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Linking Value to Performance.

We've just added two more reasons to buy a Shimadzu GC. Now you can pick the right GC from the broadest line available from a single source. With the introduction of the new GC-15A and the top-of-the line GC-16A, we have brought our long line of high performance GCs to a peak befitting our 30 years of GC manufacturing experience. The smart, the versatile, the affordable and the compact. One of 33 (thirty three!) standard configurations of our four GC families will surely fit your requirements and budget.Maybe it's the new fully automated 5t^( GC-16A/15A series with menu-driven color • % 1 % V * * CRT real time chromatogram display, yfc ^ and voice synthesizer. Maybe it's the versatile GC-9A series with rapidly exchanged analysis modules. Maybe it's the extremely affordable, detectordedicated GC-8A series, ideal for routine work and QC. Or maybe it's the compact GC-mini series-the midget among high performance GCs.

Look at the choices. In addition to our 33 standard models, we offer mull i-dimension GC systems and modular components which can easily be configured to suit your specific applications. Whichever you choose, all of them take advantage of our popular C-R3A data processor. And all of them come with a full-year warranty, low cost service, complete manuals, applications support and the legendary Shimadzu reliability. Go ahead, pick a winner. Now that there are two more to choose from. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. 7102 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD 21046 (301) 381-1227 Circle § 153 for the smart. Circle # 154 for the versatile, Circle # 155 for the affordable. Circle § 156 for the compact.


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