Service Fair Ministry Opportunities

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Service Fair Ministry Opportunities

Adult Ministry Adult Connect Groups Adult Connect Groups provide transformational teaching, biblical community, and an opportunity for missional living to our members. Connect Group is the church at its barest core and our firm desire is that every member of Quail Springs will be a participating member of a Connect Group where they can grow and contribute spiritually. Contacts: Young Adults: Aaron Lokey, [email protected] Adults: Randy Davis, [email protected] Sr. Adults: Wade Crews, [email protected] Positions: 1. Teachers 2. Directors 3. Care Group/ Greeters 4. Community Ministry/ Evangelism Leaders 5. Record Secretaries Equip Classes Equip Classes enable people to more fully follow Christ by equipping them for life, service, and healing. Equip Classes generally fall into one of three categories: Life Equipping Classes, Support Groups or Leadership Development Courses. Contact: Jerry Ross, [email protected] Positions: 1. Teacher/ Facilitators 2. Hosts 3. Personal Counselors Women’s Ministry Ministering to over 1000 women inside and outside of the church, our Women’s Ministry meets the needs of a wide variety of ladies through ministries and events designed to draw them to Christ, grow them in His Word, and to equip them to fully serve God using their unique gifts. Contact: Women’s Ministry Director, Paula Vawter, [email protected] Positions: 1. Women’s Connector: Engage, gather, and inform Connect Groups about Women’s Ministry opportunities. 2. Events Team: Greeter, decorating, and ticket sales 3. Communications Team: Social media, writing short devotionals, scripture art, etc. 4. Prayer Team 5. Missions: Coordinate projects and mission opportunities 1

Men’s Ministry Compass Men’s Ministry helps men discover their true north. It is a journey with men of all ages and stages of life, helping them to know Jesus through discipleship and making Him known through evangelism. Contact: Randy Davis, [email protected] Positions: 1. Bible Study Leaders 2. Discipleship and Mentoring 3. Mission Events 4. Annual Men’s Event Planning Young Adults Ministry The Young Adult Ministry is an exciting place for adults in their 20s and 30s to grow in biblical community in a variety of ways. We believe it is important for young adults to establish a strong foundation that will carry on for the rest of their lives during this important time of transition into new beginnings with careers and families. We believe there are four distinct life stages to young adults: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Young Singles Nearly/Newlyweds Young Marrieds Young Families

Contact: Aaron Lokey, [email protected] Positions: 1. Connect Groups: Connect groups need directors, teachers, party planners, and mission coordinators. 2. Marriage Ministry: Serve as a Foundation Group mentor couple! A Foundation Group is a group of newlyweds who commit to walking together in biblical community for 15 months through Bible study, marriage specific book studies, and accountability. 3. Converge: Another way to get involved is through serving on our Converge leadership team. Converge is a Wednesday night gathering for young adults at The Hill at QSBC. Our leadership teams serve in a wide variety of ways: teaching, leading worship, hospitality, monthly late nights, community group leaders, social media, service projects, and missions. Senior Adults Provides ministry resources, discipleship, fellowship, and service opportunities to senior adults (65 & Up). God is not finished with you yet! Contact: Wade Crews, [email protected] 2

Positions: 1. Special Events 2. Leadership Positions 3. Service Opportunities 4. Outreach/Ministry Opportunities

