Quality Assurance Analyst

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Specifications for ITS53 Staff Augmentation Posting ITS53_QAAnalyst-FY15-DOT-003 Quality Assurance Analyst __ New Posting _X_ RePosting: _X_ Reposted with no changes (please do not resubmit resumes) __ Reposted with skill set edits __ Reposted with different title, higher maximum rate General Requirements: CORI requirements: _X_After candidate selection __ Other (including special requirements): Interview requirements: _X_ Initial contact by phone, interview may be in person __ Other: Maximum acceptable hourly rate: $_60.00__ May be filled PRIOR TO CLOSE DATE: __Yes _X_No Additional Resume Submission Specifications and Requirements:  Total number of positions sought: _1_  Maximum number of resumes per ITS53 Vendors: _4_  All Bidders must complete line item on Candidate Bid Sheet for each resume submitted.  Resumes and Candidate Bid Sheet must be emailed to: [email protected]  The subject line of the email must read: ITS53_QAAnalyst-FY15-DOT-003  If more than one vendor submits the same candidate name, then the lowest bill rate is used or if bill rate is the same then the vendor with the earliest submittal date to issuer is used.  No phone calls please – email questions to: [email protected]  Indicate on resume if candidate is presently working for another State Agency or has worked for another State Agency within the past 12 months (if so, indicate State Agency name)  Include candidate Pay Rate in the email that accompanies the resume  Rates are all-inclusive (travel and any additional expenses are included in the rate) Worksite Address: MassDOT-RMV Division 25 Newport Avenue Extension, Quincy MA 02171 Contract Length: 12 months (renewable) Project(s) Duration: N/A Hours per Week: 40 Other Schedule Related: none Interviewers: Kristian-Andreas Kassimis, UAT Lead. Rate Card Title from the Rate Card posted on COMMBUYS: QA Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst General The candidate should be prepared to make an immediate impact within the QA Team and contribute to building awareness of testing value. In addition to developing and executing test cases and scripts, the candidate will need to interface with managers, analysts, developers and key stakeholders throughout the organization. QA Analysts Overall Description

The Quality Assurance department is responsible for ensuring the integrity of new software, as well as the integrity of enhancements to existing software. QA Analysts define the testing objectives, the scope of the testing effort and the testing approach. They identify the key milestone dates, define the business processes and identify the systems functionality to be tested. They write detailed QA Test Plans and/ or test scripts and create data required for positive and negative testing. The Quality Assurance team is responsible for the testing of Functional/Business Requirements and multiple applications to ensure the full and correct linkage and integrity of data and functionality between separate components. QA Analysts create and maintain Defects/Issues Logs, suggest improvements and re-test fixes. They perform regression testing to prevent adverse effects on existing functionality; execute Integration, Performance, Stress testing, help with the Business Process Leads and User Acceptance testing, and assist the Training Department, if needed. Post implementation, the Quality Assurance department is expected to support any project in any way needed. QA Analysts collect, analyze, track and report metrics of deliverables as per direction of the QA Manager. Manage multiple, simultaneous deliverables – hitting deadlines without reduction in quality and produce reports, write-ups, results interpretation, etc. on request.

Qualifications:               

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent A minimum of 5 years’ experience in Software Quality Assurance Testing Experience of Web based applications Knowledge of Linux Experience with Data/Messaging Exchange between systems Clear understanding of SQL and Database Management Experience with IBM’s Rational tools suite including RQM, RFT, RRC, and RTC Working knowledge of Industry Tool Sets, such as, data modeling and automated testing tools, SoapUI. Knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle with an emphasis on Software Test Procedures, Techniques and Best Practices Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with an ability to interact in a collaborative environment with all project members and stakeholders Ability to perform and achieve objectives in a fast-paced environment Experienced with Mobile Application testing and Web Services Technologies Proven ability to create test plans, test scripts and develop test reports Knowledge of Accessibility testing techniques and processes QA Certification is a plus.

Job Responsibilities:      

Define the testing objectives Define the scope of the testing effort Define the testing approach Identify the key milestone dates Define testing documentation Define the business processes to be tested

                

Identify the systems functionality to be tested Identify the systems interfaces to be tested Write QA Test Plans /Develop Detailed Test Scripts. Documents should contain needed information for anyone within the QA department to execute and validate the test. Documents should contain explicit details about test steps and test expected results Create data required for positive, negative and regression testing Create and maintain a Defect/Issues Log (including improvement suggestions) Create and maintain a Usability Log Create and maintain a Testing Results Matrix to determine if all functional/business requirements have been tested Test Functional/Business Requirements Test multiple components or applications to ensure the integrity of data and functionality among these separate components Test system/application navigation Evaluate overall performance (when needed) Re-test fixes and update Bug/Issues Log and Testing Results Matrix Perform Regression testing to discover any adverse effects on other functionalities Perform Stress testing and Load testing (when needed) Assist with Business Process Leads testing Assist with User Acceptance testing and the Training Department (when needed) Support the project in any way needed