Quiz on 1 John 1

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Quiz on 1 John 1:-2:2 1. John says which of the following… a. God is Spirit b. God is Light c. God is Love d. God is Greater 2. John is very concerned about people who claim (Circle any that apply) a. To be smarter than others b. To be without sin c. To have fellowship yet walk in darkness d. To have joy yet are sad 3. In John “light” is a metaphor for a. God b. Morality c. Severe justice d. Divine illumination 4. John says that Jesus is our advocate. This word in Greek comes close to our word… a. Judge b. Defense lawyer c. Social worker d. Para-legal 5. According to John, walking in the “light” actually a. Reveals our sins b. Reveals sins in others c. Cleanses us from sin d. Brings happiness 6. John’s letter is very concerned that Christians a. Have great hope b. Walk like Christians c. Sing with Joy d. Live in Peace 7. What church was John writing this letter to? a. Churches of Asia Minor b. We don’t know c. Church at Rome d. Church at Corinth 8. Jesus, according to John, is our… a. Advocate b. Peace c. Love d. Atoning sacrifice 9. Who sat at the feet of John learning about Jesus? ___________________