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Deadline for Submittal: October 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM Richmond Police Department-Code Enforcement 1701 Regatta Boulevard Richmond, California 94804 (510) 621-1279, Fax: (510) 621-1734

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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INTRODUCTION The City of Richmond invites proposals from qualified vendors to provide parking citation processing services in support of the parking management operations. Services are to include citation tracking, payment acceptance, appeal processing, and collections. The intent is to quickly, efficiently, and proactively manage all parking citations and permits with a high level of customer service. The contract will be for a three year period, with two one year renewal options, or one two year renewal, all of which should not exceed a total contractual period of 5 years. The City currently issues approximately 35,000 citations per year. ABOUT THE CITY OF RICHMOND The City of Richmond is located 16 miles northeast of San Francisco, directly across San Francisco Bay. Richmond is on a peninsula separating San Francisco Bay (on the south) and San Pablo Bay (to the north). The city's total area is 56.0 square miles, of which 33.7 is land area and 22.3 is water area with 32 total miles of shoreline. Richmond has a population estimated at 103,468 (source: CA State Dept. of Finance as of January 1, 2006). The City of Richmond owns and operates one parking garage, 5 surface lots, and has approximately 1,000 unmetered spaces. The Parking Enforcement Unit operates with 5 FTEs that issue approximately 35,000 citations annually via the Casio IT 9000 handheld. Citations are either paid online, by mail or in person. The City has approximately 103,468 residents and is the largest city located within the West Contra Costa County region. Richmond's economy is currently undergoing a major transition from its former heavy industrial character toward more high technology ("high tech") and light industrial companies with new business parks accommodating light industrial and "office/flex" land uses. Biotechnology, in particular, has developed as an important new "niche" in Richmond's growing economy. At the same time, the City's major manufacturer Chevron and Zeneca (formerly Stauffer Chemical) have continued to upgrade their Richmond facilities, making major investments to modernize and expand their facilities. Richmond is a growing maritime, industrial and residential community with a thriving and changing economy, a dynamic business environment, and a strong potential for further growth.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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1. INTENT: The City of Richmond (City) will select a Vendor who demonstrates proven capabilities in process and managing citations that can successfully abide by the guidelines set forth in California Vehicle Code Division 17, Chapter 1, Article 3 (Procedures on Parking Violations). Proposals should reflect expertise managing the types of program, state recent related experience, proposed scope of work, and tentative implementation schedule. The vendor selected will be expected to work with designated City representatives to tailor the program(s) to the City’s needs. The Vendor is desired to have a comprehensive parking management program, the Vendor must demonstrate 5 years of relative experience, provide references, and is capable of integrating with other parking technologies, including (but not limited to) Point of Sale Systems, Pay by Plate stations, Pay by Phone, License Plate Recognition (LPR) and permit parking programs. 2. TERMS OF AGREEMENT: The anticipated term of this Agreement will be for a period of three (3) years and an option to renew for up to two (2) consecutive twelve‐month periods or one (1) two year renewal by means of mutual agreement of both parties. 3. IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE AND EXPECTATIONS: Based on City’s current implementation schedule, expectations are to be live with the selected vendor within 4 months (120 days) of bid due date. 4. RFP PROCUREMENT SITE:    The City of Richmond utilizes to distribute information related to this RFP. This system sends notifications to prospective vendors however; the City recommends that vendors periodically check the website for modifications to RFP documents. The City is not responsible for a prospective vendor’s misunderstanding of the RFP solicitation or nonresponsive proposal due to failure to check the website for updates or addenda to RFP documents, and/or other information regarding the RFP solicitation. Failure to periodically check this website will be at the vendor’s sole risk. 5. TIMELINE TO SOLICIT PROPOSALS AND DESCRIPTION OF WORK Only vendors who have existing contracts with at least five (5) California clients using parking management and processing software with at least five 5 years experience in the parking industry will be considered. Vendor must be willing and able to provide details on methods used to process citations, which include, but may not be limited to;  Automated ticket file imports,  Data entry and data validation,  Registered owner (RO) inquiry,  Notice of delinquent parking violation letters,  DMV notification (CA and Out of State),  Payment processing, and  Customer support (i.e. staff, levels of support and hours of operation).

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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General Information TIMELINE OF PROJECT – This Request for Proposal will be governed by the following schedule, subject to change:  RFP Release ‐ Response Window Opens September 15, 2014  Deadline for Written Requests for information (RFI’s), Submitted via email to Denée Evans, [email protected] September 22, 2014  Responses to RFI’s Posted on Web September 26, 2014  Proposals Due October 10, 2014  Evaluation Panel Review/Initial Scoring Week of October 13, 2014  Presentations with Vendors (if needed) October 21‐23, 2014  Preferred vendor selected/proposal evaluation completed October 31, 2014  City Council Award of Contract November 18, 2014  Information Transfer/System Implementation Begins: November 19, 2014 thru December 30, 2014  Live with selected vendor January 18, 2015 The City of Richmond reserves the right to modify any element of the timeline should that become necessary. The successful proposal will be one that demonstrates:  Technical proficiency,  Knowledge and experience in the business,  Experience with California laws, California Vehicle Code (CVC) requirements, and local code compliance  Integration capabilities,  Data Conversion experience,  Customer Service,  Customer/client support,  Ability to provide a seamless transition and willingness to work closely with parking services staff and the community we serve. Services shall include, but may not be limited to:  Processing Parking Citations in general,  Inputting hard copy citations, and updating citation information,  Importing Automated Handheld tickets in real time,  Obtaining registered owner information – On‐line, daily,  Generating and mailing Notice‐of‐Delinquent Parking Violation to registered owners, daily,  Placing registration holds through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) daily,  Receive citation payments by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Internet and by mail. Mail payments must be entered within 24‐48 hours and updated immediately,

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Providing an installment/partial payment plan for parking citation payment(s), Providing citation information for public inquiries 24/7 via a custom webpage and IVR. Customer service representatives available from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, holidays excluded, Provide remote edit capability to edit or update all citation fields, including but not limited to; location, dates, violation codes, and fine amounts, Maintain phone notes within the citation record and make accessible to the City of Richmond to view, and provide the ability to maintain multiple phone notes per citation if necessary, Update and maintain complete citation history information to reflect changes in disposition, edited data will be required for review, maintain any notes along with the changes, Provide online contesting to the public through a custom website provided by the Vendor, allow documents to be uploaded by the public, Provide and generate daily Review disposition letters including custom Reasons for decisions, provide ability to use the City of Richmond’s logo if desired on the letters, Internet access required to the access the parking system, Providing Remote Data Entry (capability) for the City of Richmond, Providing monthly reports with export capability and access to the reports via internet, Providing adequate system security and back‐up provisions, Providing Automated Hand Held Ticket Writers, Android Phone Applications and communications. Device to contain internal GPS and capability to flag previously issued warnings to parker. Tracking each step of 1st and 2nd level reviews of hearing process. Provide notification to City of 2nd Level Hearings Scheduling 2nd Level Hearing with City and provide all supporting documentation for in person, phone, and written appeal requests.

