Redeemer Presbyterian Church Job Description June 2018 Job

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Redeemer Presbyterian Church Job Description June 2018

Job Position: Supervisor: Paid Hours:

Junior High Girls Coordinator Junior High Lead 10 hours per week

Job Purpose: To help support and grow the Junior High ministry, primarily focusing on connecting with and discipling the Junior High girls at Redeemer. Duties & Responsibilities: Programs: • Provide support and assist the Junior High Lead in the growth and development of the Junior High Ministry, it’s vision and mission, focusing on the female students • Be an active presence in the planning and facilitation of Sunday mornings, mid-week gatherings & monthly events (including camps), carrying out directed tasks • Implement ways, as directed by the Junior High Lead, that create an environment that is conducive to the spiritual growth and community for junior high students • Participate in all Student Ministry wide events (including winter retreats and summer camps) Relationships: • Create and cultivate an identity for the female students in the core of the Junior High Ministry • Use all programmed activities as valuable relational time with the female students, connecting with them and to one another • Faithfully pursue students and families in relationships that lead to discipleship, focusing on female students Skills/Qualifications • A maturing relationship with Christ • A deep love of students, particularly middle school girls • Previous experience working with children and youth • Appropriate educational background • A willingness to be a team player • Has the integrity to work flexible hours • An energetic and cooperative spirit • Responsible, reliable, and punctual • Exceptional moral and ethical character • A willingness to listen, receive and provide feedback • Gifted in the areas of (but not limited to), woo, connectivity, leadership, encouragement, developer