, tax collectors, diseased people, poor people, children and His followers. He loved people who were devoted to Him and those who were different from Him. He even loved difficult and dangerous people.

Spring 2014



And His love is the same today as it was 2,000 years ago. Because we are loved by Him, we are called to love like Him. The extent to which we love one another validates and communicates our faith (John 13:34-35).

1. To help you to love others, just as He loves you.

The New Testament contains 54 "one another" passages that teach us how to love. Parents can show their children how to love like Jesus by living out the following "one another" passages.

2. To give you wisdom in showing love to others by forgiving, accepting and honoring them.

Forgive one another. The ultimate example of forgiveness was displayed when Jesus hung on the Cross and cried out for those who were crucifying Him: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing" (Luke 23:34). We should forgive others even when they don't deserve it or ask for it. That demonstrates a love that keeps no record of wrongs (1 Corinthians 13:5).

3. For a fresh perspective of what makes your children feel most loved.

Accept one another. To truly love someone, you must avoid trying to change the person for your own purposes. Accepting love is patient and kind, even when someone does not meet your expectations (1 Corinthians 13:4). Honor one another. Honor means to esteem someone as highly valuable. It leads us to treat others as though they are personally autographed by God. When we value others above ourselves, we are emulating the attitude of Christ (Philippians 2:3-5). But what if the person you are trying to love does not receive it? Loving others isn't always easy, but a Christ-like love means forgiving, accepting and honoring even those who are different and difficult. Our ability to love others comes from God (1 John 4:7). We can only give love when our hearts are full of God's love. That is the formula. Any other attempt at loving one another simply does not work.

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"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." --John 13:34

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Preschool Activity Draw one large heart and several smaller hearts on red construction paper. Cut them out and glue a picture of Jesus on the large heart and photos of family and friends on the smaller ones. When completed, place the large heart facedown on a table with all the small hearts facedown in a circle around the large heart. Have your child turn over the large heart first. Say, “Jesus loves you so much that He puts people in your life— people who love you and whom you can love. When we love Jesus, it helps us to love others. All love comes from Jesus.” As your child turns over each smaller heart, say, "Jesus loves you so much, He gave you ___ (say the name of the person on the photo) to love." Continue until all the small hearts are turned over. Explain to your child that as much as all these people love him and he loves each person, Jesus loves all of us even more than that!

School-Age Activity Help your child create a "Love Others Like Jesus Loves" bag using a plain paper bag. When someone does something that makes your child feel like not loving him/ her, have your child write the person's name on a slip of paper. As he puts the name in the bag, have him say, "I don't feel like loving [name] today because _________. Jesus, help me love [name] like You do." At the end of the week, have your child discard the papers in the bag without reading the names. Together, ask Jesus to forgive everyone whose names were written on the collected papers. Explain to your child that Jesus forgives us and wants us to forgive others. He chooses to not remember our sins. We can choose to not remember how others have hurt us. “Love keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13:5).

Easter Celebration Sunday, April 20th Preschool and Kindergarten Sunday School classes will participate in a re-enactment of the Easter Story during 9:40 am Sunday School hour on Easter Sunday, April 20th. Don’t miss this exciting re-enactment of Jesus’ final week. The story will conclude with a big celebration as we discover that the tomb is empty and Jesus is risen! Central Park will break out in high energy excitement with streamers, praise music and dancing as everyone celebrates the Good News: Jesus is Alive!

ELEMENTARY SUNDAY SCHOOL 4th Grade Worship Milestone, Sunday, March 16th During the 11:00 Classic worship service, 4th graders will lead the Lord’s Prayer as part of their year-long study & memorization of the Lord’s Prayer. Palm Sunday, April 13th A procession of palms will take place at the beginning of each classic worship services. Families and children are invited to participate by meeting in the narthex 10 minutes prior to each service. After the opening hymn, participants will return to their seats. 1st & 2nd graders will sing at the 11:00 classic service on Palm Sunday. Families will have reserved seating on the front organ side of the sanctuary. Easter Sunday, April 20th On Easter Sunday, there will not be Sunday School for Children 1st grade and up in order that families may attend worship together. Easter Services will be held at 8:30 am, 9:45 am and 11:00 am in both the CAC and the Sanctuary.