6. SUBMISSION OF PROPOSALS Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside” “SEALED PROPOSAL FOR PARKING CITATION PROCESSING SERVICES CONTRACT – DO NOT OPEN WITH REGULAR MAIL” and must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time, October 10th, 2014 to the following address. Late responses will not be accepted. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: City of Richmond Attention: Ofelia Alvarez, CPPB Senior Buyer, Purchasing Division Phone: 510‐620‐6699 [email protected] 450 Civic Center Plaza Richmond, CA 94804

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Time is of the essence, and any proposal received after the announced time and date for submittal, whether by mail or otherwise, cannot be considered. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to ensure that its proposal is stamped before the deadline. Proposals received after the announced time and date of receipt by mail or otherwise will be returned unopened. 7. DISSEMINATION OF RFP INFORMATION The City may issue responses to requests for clarifications, questions, comments, and addenda to this RFP, or other material related to this solicitation. By submitting a proposal vendors are deemed to have constructive knowledge and notice of all information received by mail or what is provided on the website. 8. ADDENDA TO THE RFP Any change(s) to the requirement of this RFP initiated by the City will be made by written addenda to this RFP. Any written addenda issued pertaining to this RFP shall be incorporated into and made a part of the terms and conditions of any resulting agreement. The City will not be bound to any modifications to or deviations from the requirements set forth in this RFP unless they have been documented by addenda to this RFP. Vendors will be required to document that they are aware of all addenda issued by the City in their proposal. 9. QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS FOR CLARIFICATIONS Contact Person for the Project ‐ All questions or contact regarding this RFP must be directed to the following by the specified Request for Information due date: Richmond Police‐Code Enforcement Unit Attention: Denée Evans, Code Enforcement Superintendent [email protected] 1701 Regatta Boulevard Richmond, CA 94804 Clarifications of the RFP – Vendors submitting a proposal are encouraged to promptly notify the City of any apparent errors or inconsistencies in the RFP, inclusive of all attachments, exhibits and appendices. Should a vendor require clarifications to this RFP, the vendor shall notify the City in writing in accordance with the section in question. Should it be found that the point in question is not clearly and fully set forth in the RFP; a written addendum clarifying the matter will be issued and posted on the City of Richmond Website. 10. COST OF PROPOSAL PREPARATION Any party responding to this RFP shall do so at their own risk and cost. The City shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any pre‐contractual expenses incurred by any vendor that is selected. Pre‐contractual expenses are defined as expenses incurred by the vendor and the selected vendor, if any, in:  Preparing a Proposal and related information in response to this RFP;  Submitting a Proposal to the City;  Negotiations with the City on any matter related to the RFP;  Costs associated with interviews, meetings, travel or presentations; or

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing  

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Any and all other expenses incurred by a vendor prior to the date of the award, if any, of an agreement, and formal notice to proceed.

