Ruth 4

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Ruth 4

Gleanings From Ruth Series Outline

When Responsibility Knocks Speaker: Rev. Stephen E. Palm

Date: 10/1/17

1. The Turning Point: Ruth 1:1-18 2. Dealing with Bitterness: Ruth 1:19-22 3. Not Reaping the Edges: Ruth 2:1-7

First Point: When _____________________ knocks, most people answer. (Ruth 4:1-4)

4. The Kinsman Redeemer: Ruth 2:8-23

5. The Threshing Floor: Ruth 3 6. When Responsibility Knocks: Ruth 4

Additional Sermon Notes Second Point: When ___________________knocks, many shrink away. (Ruth 4:5-8)

Third Point: The person who opens the door to responsibility welcomes ____________. (Ruth 4:9-22)

The blessing of a worthy marriage. (Ruth 4:9-12)

The blessing of a healthy son. (Ruth 4:13-16)

The blessing of a royal lineage. (Ruth 4:17-22)

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