Rudgate Newsletter Summer 2012

Rudgate Newsletter Summer 2012 -

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Updates Affecting rudgate Families * Summer, 2012

RUDGATE NEWS  2012 Rudgate Neighborhood Garage Sales...

The Rudgate

The dates for this year’s sales are Friday June 1st from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday June 2nd from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We have the garage sale signs ready to go at each corner! If you are willing to donate $5 to $10 to help offset the cost of Gazette ads and signs, please send your contribution to Sarah Lanting at 5058 Stoney Brook in Rudgate or contact her at 544-0375 or [email protected]

Newsletter is now online! Starting now you can view the Rudgate Newsletters online at and click on the Rudgate icon.

CONGRATULATIONS TO RUDGATE 2012 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES! Rachel Best Emily Beckman Rachel Betzig Mark Beverly Nina Comparoni Louis Daly Aaron Dean Jacob Dean Samir Deshpande Danny Durante

Julie Durante Josh Feddema Jordan Fillar Lindsey Fillar Emily J. Freund Haley Garner Annie Havlock Sarah Heckman Jasyman Hodge Jasmine Johnson

“New” Rudgate Neighbor in Need Program We have nine volunteers for our new Rudgate "Neighbor in Need" meal delivery program. They are willing to provide a meal on a regular basis or help in other ways as needed. If you know of a Rudgate neighbor facing challenging health or life issues, contact me at [email protected] or (269) 217-4311 so we can help them!

Friendly Reminder to Reduce Speed As the weather warms up more children and pets will be roaming the streets so please reduce your speed.

Frida Kapida Bryan Klemett Graham Kushner Andrea Leeuw Zachary Legus Dina Leone Kevin Li Damian MacLagan Josh Mayoras Tara McKernan

Cole Moorman Blake Newell Erika Nord Michael Pang Ryan Pobuda Dan Redmond Tyler Richmond Rebecca Rustenholtz Kyle Shoemaker Kimberly Smith

Andrew Tennant Aaron Thompson Daniel Tumm Macy Ward Tyler Westafer Allison White Andrew Xu Tom Xinyuan Zhang


Rudgate Easter Egg Hunt brought many little ones out again this year... The 2012 Easter Egg Hunt brought many little ones out to meet the Easter Bunny, play games, win prizes, and gather eggs! A huge thank you to the Carl family and surrounding neighbors for the use of their home and to Mary Beth Carl for helping at the event. Please join us again next year for this fun filled event.

Are you on the Rudgate Email Database? If not, you are missing valuable neighborhood information such as my offer for complimentary Home Expo tickets each year and timely news events that affect our neighborhood. To be included simply email me at [email protected]

Friendly Reminder: Consider having your furnace duct work cleaned this summer, especially if you have asthma or allergies.

Sue Rome REALTOR® 414 W. Milham, Portage Cell: 269.217.4311 V.Mail: 269.381.2609 ext. 168 [email protected]

This newsletter is proudly sponsored by Sue Rome of Jaqua Realtors

N E W S F RO M Y O U R RU D G AT E N E I G H B O R S Dear Rudgate Family, Though we have only been in your neighborhood for 18 months, the warmth you have shown us makes us feel like we have been here forever. In case you haven’t heard, our 10 year old son was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in early March. Life has been crazy but many of you have made things so much more tolerable by stopping to introduce yourselves, cooking meals, cleaning up our yard, and helping us with the care of our other children. You may even have had some neighborhood kids knock on your door selling “Fight for Jake” bracelets, and thank you for listening to them. We have had a lot of people coming and going from the house and our big dog has gotten out without us knowing. Each time a friendly neighbor has read his tag and called us so we could go and retrieve him. Thanks for looking out for us that way too. We can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful neighbors and friends. Follow Jacob’s progress on Site name is: Jacobcrump (no spaces). We have a long fight ahead of us but your care and support is something we so much appreciate. A very special thank you to all our new friends on Farmington. You are very special people and we are blessed to be able to call you family. We hope to win this fight with childhood cancer and start paying your favors forward! Love, Jody Crump and Family, Heathrow Ave.

Summer Tennis Lessons for Rudgate kids! Beginning tennis lessons on area courts for your children ages 8-16 are available through college student, Courtney Postmus from the Rudgate neighborhood. Courtney has played competitive tennis for 10 years. She was a 4 year Varsity player in singles at Kalamazoo Christian and now a collegiate player in Singles and Doubles at Anderson University. Courtney will be returning from college in May and will be scheduling group and private lessons around the schedules of those kids signed up. Private lessons: $15 per hour and Group rates are $10/player per hour and may vary if more than 4 children in the class. Please call 375-5237 for more information. Looking for a great  babysitter? Please contact Hannah or Stephanie Scafaria (Snowbird Ct) at 269-372-2976 or [email protected].

Are you planning a vacation and need someone to care for your pets while you’re away? Contact Dawn Feddema at the Rudgate Pet Care Service, 269.353.3116. She provides excellent in-home care for your pets.

For Sale: 1986 Corvette Coupe w/removable top. Red w/gray interior—56,000 summer miles, Borla stainless steel exhaust, Bose stereo, leather seats, Power seats and windows, Electronic air, Cruise control, glass top, custom wheels, car cover $12,900 Call 375-7295, ask for Debbie. For Sale: 1977 Corvette red coupe w/t-tops, 4 speed manual , only 3,000 mi. on rebuild, 350cubic inches, Leather seats, power windows, Opt. aluminum wheels, 137,000 miles $7,500 Call 375-7295, ask for Debbie. Western Michigan University Mathematics education major looking to empower students from grade school age to college. Has experience in private tutoring for mathematics, science, and piano. Flexible in hours and pay. Call (269) 352-8539 or email [email protected]

Applegate Pool Memberships The price is only $395.00 for the year, and the pool is open until the end of September. Contact Elly Bolar at 321321-2610, ext 228 or [email protected] if you are interested in joining!

Do you have a friend or co-worker looking for a home? Tell them about These wonderful rudgate homes currently listed for sale by sue rome PE ND IN G

5243 Torrey  Pines 

5910 Stoney  Brook 

4 bedrooms /   2.5 baths 

5 bedrooms /  3.5 baths 

6868 Southwind    3 bedrooms /   2.5 baths 

5777 Braeburn  Court 

5391 Stoney  Brook 

6 bedrooms /   4 baths 

3 bedrooms /   2.5 baths 




5275 Heathrow    4 bedrooms /   4 baths