The City will afford only the staff assistance and documentation specifically referred to herein and will not be responsible for any other cost or obligation of any kind, which may be incurred by the vendor. 11. CLARIFICATIONS Should a vendor require clarifications of this RFP, the vendor shall notify the contact person, Ofelia Alvarez, Senior Busy as identified in this RFP in writing. Should the City, in its sole discretion, determine that the point in question is not clearly and fully set forth; the City will issue a written addendum clarifying the matter. Said addendum shall be sent to all persons who have requested the RFP. All questions, clarifications or comments must be submitted in writing to the contact person, Denée Evans, CE Superintendent (as listed in Section 9 of this proposal) no later than the September 22, 2014. No questions will be answered by any City staff other than the contact persons listed in this RFP. 12. ERRORS IN PROPOSALS All vendors are responsible for errors and omissions in their Proposals. No consideration will be given by the City to allow Proposals to be withdrawn once a Proposal has been opened. Any errors and omissions will not serve to diminish the vendor’s obligations to the City. 13. WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSALS Vendors may withdraw their Proposals in writing, provided that such requests are received by the City prior to the scheduled deadline for Proposal submission or within six months following the scheduled deadline for Proposal submission when no contract has been awarded. 14. CITY RIGHTS In its discretion, the City reserves the right to: a) Reject any and/or all Proposals for no reason or any reason including but not limited to the following: a. The Proposal is incomplete, non‐responsive, obscure, irregular or lacking necessary detail and specificity. b) If the vendor, in the sole judgment of the City, lacks the qualifications, experience, and/or responsibility necessary to provide the services. c) If the vendor failed or neglected to complete and submit any information within the time specified by the City, and as may be otherwise required herein. d) Reject any Proposal that, in the opinion of the City is so unbalanced in comparison to other Proposals received and/or to the City’s internal estimates that it does not accurately reflect the cost to perform. e) Accept all or any part of a Proposal. f) Cancel the entire RFP; g) Issue subsequent RFPs; clarifications, and or best offer, h) Waive any errors or informalities in any Proposal, to the extent permitted by law.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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15. CONFLICT OF INTEREST Vendors are advised that the City intends to award a contract for the Processing and Management of Parking Citations through a process of full and open competition. By responding to this RFP, each vendor represents to the best of its knowledge that: Neither vendor, nor any of its affiliates, proposed sub‐consultants and associated staff, has obtained or used any information regarding this RFP and the proposed processing and management of parking citations that has not been generally available to all vendors; and No conflict of interest exists under any applicable statute or regulation or as a result of any past or current contractual relationship with the City. If a vendor has no conflicts of interest, a statement to that effect shall be included in the Proposal. Neither vendor, nor any of its affiliates, proposed sub‐consultants, or associated staff, have any financial interest in any property that will be affected by the services provided. Neither vendor, nor any of its affiliates, proposed sub‐consultants, or associated staff, have a personal relationship with any member of the governing body, officer or employee of the City. 16. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Successful Vendor shall at all times during the term of the awarded Agreement, carry, maintain, and keep in force and effect, with an insurance company admitted to do business in California, rated “A” or better in the most recent Best’s Key Rating Guide, and approved by the City. Vendor must meet the attached insurance Requirements for Professional Services. 17. FINANCIAL STATEMENT REQUIREMENT The vendor must provide an audited Financial Statement with this proposal. The City requires proof of audited financial condition before accepting a proposal for services. The vendor must include owner names or shareholders of the company. Such financial statements may be provided in a separate envelope for confidentiality. 18. NOTICE TO BEGIN Vendor shall be able to assume complete responsibility for the parking citation management system no later than ninety days (90) after the effective date of the agreement. 19. SYSTEM SECURITY AND BACK‐UP PROVISION Vendor shall maintain the management system database and system security. Security must insure complete confidentiality and protection from unwanted access. Security details must be included as part of the proposal. Vendor shall provide an outline of the current security and system environment that will be provided to the City for this program. Vendor shall state what efforts are taken to protect the data in the event a recovery process is required. Vendor should define the internet website security used for access, reports and credit card processing, in particular PCI compliance and the audit requirements and ongoing responsibilities to ensure a secure system.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Vendor should provide a security setting option per USER that may be custom to the individual’s duties and provide security to prevent access to non‐related information. 20. SYSTEM CONVERSION The system conversion shall consist of all data currently in process, including but not limited to: Open Citations – all open citations from past 5 years ‐ current Closed Citations – Minimum of 36 months history The data may be provided in a number of ways, the Vendor must be willing to work with the data to begin this project. Costs may be provided to perform this service. The Vendor should be prepared to upload all data/history required by the City. The Vendor is assuming full capability for this data and continued processing when submitting a bid. The Vendor must be prepared to load this data onto their server and provide all data/history required for the City to continue processing and assisting the public. Vendor shall identify the system that will be utilized for the parking citation management system, including hardware and software specifications, conversion capability and server capacity. The capacity of the server should be the current environment utilized by the Vendor at the time of proposal submittal. Vendor shall provide detailed conversion time‐lines, including the minimum, maximum and most likely conversion scenarios. Vendor shall implement the parking citation management system within thirty (30) days of “Notice to Begin” or receipt of existing database, or forfeit any one‐time conversion charge. If the Vendor cannot provide implementation in 60 days or less, the proposal must include the implementation timeline and state reasons and benefits to the City for a variance of the timeline. The Vendor should provide details on the conversion process and what is required prior to getting started. Including what will be required by the City and what tasks and services are provided by the Vendor. 21. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS REQUIREMENTS Vendor shall meet all requirements of the specifications contained herein, as well as all legislated mandates by the State of California, California Vehicle Code, Municipal code ordinances and the City. Vendor shall have access interface with the California Department of Motor Vehicles that is able to obtain registered owner information and place registration holds. Inquiries, Holds and Hold Releases should happen on a daily basis. Vendor shall provide an interface established to obtain registered owner information for citations issued to out of state plates.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Vendor shall be responsible for any and all fees associated with obtaining registered owner information from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and the motor vehicle departments of other states. Vendor’s system shall be able to accommodate a minimum of two increases in fees for delinquent citations to allow for administrative fees and costs. Vendors shall be able to identify and process partial payment. Vendor shall provide Remote Access to multiple City Parking Services workstations via the Internet. Vendor shall provide monthly reports in a PDF and Excel formats and have available for access over the Internet using a web browser. Vendor shall provide Ad Hoc reporting with option to save report format and export to Excel and save to a local network. The Vendor must provide Real time, immediate reports and provide examples of these reports within the proposal. Examples of custom reports and or graphic illustrations should be included. Vendor shall provide training for City representative(s) in the operation of all equipment provided, including but not limited to the operation of the software and all remote features. Vendor shall attend City meetings as needed or when requested at company’s own expense. This includes but is not limited to transportation, lodging, meals and staff time. 22. PROCESSING TIMELINES – BILLABLE SERVICES The City shall automatically transfer and update automated citations on a daily basis. Vendor’s computer system shall accept and update citation database on a daily basis immediately without any delay as information is transmitted. Vendor will be responsible for any or all formatting required transmitting data from automated ticket writers. Vendor must submit process for ensuring daily and immediate updates of the citations from the ticket writers. Vendor shall data enter all manually written citations within forty‐eight (48) business hours of transmittal. Vendor shall mail (CA plates) notices of delinquent parking violation within twenty‐one (21) calendar days, and no later than twenty eight (28) calendar days after the date of citation issuance, for all citations; which the Vendor has been able to obtain registered owner information. The number of days from issued to notice may change if directed by the City. Custom notes can be inserted within notice. Notices of delinquent parking violation shall include the ability for custom text or special message to the delinquent notice. The actual number of days may be changed as determined or required by the City. Delinquent notices should be mailed on a daily basis.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Vendor shall mail delinquent notices to out‐of‐state plates all notices of delinquent parking violations within seven (7) working days of receipt of registered owner information from other states. Vendor shall attempt to place a DMV ‘hold’ with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for each citation that has not been paid after twenty one (21) days of the delinquent notice. If needed, grace periods may be added by the City to automatically allow for payments processed by the City. Holds should be sent to DMV on a daily basis. Time schedules may change at the discretion of the City. The City reserves the right to change the time frame for mailing notices of delinquent parking violation and for placing registration holds at anytime during the term of the agreement. The City shall give the Vendor minimum of three (3) days prior written notice. Processing Timelines – Non‐Billable Services Vendor shall deliver all monthly reports in a PDF format to be assessed over the Internet accessible through a web browser. This data should be available by the 7th day of the following month – but should not be later than the tenth (10th) day. All reports must have the ability to export to excel, email and or provide data graph, such as a pie chart or dashboard. Vendor shall respond by telephone, fax, and email or in writing to any inquires and/or requests for special reports within forty‐eight (48) hours. Vendor shall contact designated department representative with notification of any change or implementation of the software or processing operations with any modifications that shall impact the administration of or the availability of access to, the City’s database of parking citation information. City must be notified in advance or be subject to penalty if City is not able to conduct business. Vendor must specify the plan or schedules for enhancements and implementations of new software. 23. NOTIFICATION Vendor shall immediately, no later than within 24 hours, notify the City’s designated representative(s) by telephone, email, in person, or by FAX of any procedural problems that may occur. 24. PROCESSING SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS FOR PARKING CITATIONS Vendor must be able to meet all the service specifications or describe what is not included or if an alternative process is proposed. Vendor must be willing to make corrections to citations when needed to resume processing the citation. This would include the new registered owner information and generating another delinquent notice. 25. DMV COMMUNICATIONS Vendor shall have the ability for inquiry access with DMV. Vendor should have the ability to run inquiries, to store previous and current owner information when transfer of ownership has occurred, place registration holds, and release registration holds with DMV on a daily basis. The timetable to establish a registration hold at DMV should be at the discretion of the City.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Vendor shall be responsible for any and all fees associated with obtaining registered owner information from the DMV and the motor vehicle departments of other states, Canada, and Mexico. The Notice of Intent will be generated to the registered owner and the fine amount requested. Vendor shall notify and correct DMV files if amount of penalty on Hold at DMV has changed without additional charges to the City. Process DMV holds or releases within 48 hours. Place registration hold on the unpaid balance, for citations that have not been paid in full. Vendor shall provide month end reconciliation reports to match the DMV monthly revenue check. 26. NOTICE OF DELINQUENT PARKING VIOLATION Notices of Delinquent Parking Violation shall be printed on a laser printer. Notices shall not be generated on snap‐out forms without carbon insert, or carbonless multiple‐part paper stock. Notices shall be mailed daily. Due dates on notices should not conflict with Holidays. Notices shall include all citation information required per CVC 40207. Notices of delinquent parking violation shall include customizable space on the delinquent notice for custom text if needed. Notices should give a toll free telephone number for violation inquiries and for credit card payments. Notices should give a web address for violation inquiries and credit card payments. The notice must have a perforated tear of stub for remittance. The Notices shall have the mailing address appearing through a #10 window envelope. The notice should include a return (#9) envelope with window for the return address. The notices must meet with all U.S. Postal Service requirements. The Vendor shall provide the necessary postage, correspondence, and ability to track forms to meet all applicable State and local laws regarding citation processing and adjudication. The City will provide all manual and handheld computer citation forms, unless otherwise agreed. Vendor shall generate Delinquent Notice for unpaid citations twenty‐one (21) days after the issued date of the violation. This time frame may change at the City’s discretion. All notices returned as undelivered should be documented in the system. 27. PAYMENT PROCESSING Vendor will make provisions for all payments received by mail. These payments will be processed within 24‐48 hours and deposited into an account established by the City. Payment options must include Credit card payments, payments over the IVR system, and by mail. Deposits must be at the bank daily. Funds should be electronically transferred or delivered to the bank via a secured courier service. Vendor must detail their payment processing procedures. Vendor must be able to distinguish problem citations that will allow for stop payment entry if directed by the City. Vendor and City should have the ability to enter phone notes for any purpose; example would be to alert all parties involved to accept only cash, money order, or cashier checks from the violator.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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The Vendor should not process duplicate payments. These payments shall be returned to the violator (checks shall be returned “un‐cashed”) by the Vendor. Vendor should provide for a method and detail how these types of payments are handled. Payments must be able to be processed in advance of the citation. In these cases, the data from the citation shall be updated when it is available. Vendor must detail how these payments are processed. Deposits must be made daily to the bank specified by the City. Daily notification of deposits and details of the deposit, including but not limited to the amount of deposit and number of transactions and image of the deposit ticket. A full accounting must be made to the City by the 7th of each month, no later than the 10th. Records of deposits, management reports and statistical summaries of activity for the period, together with supporting detail, must be delivered as specified by the requirements of the City. The City shall provide any customized deposit slips and endorsement stamp if required by the Vendor. Vendor should provide a method and provide details for handling administrative penalties for disabled parking violations as detailed in CVC 40226. Vendor should provide a method for payments processed by the City, including cash payments. Sending cash to the Vendor for processing is not an acceptable method of processing. Vendor must detail how payments are updated to the system if entered by the City. 28. PARTIAL PAYMENT PROCESSING AND PAYMENT PLANS Vendor shall have a means by which partial payments can be identified and processed. Vendor shall provide the City with a report of partial payments on a monthly basis. Partial Payment Notices will be mailed to those who do not pay the full fine and applicable penalty. The notice should indicate the amount that was paid and the remainder that is due. Samples of all forms, notices, letters, etc., must accompany the proposal. Vendor shall be able to place registration holds on the unpaid balance, for citations that have not been paid in full. Vendor shall notify and maintain current DMV files if amount of penalty on Hold at DMV has changed. The Vendor shall charge the Violator the processing fee for each notice for partial payment that is mailed, at the notice of delinquent parking violation rate specified. Vendor must also have the ability to set up payment plans and track them when unpaid. Vendor must state if there is a charge for this service to the City or if there is a charge to the public for this service. Non‐sufficient fund (NSF) letters will be mailed to individuals immediately upon notification from the City that a check has not cleared. The notices will include all relative information, how to pay, the amount of the original penalty, delinquent amount, and the appropriate NSF check fee. Samples of the notices should be included with the response.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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29. CITATION EXTENSIONS The City shall have the ability to enter remotely a new payment due date as an extension. The City may also notify the Vendor to extend the citation to a new due date. No further processing will take place until this due date has expired. The process should be an automatic function that does not require user interface for follow up, with an Administrative hold with Date to come off. Payment plans should have the ability to accommodate several citations for one (1) payment plan. At the end of the payment plan, monitor or notify the violator of any remaining debt with an overdue notice or email. Provide examples of this correspondence. 30. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS Credit Card payments must be available by phone (IVR) and by Internet. Telephone and Internet access must be available twenty‐four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, year‐round. Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMX, should be available for credit card payments, including payments made from out of country visitors. Payments by credit card shall immediately update the citation database in real time. Down time must be kept to a minimum of 7 hours per week. Disbursement of deposits for credit card payments must be made within 15 days of the following month, if not deposited into the City’s merchant account. 31. PCI COMPLIANCE, WEB INTERFACE FOR INQUIRIES AND PAYMENTS The Vendor should provide an option for the public to pay a citation on‐line using a secured website. The Vendor must meet the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) Compliance, also known as PCI compliance. PCI compliance must be Level 2 or greater for web and phone applications, which requires Onsite Assessment and Report on Compliance. A PCI Certificate is required as proof of the level of service. The Vendor should state how any ‘charge backs’ will be handled, such as responsibility and costs associated. The website program should provide:  Administrative console,  Shopping cart functionality,  Integration with approved credit card payment gateway,  Authentication,  Email receipt to customers  Use SSL encryption technology,  Reflect payments instantaneously, processed in real‐time, and be able to provide and demonstrate this ability,  Public search by Citation number, license plate and optionally customer ID,  Automatically find other citations associated,  Allow for customization for the website to resemble the City’s website. Corrections to the Website provide how the City will accomplish minor modifications as needed, such as alerts or holiday notifications.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Vendor must be willing to modify major website changes to meet possible on‐going needs by the City. Examples could be change in rules, or other areas that may change with time. 32. PHONE NOTES Vendor shall keep phone notes on all troubled calls for later reference and follow up for the City. Vendor must allow the City access to the phone notes via remote Internet access. Phone notes should capture the date, operator, reason for notes, and comments. The system must accommodate multiple notes for one citation. Phone notes must be able to be seen by City staff. Notes must also be able to be reported by type of incoming calls. Such as listing any complaints received by Vendor. 33. CONTESTING CITATION TRACKING Vendor should have the ability to track, manage, see historical data and provide for on line disposition entry by the City. The public should have the ability to contest the citation on‐line, attach photos or other documents to substantiate their case. The public should not be able to contest if the time frame has elapsed. The City should have the option for the public to see any officer photos on file. The City should be able to see the contest form, photos and all contesting details, including date submitted and any supporting details from the review. The Vendor should provide the ability for the City to see what reviews are pending and indicate if the case was submitted on‐line or by mail. The City should have the ability to complete the review or hearing on‐line and indicate the reason and send the disposition letter, to either the registered owner or to the person contesting the cite. 34. COLLECTIONS OR DELINQUENT CITATION PROCESSING The Vendor should provide a comprehensive collections program to include but not limited to assignment of delinquent citations to Franchise Tax Board Intercept Program, Department of Motor Vehicle Program, credit bureau reporting, skip tracing and collections notices, and call center services. Citations will not be forwarded to Collections in less than 120 days from issue date with processing of two delinquent notices and attempt to place a DMV hold. Please describe in detail the options provided by the vendor. The vendor should have the ability to begin processing aged citations to final collections. Vendor should identify Collection efforts within the system program. Vendor should have the ability to track payments after collection efforts have been taken. Vendor should provide if the Collection is provided in‐house or through a third party vendor. The Vendor shall advise the best program for collections to meet the needs of the City. The proposal should be based on the best overall service and ROI for the City.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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The City of Richmond is aware additional citation processing and support services may be available. Responses to this RFP are encouraged to include descriptions and costing of any and all additional services the City can provide. Known additional services include but are not limited to: a) Past due correspondence. b) Residential and Parking Lot permit management/accounts receivable program. 35. CITATION TRACKING Vendor should provide a method with details to follow‐up calls or tracking of the citation inquiries that remain in a pending status. Vendor should provide tracking of Initial/Administrative Reviews & Hearings. Vendor shall place all requests for initial/administrative reviews as “suspended” and forward all requests for initial/administrative reviews to the City. The vendor shall track each step of the initial/administrative review and hearing process and allow for viewing of the citation history to detail the activities. The City shall have the ability to enter Review/Hearing information/dispositions on‐line – via Internet using a web‐based system. The vendor should provide a method for on‐line contesting for the first level review. Please detail the process and how the City is alerted of the pending reviews. The vendor should provide a method of access for the Hearing Examiner Officer and limit him or her access capabilities to the hearing data. The Vendor should have an easy way for the Hearing Examiner to process the citation with the outcome of the hearing. The vendor should provide an easy way to update the Hearing Examiner of the pending hearings. Please detail. 36. CUSTOM LETTERS Outcome for Reviews and Hearings should have the option for creating and generating custom letters. Please detail frequency how letters are generated. Letters should have the option for custom reasons to why citations are/are‐not dismissed. Types of custom letters should include:  Review Disposition letters  Hearing Schedule letters  Hearing Disposition letters  NSF letters  Refund letters  Boot Notification Letters  Collection Warning letters  Partial Payment notice  Correction Letters  Drive Away letters  Miscellaneous letters – please describe