Love Languages 101 With the focus on love this Valentine’s Day, use it as a jumpstart to better understand what makes your kids feel loved. Perception and reception of love isn’t the same for everyone, so how you communicate is important. And even though your children are your children, they may feel most loved in different ways than you. You can deepen your connection and improve your relationship with each child by investigating your child’s primary love language. Dr. Gary Chapman paved the way to this understanding with his work and insight into what he has identified as The Five Love Languages. "Children receive love emotionally," Chapman said, "but because they are all different, we must pay attention to their individual needs. We must learn to speak our children's [love] language if we want them to feel loved." We often try to pour all our children into the same mold, Chapman said. We go to parenting conferences and read books. We are inundated with great ideas that we want to use with our children. We fail to remember, however, that each child is different. What works with one may not work with another. And what communicates love to one child may not be received the same way by another child. By understanding the five love languages, we can more easily discern the emotional needs of our children. Here is a brief description of each love language: Words of affirmation. Compliments such as "Your hair really looks nice today!" or "Great game tonight!" go a long way with the child who thrives on praise. Your words can focus on personality, accomplishments, outward appearance or anything else that affirms. Giving a monetary reward to a child who seeks affirmation will leave him feeling empty. Acts of service. In the early stages of life, we do things for our children that they can't do for themselves. As they get older, our love is expressed by teaching them how to do things for themselves. For a child with this love language, we need to know which acts of service are important to him. Does he feel loved when you help him with homework? Or teach him to throw a ball? Once you've discovered the acts of service your child most appreciates, perform them often. Gifts. Children with this love language treasure gifts as a tangible token of affection. Unfortunately, they also interpret a lack of gifts as a lack of love. Your gifts don't need to be expensive, and they don't need to be given every day, but recognizing that a child prefers to be rewarded with a pack of gum rather than a hug is an important step in building communication. Quality time. Children who speak this love language seek undivided attention. When they're infants, we play on the floor with them and roll balls back and forth. As they get older, that quality time is found in conversations, bedtime stories or backyard sports. The activity is not important; the time together is. For a child with siblings, it may be difficult to get one-on-one time with Mom or Dad. He needs to know that he is worthy of your undivided attention. Physical touch. We've long known the emotional power of physical touch. Infants who are held fare better than those who are not. As children get older, they still long for physical affection — something as simple as a touch on the arm, a pat on the back, a hug. These gestures are especially important to the child with this love language. He wants to literally feel your love. Chapman recommends that as we focus on our child's primary love language, we remember to use the other four as well. Though children receive love best from one language, there's no doubt they benefit from all expressions of unconditional love.

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At Mt. Sequoyah Conference Center July 14-18, 2014 9:00 am - 4:00 pm For Ages 5 to 12 Register online at


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Coming to Fayetteville at Mt. Sequoyah Conference Center Kanakuk KampOut is five days of Life-changing Fun where every camper will see and hear that God is their loving Father and wonderful Creator who loves them and desires for us to love others. With amazing activities led by servant-hearted Kanakuk Kamps staff, campers will experience Jesus through Bible study and worship and have a blast with activities like a slip-n-slide, climbing wall, zip line, Euro Bungee and more! Cost for one week of KampOut! at Mt. Sequoyah Conference Center is $250 and includes activities, snacks and Bible Camp Fun. Lunch for all five days is available for an additional fee of $25 (or children can bring a sack lunch from home). For additional information, contact Michele Crippen at [email protected].

