Purpose Cards

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Have each participant introduce him or herself, or acknowledge participant(s) new to the group.

Try to learn the names of youth as quickly as you can and call youth by name.

Say hello to every participant.

Say hello or welcome the full group once everyone arrives.

A game designed to help people feel comfortable in the group—does not involve physical movement.

A game that involves physical movement and is designed to help people feel comfortable in the group.

Ask youth about school and about events in their life. Try to ask questions that multiple youth might answer— maybe you can get them talking to each other.

A game designed to raise the energy level of the group; usually physical in nature, can be very simple and quick.

Ask about youthsʼ energy levels and ask them what to do to raise their energy.

An activity aimed at helping participants learn each otherʼs names.

A game in which participants learn information about each other.

Introduce one youth to another, perhaps one that has similar interests.

A game that explicitly focuses on communication.

A game that requires participants to trust each other.