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Please provide samples and include any other type of letter generated by your program. 37. VOIDING AND DISMISSING CITATIONS The City reserves the sole authority and responsibility for voiding/dismissing citations. The vendor shall be responsible for inputting all voided/dismissed citation dispositions not entered by the City. The parking citation management system shall allow voided/dismissed citations to be entered by the City via remote access using the Internet. The user administrative rights should allow or not allow the ability to void/dismiss a citation. Each transaction must track the originator of the citation outcome or change. Voids and dismissals should have the ability to include a reason code or comments that will provide the City with details at a later date. Vendor shall provide a monthly report of citations voided/dismissed in the system, by Officer or user name. 38. SYSTEM REPORTING, FORMS AND REMOTE CAPABILITY Vendor shall provide reports with any and all information as requested by the City. Reports shall be in a PDF, Excel or graphic output formats. Reports should be assessable via the Internet using a web‐based system to access the monthly report. The reports are due by the 7th of the month, but no later than the 10th calendar day of each month. Citation revenue reports shall represent actual fines collected rather than the face value of citations. The vendor shall keep the monthly reports for a period not less than 24 months. Reports are should be accessible through the web‐based system. The vendor shall be responsible for correcting all system malfunctions and errors attributable to the Vendor at no cost to the City. The vendor should provide a method for ad‐hoc reporting. Vendor should provide samples of all forms, letters, and public ‘print‐outs.’ Daily reports should include at least: Deposits Make Mismatch reports Pending Reviews received on line. Weekly reports Refunds – including calls received during the week. Monthly reports should include Officer Summary and YTD Monthly Recap Reports Void/Dismiss Disposition Report Citation Status Report Age Citation Receivables Report Review and Hearing Pending Reports Billing Report DMV Reports: Collections, ASF, Cleared without Bail

