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January 28, 2018

PRAYER LIST Trinity seeks to be a “praying church.”

Welcome/Invocation/ Prayer “Holy Is the Lord” “Jesus Son of God” Confession & Forgiveness “Because of Your Love” Today’s Bible Readings New Testament Lesson Gospel Lesson

1 Timothy 2:1-7 John 20:30-31

“Jesus Messiah” Children’s Church The Message Pastor Ken Wise Fake News “The Goal of Christianity Is Heaven” Tithes & Offerings/ Friendship Roster Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for His compassion's never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness Lamentations 3:22-23

“By Faith”

Good News Choir

This means far more than the pastor praying during worship. We encourage you to pray daily for the various people and needs listed below as well as the many needs of our community and our world. To add someone to the prayer list (or to remove someone) please contact [email protected] or call 586-463-2921 x 143 “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people. . . “ 1 Timothy 2:1

Members Who Are Ill/Recovering

Helen Luft, Joan Turner, Caroline Gallagher, Caritza Alvarez, Carol Jobse, Tim Crosby, Hal Geddes, Roy Jackson, Arletha Kandt, John Gehm, Onalee Young, Kristie Bennett, Josephine Young, Patti Kennedy, Carol Matthews, Frank and Kathy Carpenter, Dean Teschler, Don Hartop, Joyce Weber, Jerry Smigielski, Lew Thumm, Judy Williams, Tom Gastmeier Jr., Bill Moore, Kris Pauli, Dexter Sieger, Barbara Sink, Sue Hefling, Kathie Anderson, Dale Batkins, John Cress, Ruth Von Der Lage, Patti Braga

Others Who Are Ill/Recovering

Nancy Sielaff, Garnett Bulloch, Richard Adlen, Roger Caylor, Mary Lou Weber, Robert Standfest, Liz Grupe, Jason Cartwright, Don Leal, Turvey Family, Carol Terrell, Abe Qaza, Frank Carpenter, Sidnee Sayers, Justin Defer, Joann Bible, Rich Hamick, Patricia Losey, Kathleen Morris, Norma Hewson, Kelly Tanzey, Chip Arbanas, Kathy Kotas, Renee and Victor Hecker, Bob Cain, Rich Hawick, Marilyn Krula, Flo Wagner, Nicole Avery, Chris Martin, Regina and Henry Ostaszewski, Baby Frankie, Tim Devore, Brandon Haschig, Cindy Snay, Greg Ohly, Don Klestin, Erika Quinn, Brad Newer, Donald Westen, Tomika Pratt, Beth Dankert, John Aiken, Doug Zmijeski

Prayers & Lord’s Prayer

*If you have submitted a prayer request for a non-member, please update the church office on the status so that this list remains current.*

The Sacrament of Holy Communion

This Week’s Special Prayer Requests

Words of Institution (From Matt 26 & 1 Cor. 11) We welcome to the Lord’s Supper Baptized Christians who  Repent of their sins  Trust in Christ alone as their Savior  Believe that the Body and Blood of Christ are received in and with the bread and Wine (They are not merely symbols or signs) for the forgiveness of their sins  Believe that in the sacrament we experience oneness With Christ and one another  Desire to grow in faith and in following Jesus. Children must attend our 1st Communion Class before participating in the sacrament.

Communion Songs “O Come to the Altar” “Love Came Down” Prayer of Thanksgiving Blessing “I Will Boast”

† † † †

For the sick and suffering For our Trinity IMPACT Missions For the addicted and the imprisoned For the unborn, the disabled, and aging

Celebration of Baptism

Khloe Kozicki (1/24/18 – School Chapel) Daughter of Matthew and Joslyn Kozicki

Those Serving in the Armed Forces

Art Baker, Daniel Bergstresser, Jeremy Bridgeman, Louis Cage, Shelby Clippard, Joe Cognitore, Chad Czischke, Richard Dembowski, Jorge Dimmer, Don Ehrke, John Fill, Melissa Flood, Anthony Gaiera, Isaac Gibson, Matthew Hudson, Joseph Jedenasty, Michael Kayser, Daniel Klein, Kory Kramer, Brenden Kronner, Tyler Konwinski, Garret LaBudde, Thomas LeClair, Ethan LeClair, Jason Lipka, David A. MacArthur, Sally Maize, Anthony Marsack, Mario Marval, M. Scott McCormick, Rodrigo Mendoza, Matthew Moeser, Michael Niemczyk, Renae Niemczyk, Derek Olivares, Brandon Pirrone, Graham Puranen, John Renard, Zachary Rice, Michael Rich, Tyler Rakowski, Sean Schess, Troy Sears, Joshua Schumaker, Christopher Stanifer, Adam Taber, Jeremy Webber, Thomas Woloszyk, Zachary Woomer

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