Rudgate Newsletter Summer 2011

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Ramblings Updates Affecting rudgate Families * Summer, 2011


CONGRATULATIONS TO RUDGATE 2011 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES! Ashley Little Omo Ogbomo Flora Russo Rachael LeFevre Julia R. Hamilton Katie Afton Jacob Afton Jarred Bassett Anthony Santoro Kyle Martin

Nick Arvanigian Jordan Teachout Kassandra Oien Sinan Mandwee Jeffrey Wadas Kaleigh Kindler Jasmine M. Franklin Michelle Leeuw MiKayla M. Reid Brittanie Trevarrow

Colin McKernan Alex Liou Nadine Saad Claire Sobieray Matt King Jason King Morgan Torre Jacqueline Edwards Alexander Parat Brandon O’Neill

Rudgate Easter Egg Hunt Was A Huge Success Again This Year... Despite the cold, raining weather, we still had over 50 people attend the 2011 Easter Egg Hunt! A big thank you to Earl & MaryBeth Carl for the use of their home and helping with the event. A thank you to Karen Atkinson for the use of her yard to hide eggs and for helping at the event. Thanks to Matthew Carl, Mary & Joel Sobieray & Dan Newell for putting out signs, hiding eggs in the rain and helping at the event. Hope you can all join us next year for this fun filled event!

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Erin Atkinson Lindsay Eustice Cameron Ekema Jacques Nel Anna Gerechka Mallori Taylor Charlotte Socia Lauren Welke Nolan Gapske Sarah Moorman

Andrew Herriman Kelli Veldman Fatima Mirza Becca Shemberger

Shannon May Joe Breuer Sarah Bravata Kristen Kuppler


New Rudgate Directory Coming Soon A few months ago you all received a form in the mail to fill out and send back to be included in this year’s Rudgate Directory. We have only received about half of them back! If you want to be included in the directory

IT IS NOT TOO LATE... Contact Sheri Moore at [email protected] or call 269-685-6858 to be included.

Great Turn Out for Rudgate Annual Garage Sales! We had droves of people show up for the Rudgate Annual Garage Sales again this year. We have decided to make it a tradition to have our Annual Garage Sales in Rudgate the FIRST Friday and Saturday in June (times will remain the same: Fri. 6-9pm, Sat. 8am-4pm). So mark your calendar for 2012! Thanks again to Sarah Lanting for being in charge of coordinating this event again this year!

This newsletter is proudly sponsored by Sue Rome of Jaqua Realtors

H E R E ’ S W H AT ’ S I N S I D E . . . 2011 Rudgate High School Graduates  Its Not too Late TO Be Included in the NEW RudgaTe Directory 

Texas Township Farmers Market Now Open Every Saturday!

Exciting News!

The Texas Township Farmers Market is now open every Saturday from 8:00 am until Noon ending October 22. The Farmers Market is located at 7110 West Q Avenue and offers local grown, raised and/or processed food in or near Michigan.

The Rudgate Newsletter is going GREEN in 2012!

The Farmers Market’s goal is to promote Southwest Michigan rich and diverse agriculture and to create a sense of community in Texas Township and the surrounding areas.

Starting now you can view the Rudgate Newsletters online at and click on the Rudgate icon.

The Farmers Market also helps to create awareness for local business and stimulates economic development for “locally” grown, raised and processed food.

News From Your Rudgate Neighbors... Applegate Pool Memberships The price is only $375.00 for the year, and the pool is now open until the end of September. Contact Elly Bolar at 321321-2610, ext 228 if you are interested in joining!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Mattawan High School Ski Team Golf Outing on July 9th at Lake Doster Golf Club.

Sign-up sheet is enclosed.

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