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Billing Report Details for Citations Issued and Notices Mailed (Audit) Refund Report Repeat Offender Report and Hot Sheet Reports Revenue Collection Detail Report Collection City Revenue Report Revenue Distribution Summary (State and Local Surcharges) with details Violation Statistics with Revenue Review/Hearing Disposition Report Revenue Collected by the City Report Credit Card Revenue Batch Summary Report Monthly Deposit Report Citation Processing Summary and Payment Summary Reports Citation Data Entry Completion Report 39. REMOTE ACCESS Remote access for multiple City workstations must be available using a standard PC, tablet or iPad. Access to the database must be available over the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Installation of client software such as Citrix will not be permitted. Vendor should provide detailed remote capabilities. The vendor must provide password protection for each user and also be able to limit capabilities and functions per user. City will have access to all data. Access to the data must be accessible by citation number, vehicle license number, name, or VIN and provide:  All citation information including the VIN,  Current status of the citation,  DMV inquiry date, hold, and release information and dates,  Delinquent notice information, registered owner, due date, mailing date, and make of vehicle as provided by DMV,  Administrative review, hearing court appeals and dispositions information,  Payment information includes all dates and amounts,  Registered owner information, including the VIN and any additional names if previously owned and cited.  Phone notes and photos. The City will have the ability to enter remotely:  Voids with reason codes, and notes capability,  Extensions with extension date and notes capability,  Payment plans,  Payments, including partial payments, NSF, and refunds,  Review and Hearing updates, including notes or comments,  Review and Hearing dispositions, including notes or comments,  Citation data corrections,  Phone notes (to be shared with the City and vendor),  License plate corrections,