Parents Night Out

In His Service

Hearts to You Friday, February 14th 6:30-8:30 pm Central Park

Beyond Our Walls Community Service Day

Enjoy a night out together, reconnect with friends, or just enjoy some time alone. Central Children’s Ministries will provide childcare for children 3 months- 5th grade. Pizza will be served and children will enjoy activities, games and a movie. Cost: $15 for 1 child $20 for 2 children in the same family $25 for 3 or more children in the same family Space is Limited and registration is required by February 9th. Make a reservation at www.centraltolife.com/childrens-ministries-events

Kid’s Night Out

June 1—August 11, 2013

Student Ministry Bldg, 1st Floor 6:30-8:00 PM Kid’s Night Out is for special needs children age 2-12 and their siblings. With care provided by a professional staff, kids enjoy a fun night of games, snacks and crafts while parents & guardians get to have an evening to themselves. Church affiliation is not required to participate. Upcoming Dates: March 28th

Serve with love for the Lord at Beyond Our Walls Community Service Day. This is a wonderful opportunity to model service for your children and show the love of Christ to neighbors in our local community. More information available at www.centraltolife.com/bow

Summer Sunday School Teachers Needed


February 28th

Saturday, April 12th 8:00 am - 12:00 am

April 25th

Journey to the Cross: An Interactive Experience Friday, April 18th 3:00-8:00 pm Student Ministry Bldg, 2nd floor An interactive, self-guided Stations of the Cross will be available in the Student Ministries Building on Good Friday, April 18th. This experience will give you time to pray and meditate on Christ’s journey to the cross. Each station will feature a different, unique interactive experience. You may come at any time between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm and stay for as long as you wish. This event is ideal for elementary-aged children, youth and adults.

Be an encourager and mentor to the next generation. Summer Sunday School provides a relaxed setting for teaching God’s Word to children. Curriculum and supplies are provided each week. Summer Sunday School takes place June 2 – August 10, 2014. Contact Jennifer Kidd (age 2 - K): [email protected] or Susan Williams (1st-5th grade): [email protected].

VBS Volunteers June 16-20, 2014 9:00 am—11:30 am Come Rock with Jesus! Volunteers are needed to make VBS fun and extra special for rising K through 6th graders. Adults and youth helpers are needed in all areas. Don’t miss the funniest week of summer at Central UMC! Contact Michele Crippen at [email protected]

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Parent’s Night Out 6:30-8:30 pm, Central Park Registration Required by Feb. 9th

Susan Williams 442-1831 Director Emphasis: 1st– 5th grade [email protected]


Access Ministries: Kid’s Night Out 6:30 pm, Central Park



Ash Wednesday


4th Grade Worship Milestone: The Lord’s Prayer 11:00 am, Sanctuary


No Timothy Team/Tiny Tims Classes Due to Spring Break


Access Ministries: Kid’s Night Out 6:30 pm, Central Park


Jennifer Kidd 442-1815 Associate Director Emphasis: Infants to Kindergarten [email protected] Amber Hutson 442-1826 Nursery Coordinator [email protected] Michele Crippen 442-1800 Assistant Director [email protected] Kalah Domer Access Ministries Coordinator [email protected]


Registration Begins for Vacation Bible School


Beyond Our Walls Community Service Day


Palm Sunday 1st & 2nd Graders in Palm Processional 11:00 am in the Sanctuary


Last Night for 2012-2103 Timothy Team/TinyTims


Maundy Thursday Service 7:00 pm, Sanctuary


Stations of the Cross Interactive Experience 3:00-8:00 pm Student Ministries Building, 2nd Floor


Easter Sunday Easter Celebration for Pre-K & Kindergarteners Central Park at 9:40 a.m.


Access Ministries: Kid’s Night Out 6:30 pm, Central Park

For Infant - Kindergarten Available during all worship services Student Ministries Building 1st Floor For more information contact Amber Hutson Nursery Coordinator

Sunday School All Classes meet at 9:40 am Children age 2-Kindergarten Student Ministries Building 1st Floor Children in 1st-5th Grades Education Building