PRECOUNCIL 2018 Budget Expense Increases

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The Episcopal Diocese of Texas 2018 Expenditure Budget Increases (Decreases) vs 2017 Budget 2018 Council Meeting 000's omitted

2017 Budgeted Expenditures Increases in Expenditures: 2018 Remuneration Committee Report Asst Bishop Southern Region (First full year with benefits) Transfer admin assistant positions to Bishops office Business and Travel Expense (new bishop and hurricane) Canonical expenses, Bishop Suffragan election & General Convention Diocesan Council, Historian and Exec Board Bishop's Fellows and ministry (Iona, Safe church, Recovery) Mission Amp (Plants, New Canon, Congregational Devleopment) Support for the Episcopal Church and Millenium Development Group Health Insurance Technology & utilities (Disaster recovery, cloud, software, storage) First full year of Finance Reorg (Dir. of Treasury, Business Mgr) Administrative lay compensation All other administrative expenses Total Increases in Expenditures Decreases in Expenditures/Transfers : Campus Missions Programs (to Great Commission Foundation) Ministry Compensation (transfers to Office of Bishop ,new position, net) Communication (no audit in 2018, fewer Diolog issues) Human Resources (Consulting, staff meetings, training) Total Decreases in Expenditures Net Increase in Expenditures 2018 Budgeted Expenditures