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing      

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Citation number correction, Violation changes or corrections, View and reproduce a printed delinquent notice, View and reproduce a printer letter (if generated by the vendor), Search all citations using the citation number, License plate or VIN, Registered Owner, and if possible by the Disabled Placard Permit number if recorded on citation

40. VIOLATOR INQUIRY The vendor is responsible for responding to all inquiries and initial complaints regarding the status or disposition of citations, vehicle registration, etc. Vendor shall provide a custom toll‐free telephone number accessible from anywhere in the United States. This service should include customer service in both English and Spanish. 41. IVR SYSTEM The vendor must provide interactive real time voice response system for all inquiries. Provide the number of incoming lines provided for the public and how many calls are capable at one time. Provide what happens if all lines are busy waiting on a Customer service representative. Will the call be in a holding position or not able to connect? Vendor must provide the details of how the system functions and provide details on instructions provided to the caller, such as:  Citation details must be provided in real time,  Payment instructions, ability to add custom details, such as a walk in location,  Payment option by credit card, optionally pay one citation or many,  Contesting instructions, ability to add custom details,  Custom greetings,  English and Spanish assistance, The phone system should be completely redundant to provide ultimate reliability. Demonstrate how the call will be answered and how the vendor can ensure the highest level of service to the public. The vendor must provide operator assistance during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (holidays excluded). Bi‐lingual (Spanish and English) operator assistance shall be available. The phone system should be able to:  Check status of a citation by Citation number or by license plate  Provide status of a citation.  Provide City specific information, such as a unique custom welcome greeting, details for making payments or contesting that are custom to the City.  Provide the option for credit card payments over the phone using Visa, Master Card, AMX and Discover Cards.  Payments made by credit card should be updated immediately, in real time.  Provide what method is used to ensure the payment is updated in the database from the transaction.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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42. TRAINING The vendor must be willing to provide ample training for the City. The vendor should provide the type and amount of training for the City. The Vendor must also provide how on‐going training is managed and if/how the City will be charged. Vendor should identify who and where will provide the training, number of hours and on‐going options. Training options should include ad‐hoc training and options to log into a help program provided by the vendor, at no additional cost to the City to view or obtain training as needed without the need for scheduling. 43. INTEGRATION The vendor must allow for integration with other financial systems and technologies related to parking operations. Please provide experience with integration expertise within their response. This includes, but is not limited to:  Pay‐by‐Cell  Multi‐Space Pay Stations (i.e. Pay‐by‐Plate, Pay‐by‐Space)  License Plate Recognition (LPR)  Permit Management 44. HAND HELD TICKET WRITER SPECIFICATIONS A. Handheld Ticket Writer Software Solution The system solution should include:  Ticket Writing Software  Password Protected  Syncing Software – fully automated  Tire Marking Program – Electronic chalking  Quick cite program. This allows the City to write repeated cites in on location by one set up.  Boot File Export/Import with alerting functionality  Permit Data Import (if applicable)  Warning Cite Program  Do‐Not‐Cite (Exempt Plate) Feature  Mandatory field verification  Automatic Syncing to vendor – without user intervention  Automatic Software Updates – without user intervention  Live sync/updating using web services over 256bit SSL  Syncing must load data to processing system in real time  Color Photo capabilities  Cellular, Wi‐Fi and blue tooth capability  Touch screen, no keypad  Automatic “look ups” or search capabilities (such as permit or boot list)  The handheld must have the ability to enter notes, both printed and non‐printed officer notes for each ticket. Non‐printed officer notes should be able to be entered at the time of the ticket or at a later time.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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 

Windows Mobile, iOS or Android Application interface Full administrative control of database lists, examples: Add modify or Remove locations, officers, warned and exempt plates, makes, and models Comprehensive citation search functionality Preview Citation before printing option  Void citation while in the field  Warning citations in the field  Automatic software upgrades at no cost for the duration of the contract  Supplies may be purchased directly by the City or ordered through vendor.  Access to images from the original printed citation as well as the ability to reprint the citation  Automatic transfer of citation and photos to the processing center via web services – data and photos become available on the web within one hour.  Daily citation import confirmation emails  Handheld system backup and restore functionality  Optionally real‐time look up for boot/tow. City would provide Wi‐Fi or use smart phones for access. B. Handheld Ticket Writer Equipment The program should support, IOS, Android or Windows Mobile unit. The device should allow for the City to purchase the hardware directly. The Vendor should provide the ticket writing software and hardware. Optionally the City may purchase the hardware, so the costs should be broken into both options. C. Description of the Ticket Writers


The handheld computer shall meet the following technical specifications:  Batteries – The main battery shall be a removable rechargeable lithium ion 3.7 V, 3600 mAh. There shall be a low‐battery indicator.  "Display – Transflective color 3.5” full VGA with backlight, 640 x 480 pixel."  CPU – XScale™ PXA270 624 MHz processor  Operating system – Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 6.5 Classic and Professional  User interface – The handheld computer shall utilize an ultra‐durable, environmentally sealed QWERTY keypad.  Memory – The handheld computer shall support 256 MB RAM, 1 GB Flash memory.  Durability – The handheld computer shall meet environmental sealing rating of IP54 for protection against rain and dust. It shall withstand a 5 ft. drop to concrete, 2 drops per 6 sides at ambient temperature 73° F/23° C; 4 ft. drop to concrete, 6 drops per 6 sides over its operating temperature range. It shall withstand 1,000 1.6 ft. /.5 m tumbles (2,000 drops).  Size – The handheld computer, including standard battery, shall not weigh more than 14.9 oz. (423 grams). The unit shall not exceed dimensions of 6" (L) x 3.3" (W) x 1.7" (D) or 15.24 cm (L) x 8.4 cm (W) x 4.4 cm (D).  Environment – The unit (without battery) shall be capable of being stored without damage within a temperature range of ‐40° to +140 F (‐40° to +60° C). Operating temperature range shall be 14° F to 122° F (‐10° to 50° C).

