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Shimadzu's full family o f accurate balances.

• EB Series Electronic Reading Balance This series of standard electronic reading balances is available in standard, super and dedicated models. Standard models are available in two dual range and three wide range types offering many features such as averaging, automatic stability and detection functions, one-touch taring to the full capacity and a unique multicontrol system. One-touch zeroing and easy conversion are also key Shimadzu features. Super models come in two dual range types and three wide single range types featuring automatic statistical calculation in addition to the features of the standard models. Dedicated balances in the EB Series include animal balances, counting balances, carat balance and moisture balance. CIRCLE 328

• ECS Series Electronic Counting Scale The ECS Series is available in three weight capacities . . . 140, 1,400 and 5,600 grams. The series offers high sensitivity as is demonstrated by one model's ability to count parts weighing as little as 1mg/piece. Inherent error caused by uncertainties in sample weight is easy to predetermine. Auto-ranging, simultaneous totaling of weight and count values, digital outputs for computer interface and Shimadzu's economical digital printer mean large value.


• EDK Series Electronic Reading Balance The EDK Series is designed for large weighing. A high-performance electronic reading balance, it is available in four models offering full scale ranges from 28 kilograms to 56 kilograms. Just as with Shimadzu's other balances, it offers a host of outstanding functions including dualrange, microcomputer control and multi-functions. CIRCLE 330

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