Roane County Chamber of Commerce Incentive Program Name

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Roane County Chamber of Commerce Incentive Program Name ______________________________


Attendance at monthly Ambassador meeting Date

15 points

Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Date, Time, Business Name

25 points am 50 points pm 75 points

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

New Chamber Member Visit Date, Business Name

25 points

Voluneer/Attend in Chamber sponsored Events Date, Description (Chamber Luncheon, New Chamber Member Orientation, After Hours, Chamber Coffee, Elected Officials BBQ, Chamber Banquet, Lunch and Learn workshop, Gala

Date, Time, Event Name, Voluteer Effort

25 points

Bringing a visitor to an Ambassador meeting or event Date, Name of Visitor (a visitor may attend 2 mo. and be counted)

25 points

Recruiting a new Ambassador Date, Business Name

100 points

Signing up a dropped Chamber member Date, Business Name

150 points

Service phone call or email to Chamber member on behalf of the Ambassadors & the Chamber 5 points (15 pts max per month

Date, Business Name

Total Points Return this form to the Chamber 28th of each month (at the very latest) to Paulette Ray at [email protected] or fax to 865-376-4978. The Ambassador points will be tallied for the Chamber Newsletter recognition. An Ambassador of the Year will be recognized at our Annual Chamber Banquet.