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing           

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The handheld computer shall be equipped with integrated imaging solutions. The software shall automatically download images and associate them to the appropriate citation record. Integrated imaging solutions are: 3.2 megapixel color camera with auto‐focus lens and user controllable flash. 2D imager engine, 640 H x 480 V pixels (gray scale). The handheld computer shall support RS‐232 and USB 1.1 external interfaces. The handheld computer shall include integrated data communication meeting IEEE 802.11a/b/g standards (direct sequence wireless LAN and wireless PAN (Bluetooth® v2.1)). "The handheld computer shall support wireless WAN data and cellular communications. The handheld computer shall support integrated, autonomous, and assisted‐GPS (A‐GPS). Warranty – The handheld computer shall include a 3‐year comprehensive warranty at no additional cost. Electrical safety – The handheld computer shall be certified to UL / cUL 60950‐1, IEC / EN60950‐1. RoHS – The handheld computer shall be RoHS compliant.


The mobile computer shall meet the following specifications:  iOS device: iPad2 or later, iPhone 5 or later, iPod Touch (model released in September 2012 or later)  Android: Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 D. Mechanics of the Ticket Writers The Parking Citation System can also utilize the software “on‐screen” keyboard for input and data driven drop down lists. Photographs ‐ The handheld unit must be capable of capturing color photographs and attaching the photo to the appropriate citation. The photo should have date/time stamp indication. This data should be retrievable via the application’s web‐based program. Communications – A paired Bluetooth communication connection (Bluetooth®) can be used to send the data to the printer. WiFi or cellular connectivity can be utilized for syncing the data to and from the handheld. E. Physical Characteristics of Printer  Lightweight, Streamlined and Ergonomic.  Batteries – Shall be rechargeable 1.6Ahr lithium ion battery with built‐in battery charger.  Environment – The printer shall be capable of being stored without damage within a temperature range of ‐20º C to 60º C (‐4° to 140° F).  Media loading – The printer shall have a "clamshell" design.  Print resolution – The printer resolution shall be at least 203 DPI (8 dots/mm).  Print technology – The printer shall use direct thermal technology.  Print width – The printer shall have a maximum print width of 2.9" (73.7 mm).  Size – Printer shall not weigh more than .75 lbs. (.34 kg) including battery. The unit shall not exceed dimensions of 4.11" (W) x 2.26" (D) x 5.34" (H) or 10.4 cm (W) x 5.7 cm (D) x 13.6 cm (H).

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing        

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Speed – The printer shall have a speed of up to 4 IPS (100 mm/sec). Stock width control – The printer shall support paper roll width of 3". Wireless printing – The printer shall support Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11 (a/b/g/n) connectivity. Memory – The printer shall be equipped with at least 128 MB of Flash memory and 128 MB of RAM. Warranty – The vendor shall offer a three‐year comprehensive warranty for the printer. Electrical safety – The printer shall be certified to TÜV and IEC 60950. The printer shall be RoHS compliant.

45. SPECIFICATIONS FOR RESIDENTIAL PERMITS Website – Provide custom webpage Permits – option to purchase and receive a daily or temporary permit Parking – citation inquiry, contesting and payments must also be available on the same website.  Types  Daily  Monthly  Annual  RV  Verification  Residency  Vehicle type  Temporary permits  Issue without verification if paid in full, temporary is valid for 30 days  Verification Email option  Control limits of permits are requested and allowed by location  Language from Ordinance to be included on the website.  Permit Layout at City’s discretion  Streets and Districts custom to City, including the list of any non‐permitted streets  Optional Permit Fulfillment process should be included with details  Verification of pending (Open) parking cites on website paid before permit purchase  Rules for permits included on website  List any fees charged to public, such as convenient fees  List limitations for Commercial Vehicles  Parking Permit Hours for parking provided on the temporary permit  Provide Website Home page contents  Provide how Renewals will be processed 46. COMPENSATION Vendor must outline all costs associated with the implementation, processing, and support/maintenance of the system addressed in this RFP and are free to summarize their costs in narrative form. However, please be sure to also provide a table that includes the categories and costs outlined below. Vendor is responsible to list all costs for this project. Provide cost information in the following categories:  Processing cost per citation, both electronic and hand‐written

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing              

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Delinquent notices, per notice, include postage Other correspondence letters, partial payment letters, etc., per instance Payment processing, per payment Administrative Review Set up Administrative Hearing scheduling, per instance Administrative Hearing correspondence, per instance Payment plan administrative fee, per instance, include if any fees charged to the public DMV hold placements, per instance Out‐of‐state collections, per instance Follow up Collections per citation after 120 days Ticket Writers Permit Program Other costs please detail.

47. PROPOSAL FORMAT GUIDELINES Interested vendors are to provide the City of Richmond with a thorough proposal using the following guidelines: Proposal should be typed and should contain no more than 25 pages using a 12‐point font size, including transmittal letter and resumes of key people, but excluding Index/Table of Contents, tables, charts, and graphic exhibits. Each proposal will adhere to the following order and content of sections. Proposal should be straightforward, concise and provide “layman” explanations of technical terms that are used. Emphasis should be concentrated on conforming to the RFP instructions, responding to the RFP requirements, and on providing a complete and clear description of the offer. Proposals, which appear unrealistic in the terms of technical commitments, lack of technical competence or are indicative of failure to comprehend the complexity and risk of this contract, may be rejected. The following proposal sections are to be included in the Vendor’s response: A. Vendor Cover Letter A cover letter, not to exceed three pages in length, should summarize key elements of the proposal. An individual authorized to bind the company must sign the letter. The letter must stipulate that the proposal price will be valid for a period of at least 180 days. Indicate the address and telephone number of the Vendors office located nearest to Richmond, California and the office from which the project will be managed. B. Background and Project Summary Section The Background and Project Summary Section should describe your understanding of the City, the work to be done, and the objectives to be accomplished. Refer to description of services for this RFP. C. Methodology Section Provide a detailed description of the approach and methodology to be used to accomplish the Scope of Work of this RFP. The Methodology Section should include: 1) An implementation plan that describes in detail (i) the methods, including controls by which your firm manages projects of the type sought by this RFP; (ii) methodology for soliciting and documenting views of internal and external

