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April 15-16, 2016 Area-wide Local Serve Event. Churches & youth groups working together for one BIG Community Serve Day.

“Love God, Serve… “ Planned Projects: Loving America Street, Doors to Freedom, Senior Centers Fellowship, Helping Hands Ministry, Handicap Ramp revamp, Mow & Go, Minor painting, Random acts, and more. Find more information at sponsoring church web sites below:

Friday April 15 8pm - Glow Rally/Concert (choose project) Saturday, April 16 am Serve Day projects (lunch included at site) (4-6pm Hang Time begins (games, ton a fun) 5:00 Cook out Dinner / 6:00 Closing Glow Rally Youth GLOW Rallies hosted @ Friday: Charleston First Assembly—2957 Savannah Hwy Saturday: Charleston Baptist Church—13 San Miguel Rd

To sign up or questions, contact one of these Student Ministry Network participating Youth pastors: Tony Bowman (Youth Pastor, Charleston Baptist Church) 843-532-1462 [email protected] Otis Fulford (Youth Pastor, First Assembly Church) 843-766-2902 [email protected] Kent Williams (Youth/Missions Pastor, 843-743-4471 [email protected] John Peters (Youth Pastor, Crossroads Church) 843-693-5646 [email protected] Sean Rheaume (Youth/Family Pastor James Island Baptist Church) 706-566-7552 [email protected] Phillip Waite (co-Youth Pastor, St James Church) (843) 729-0361 [email protected] Alisha Griggs [email protected] Brian Crittenden “Dugan” (Youth Pastor, Seacoast/West) 843-640-7245 [email protected] Keith Biggs (Missions Pastor, Citadel Square Baptist) [email protected] Duncan Meadows, (Youth/Children, James Island Presbyterian) 843-678-332-5940 [email protected] Emmet Morgan (Low-Country Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Director) [email protected]

Sign Me Up! Use this form to sign up! Check/number project choice, circle group, fill out info, turn it in to one of the Youth Pastors listed by Thursday April 14. Campus Ministry students (FCA Jesus Pizza, etc) may choose any of the listed groups. Note that some youth groups are doing over night lock-ins and there “Love God, Serve… “ Planned Projects: may be a small cost for those events. Time Check your Serve group choice and locations vary depending on choice of ___*Lock-In sleep over: Low Country Food Bank (1st Assem: Otis) project. Lunch is included at all job sites on ___*Lock-In sleep over: PCY -"Helping Hands Ministry" (JIBC, Sean) Saturday. You will meet the students on your ___*Lock-in sleep over: PCY-Painting/Construction/Yardwork (CBC, Tony) crew, what tools you will need, location, ___*D-NOW sleep over: multiple Serve groups (Cross roads, John) project work times, get your t-shirt, etc on Non Sleep over Serve groups: Friday night at GLOW Rally. (put a 1, 2, below for these groups to indicate preference) ___*”Low Country Pregnancy Center” sort baby clothes (ARBC, Deb, Kent) Name:________________________________ ___*”Loving America Street” kids, door2door gifts (ARBC, Kent, Samantha, ) ___*”Doors to Freedom Ministry” PCY (ARBC, Sharon, Kent) Grade: _______School:__________________ ___*PCY - Painting/Construction/Yardwork (ARBC, Kent, Linda, Wret, Dennis) ___*Handicap Ramp Build (ARBC, Kent, Ron P) ___*Play Ground Book Reading (ARBC, Kent, Karen S.) Phone:_______________________________ ___*PCY—Fit Trail Work (ARBC, Kent) ___*Senior Center Garden/Fellowship (ARBC, Martha, Kent) E-mail:________________________________ ___*Senior Adult Rake & Run (ARBC, Kent) Circle the participating Church youth group you attend or want to sign up with: First Assembly of God Charleston Baptist Church Ashley River Baptist Church James island Baptist Church St. James Church Cross Roads Church