Preschool/Children’s Ministry Preschool Ministry Through partnership with parents, we strive to create the first building blocks of a strong Bible-driven foundation for our children. Preschoolers love to learn and play, which is why each classroom provides interactive learning experiences with the Bible in a colorful and engaging atmosphere. Nursery classes coincide with all of our regular weekend and mid-week adult services. Children’s Ministry Quail Kids is for children in grades 1-5. We work to continue to build upon the foundation started during preschool. We do this by teaching our kids about God’s grace and forgiveness of sins; teach Bible skills our kids will use for the rest of their lives and ways to serve others as obedient followers of Christ. Our hope is to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children. These five years are all about transition and growing and we want to foster that through our various ministry activities. Each summer, we offer a week of Vacation Bible School as well as various camp options for our children. Contacts: Children’s Pastor, Mark Jones, [email protected] Preschool Ministry Associate, Shelby Egender, [email protected] Preschool Ministry Associate, Stacie Sherry, [email protected] Positions: 1. Sunday Morning Teachers: We lead small group Bible studies by building relationships with the children in our classes. The relationships we build transfer to better Bible teaching and modeling a relationship with Jesus. Since this is our commitment, we need adults who are willing to love kids, teach the Bible and often be a good listener ready to offer affirmation and support as well as challenge. Teachers and co-teachers are needed at 8:15, 9:30 and 10:45 am. 2. Wednesday Night Teachers: Our Wednesday nights are very interactive as kids rotate as classes from room to room. They are learning Bible skills and missions that are preparing them for life. Teachers prepare 20-30 minutes of material and simply repeat it for the next classes. Easier preparation and short time periods help everyone on Wednesday nights. Coaches and teachers are needed. 3. Vacation Bible School: Our goal is to reach 1000 in Vacation Bible School. Small group classes are still the goal so teachers have more opportunities to build relationships and share God’s plan of salvation. Teachers are needed in each age group to lead the Bible study as well as music, crafts, missions and volunteers for security, parking and cookies.


4. Greeters: Welcoming families each Sunday morning is the first contact we have to share our love for families and kids. We need adults willing to help guests find their classroom and feel at home in QSBC. 5. G-Force: First and Second graders worship every Sunday morning at 11:00 in G-Force. This time combines large group with small groups to lead the kids in Worship and Bible study. We need teachers to serve on a 6-week rotation. G-Force is a great opportunity for parents of first and second graders to be a part of their child’s Sunday morning activities. 6. New Christian’s Class: We offer “I’m a Christian Now” for Kids several times a year. This class is for new Christians, but also for any child questioning what it means to be a Christian. We meet on Sunday mornings at 11:00am, for four Sundays. Each class is limited to approximately 10 students. Teachers are needed to lead.

Student Ministry High School Ministry The High School Ministry exists to introduce students to a saving belief in Jesus Christ and to equip them for spiritual growth where they will have an opportunity to develop a Christ-like lifestyle that will result in relationships and promote service to both God and others. The desire of our student ministry staff and volunteers is to walk with them (and their parents) as they face this challenge, build on the growth they experienced in middle school by challenging them to make their faith their own, and prepare them for college and adult life. We love to invest in, disciple, encourage, equip, and have fun with our students. Middle School Ministry The Middle School Student Ministry exists to introduce students to a saving belief in Jesus Christ and to equip them for spiritual growth where they will have an opportunity to develop a Christ-like lifestyle that will result in relationships and promote service to both God and others. The Middle School Student Ministry staff and volunteers love to invest in, disciple, encourage, equip, and have fun with our students. Contacts: Student Pastor, Jeff DeGiacomo, [email protected] Middle School Student Pastor, Dylan Bone, [email protected] Student Ministry Assistant, Courtney Dishman, [email protected] Positions: 1. Small Group Leaders: We need adults who are willing to love on and invest in the lives of Students. We need adults who are prepared to teach and equip students in their walk with Jesus Christ every Sunday morning. 2. Wednesday Night Leaders: We need adults who are willing to serve as greeters, encouragers, investors, and servers during our mid-week worship services. Greeters welcome students as they walk in the building, encouragers are assigned a zone in our student building and encourage students who walk through their zone. Investors lead a small group of students each week. Servers serve in a variety of roles such as café, sound and audio, and recreation. 4

3. Girls Ministry: We need adult women who can come alongside our Girls ministry to invest in, teach, encourage, and equip girls to be who Jesus wants them to be. 4. Special Events: We are always in need of adults who are willing to serve in our special events such as Gravity Weekend, Falls Creek, Mission Trips, Retreats, Big Wednesdays, and so on. 5. Discipleship: We need adults who are willing to engage our students in discipleship groups on Sunday evenings. Leaders will meet with groups of three to four students weekly for an entire school year.