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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stakeholders; (iii) and any other project management or implementation strategies or techniques that the respondent intends to employ in carrying out the work. 2) Detailed description of efforts your firm will undertake to achieve client satisfaction and to satisfy the requirements of the "Scope of Work" section. 3) Detailed project schedule, identifying all tasks and deliverables to be performed, durations for each task, and overall time of completion. 4) Detailed description of specific tasks you will require from City staff. Explain what the respective roles of City staff and your staff would be to complete the tasks specified in the Scope of Work. D. Staffing Provide a list of individual(s) who will be working on this project and indicate the functions that each will perform. Include a resume for each designated individual. Upon award and during the contract period, if the vendor chooses to assign different personnel to the project, the vendor must submit their names and qualifications including information listed above to the City for approval before they begin work. E. Qualifications The information requested in this section should describe the qualifications of the firm, key staff and sub‐contractors performing projects within the past five years that are similar in size and scope to demonstrate competence to perform these services. Information shall include: 1) Names of key staff that participated on named projects and their specific responsibilities with respect to this scope of work. 2) A summary of your firm’s demonstrated capability, including length of time that your firm has provided the services being requested in this Request for Proposal. 3) Provide at least five references that received similar services from your firm. The City of Richmond reserves the right to contact any of the organizations or individuals listed. Information provided shall include: a) Client Name b) Project Description c) Project start and end dates F. Contact and Cost Information Client project manager name, telephone number, e‐mail address and comprehensive Fee Proposal (See Fee Proposal Attachment). It will be assumed that all contingencies and/or anticipated escalations are included. No additional funds will be paid above and beyond the original quote given by the selected Vendor.

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G. Partial/Joint Proposals The City is interested in a complete and integrated solution. It is preferred that all services be channeled through a single vendor and all aspects of the project coordinated and managed by that vendor. When third party products or services are used, they should be subcontracted or coordinated through the selected vendor. When subcontracting or coordinating, there must be an established contractual relationship between the vendors. 48. PROCESS FOR SUBMITTING PROPOSALS Proposals will consist of technical and cost proposals, vendor qualifications/experience, and references. One original and four copies of the complete proposal (technical and cost proposal, qualifications, and references) are required. The original technical and cost proposal must be clearly marked and contain original signatures and must be easily reproducible on a standard copying machine. Failure to clearly mark the original and provide original signatures may result in a proposal being found non‐responsive and given no consideration. Each proposal shall be prepared simply and economically, avoiding the use of elaborate promotional material beyond those sufficient to provide a complete, accurate and reliable presentation. Information must be furnished complete in compliance with the terms, conditions, provisions and specifications of the RFP. The information requested and the manner of submission is essential to permit prompt evaluation of all proposals on a fair and uniform basis. Accordingly, the City reserves the right to declare as non‐responsive and reject any proposal in which material information requested is not furnished or where indirect or incomplete answers or information is provided. Faxed or e‐mailed proposals will not be accepted. Late proposals will not be accepted. With regard to any proposal sent by mail to the City, the Vendor shall be solely responsible for its delivery to the City prior to the date an hour set forth herein. Any proposals received subsequent to the date and hour set forth herein, because of delayed mail delivery or any other reason, will not be considered by the City. The City reserves the right to reject any or all of the proposals received, to negotiate with qualified Vendors, or to cancel the request for proposals in part or in its entirety without explanation to the Vendors. 49. PROPOSAL EVALUATION EVALUATION AND SCORING An evaluation team composed of representatives of the City will evaluate proposals on a variety of quantitative and qualitative criteria. The top Proposals may then be invited to make a presentation to the evaluation panel in a City Office in Richmond, California, at no cost to the City. The selected proposal shall provide the most cost effective approach that meets the City’s requirements. The lowest price proposal will not necessarily be selected. The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to make no award. The City also reserves the right to require modifications follow‐up with requests for additional information, including, but not limited to, follow‐up interviews. The City may request Best and Final offers based upon improved understanding of the offers or changed scope of work. The City will negotiate with

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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that vendor to determine final pricing, and contract form. Because this proposal is negotiable, all pricing data will remain confidential until after award is made, and there will be no public opening and reading of Proposals. Overall responsiveness to the RFP is an important factor in the evaluation process. The criteria upon which the evaluation of the proposals will be based include, but are not limited to, the following: Proposal (20 points) Completeness and thoroughness of the proposal; all required information must be provided in the format specified.  The vendor’s understanding of the City’s proposed scope and objectives, including the applicability and quality of the vendor’s approach  The Vendor’s design, capability, and functionality of the proposed system  The process by which the vendor will transfer existing information and data to the new system  Additional capabilities and services  Optional integration capabilities Contract (10 points)  The vendor’s willingness to negotiate a contract  The number of exceptions taken to the City’s terms and conditions will be noted Costs (15 points)  One‐time costs. Although the lowest cost proposal may not necessarily be awarded the contract, costs are an important evaluation criteria  Ongoing costs for processing and support  Total yearly cost for the program Vendor Experience with Collections (15 points)  Establish and Set up accounts  Communications to the violators  Responsiveness to the public  How the Vendor proposes to resolve problem cases Vendor Experience and Resources (20 points)  For the references submitted by the vendor and interviewed by the City, the quality, relevance and number of references  The vendor’s ability to understand and support system security and PCI compliance  The vendor’s ability to successfully configure and implement a system; as demonstrated by similar projects within the past two years  Emphasis will be given to the specific capabilities required by the City  Experience with CA legislation and CVC Code  The financial stability and resources of the vendor Implementation/Project Management (10 points)  Level of assistance to be provided to the City by the vendor during the implementation process

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing   

Feasibility, timeliness and quality of the implementation schedule Ability to meet the City’s implementation deadlines

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Training and Documentation (10 points)  The amount, cost and extent of user training  Quality and extent of the documentation to be provided  Additional options for ad hoc training as needed  Ongoing training capability 50. REFERENCES Provide a list of five (5) references of institutions, which demonstrate experience in providing parking services. Include company/institution name and address, and name, title, email and telephone number of person to contact.

City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing 

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Description Cost to lease or purchase Five Handheld Ticket writers Handheld maintenance cost, per unit Handheld software Processing cost per citation: Electronic Processing cost per citation: Manual First notice, including postage Minimum Monthly Processing Fee Delinquent notice letter, per notice Other correspondence letters, partial payment letters, etc. per instance Conversion cost per notice of parking violation transfer of records, if applicable On‐line access per workstation, if applicable Payment processing, per payment, if applicable Credit card convenience fee 1st level hearing hold placements, per instance 2nd level hearing scheduling, per instance Payment plan administrative fee, per instance DMV hold placements, per instance Out of state collections, per instance


City of Richmond RFP: Parking Citation Processing  FTB collections, per individual 3rd party collections, per instance Any other costs not specifically listed (Please identify)

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