Creative Worship Arts and Technology Ministry Celebration Choir and Orchestra (ages 18+) The Celebration Choir and Orchestra seeks to testify about God through music. As we praise and worship Him together, it is our desire that others will be drawn to the Lord; that they will find Him and keep Him in their hearts. We would love to explore with you the ways you can be involved! Contacts: Worship Pastor, James Bradford, [email protected] Worship Ministry Assistant, Cindy Wallace, [email protected] Worship Ministry Associate, John Outen, [email protected] Positions: 1. Choir Member: Weekly rehearsals in room 2335 (Choir Room) 2. Orchestra Member: Weekly rehearsals in the Chapel Children's Choir The mission of the Children’s Choir Ministry at QSBC is to lead children to become life-long worshipers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through hands-on activities, games, and songs, children learn what it means to worship God not just with music, but with every part of their lives. Contact: Children’s Choir Coordinator, Angela Lee, [email protected] Positions: 1. Choir Director: For specific age groups (Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third–Fifth Grade) 2. Accompanists 3. Teachers: For games and crafts Student Choirs Weekly youth choir rehearsals provide students with the opportunity to express their faith in song and to raise their level of musical excellence. Youth choir is about so much more than just music. The songs and their texts, which allow us to share the gospel, are a high priority. The mail goal of rehearsals is building Christlikeness, singing in church, and going on mission. We would love for you to come and worship with us! 5

Contacts: James Bradford, [email protected] Cindy Wallace, [email protected] Positions: 1. Middle School Youth Choir Member - (Grades 6-8) Room 2341 2. High School/College Choir Member - (Grades 9-College) Room 2335 Silvertones (ages 55+) When it comes to praising the Lord there is no age limit, and proof of that is our Silvertones choir. Some of the highlights of the choir year are participating in BGCO events like "Singing and Praising," and traveling to nursing homes and assisted living centers to sing and bring joy to the residents. Participation is the most effective way to serve in this wonderful ministry. Contacts: James Bradford, [email protected] Cindy Wallace, [email protected] Positions: 1. Silvertones Choir Member – Meets in room 2335 (Choir Room) Creative Arts Are you a poet, electrician, project manager, photographer, hostess, painter, encourager, writer, or a videographer? We desire for you to use your gifts as part of the creative team at QSBC! As creatives we can portray stories of God’s faithfulness using all kinds of mediums. We want to pioneer ways for people to know and serve Christ together! Contact: Missions Pastor, Ray Anderson, [email protected] Positions: 1. Musician 2. Artist 3. Video 4. Photography 5. Writing Technology The Technology Team presents and produces quality video production of the Sunday services and special events. Contact: Director of Media and Technology, Rick Hardin, [email protected] Positions: 1. Video Sound 2. Video Switching 6

3. 4. 5. 6.

Camera Operator Lower Thirds Operator Graphics Presentation Lighting Operator

Missions Ministry Utility Assistance Social Ministries provides financial assistance to members of our church and to those who are less fortunate in our community. We also partner with other churches and organizations to help the needy. We do more than give financially; we meet with clients, minister to them, and gain a fuller understanding of their situation. We do this on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Positions: 1. Volunteers to interview clients and to determine our amount of financial assistance Food Pantry The QSBC Food Pantry is located at The Hill at QSBC. We provide non-perishable groceries to families in our community. Our church members donate groceries and funds to stock the Pantry. Positions: 1. Volunteers to stock the Pantry and give food to families on Tuesday and Thursday mornings Thanksgiving baskets of food are given to at least 100 families each year. Christmas baskets of food are also given to at least 100 families each year. Positions: 1. Volunteers to distribute groceries to families 2. Counselors to counsel and pray with each family Children’s Clothes Closet The Children’s Clothes Closet is located at The Hill at QSBC. We provide clothing (newborn to size 10) to families in our community. Our church families donate “gently used” clothing. There is a clothing donation bin in the parking lot at The Hill. Donations can also be made at our office. Positions: 1. Volunteers to work Monday and Wednesday mornings sorting and stocking clothes 2. Volunteers to give clothing to families on Tuesday and Thursday mornings


Jobs for Life Jobs for Life is a faith-based study that teaches the homeless how to apply for a job and how to be a good employee. This is a 16-class study with a graduation ceremony. Each graduate receives a Certificate of Completion. We are now offering classes at Grace Rescue Mission and the Jesus House. Volunteers in our church family teach and mentor clients in these classes. Positions: Teachers and mentors on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings. (We are in much need of Wednesday night men mentors) Contact: Social Ministries Assistant, Chrissi Harris, [email protected] ESL Ministry We minister to internationals by teaching free English classes on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. Through the class, we impart a practical skill, build relationships, and share about Jesus. This is a very relational ministry. Positions: 1. Teachers and back-up teachers to prepare and teach lessons 2. Language helpers to assist students with lessons and with speaking 3. Administrator to keep attendance records Contact: Anne Wilkins, [email protected] Upward Sports Ministry Upward Sports are sports leagues for children K-12th grades that QSBC organizes and runs. These leagues are open to the community and provide a great opportunity for outreach and ministry to children and their families. Contacts: Minister of Recreation, Van Greenwood, [email protected] Associate Minister of Recreation, Brad Winter, [email protected] Flag Football: August - October Indoor Soccer: August - October Basketball: November -February Cheerleading: November -February Basketball (2nd season): March - May Cheerleading (2nd season): March -May Opportunities to serve in each sport: Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, Score Keeper, Player Evaluations, Greeters, Devotion Leaders, and other opportunities.


Care Ministry This ministry focuses on building up the body of Christ by assimilating new members and focusing on how we bear one another's burdens within the body of Christ. Contact: Executive Pastor, Ray Griffin, [email protected] Positions: 1. New Member Ministry: We want to receive guests warmly at QSBC at the Pastor's reception each Sunday. Decision counselors assist at Worship times of invitation, and QSBC hosts a monthly Discovering Quail class to help new people understand what church membership is all about. 2. Stephen Ministry: Quail Springs is a new Stephen Ministry church, and it is designed to pair trained lay person Stephen Ministers with congregants who are walking through difficult life experiences. 3. Deacon Ministry: If you are an ordained deacon, or if you desire to serve in this way in the future, the deacon ministry is involved in the care of our entire Church Body, Widows/Widowers with an annual banquet and monthly care, leading in the Lord's Supper and in many other ways. Prayer Ministry This thriving ministry undergirds everything we do at Quail Springs. There is a 24 hour prayer room with one-hour open times for intercessors as well as HIS teams who have assigned prayer times at home, and PIT crews who pray for specific QSBC ministers. Contact Person: Prayer Coordinator, Melanie Schantz, [email protected] Positions: 1. Prayer Warrior: Commit to one hour a week in our intercessory prayer room. 2. Pastoral Intercessory Team (PIT Crew) Member: Commit to praying for and encouraging a minister on our staff.

First Impressions Team Ministry First Impressions Team has a variety of ministry opportunities to serve the body of Christ here at QSBC. Contacts: Adult Pastor, Randy Davis, [email protected] Adult Ministry Assistant, Kristen Reasnor, [email protected] Positions: 1. Assisted Parking: Valet Parking for senior adults, single parents, and those with medical needs. 2. Traffic Team: Assists guests by monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of the QSBC campus and parking lots. 9

3. Shuttle Team: Picks up homebound and nursing home members, and shuttles them to the church campus on Sundays. 4. Door Greeters: Warmly welcomes guests and members at main entrances to the church. 5. Welcome Center: Provides Sunday Small Group class information and location services for guests. 6. Information Center: Located at the reception desk, the center answers phone calls on Sunday mornings, assists in registering event attendees, and serves as a secondary welcome center. 7. Medical Response Team: Trained medical team that is ready to respond in case of an emergency.


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