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THE TIDEWATER INN PET POLICY We are delighted that you and your pet will be staying with us at the Tidewater Inn. We pride ourselves in being a “Pet Friendly” establishment. In order to ensure all of our guests have an enjoyable stay while in residence, we ask our guests with pets to sign the following pet policy upon check in:  If you wish to reserve a pet friendly guest room, you must make your reservations directly with the Front Desk – (410) 822-1300.  Our property allows pets in designated CLASSIC guest rooms and are based on availability.     

My pet weighs 50lbs or less. My pet is not aggressive and is well socialized with other animals. My pet vaccinations are up to date and he/she is free of ticks and fleas. My pet will not be left unattended in the room while I am out. I will keep my pet off of all guest room and lobby furniture including bed, chairs and couches.

 My pet will be on a leash and under my control anytime we are outside of the room.  I understand that my pet is not permitted in the bar or dining area at any time. Only certified working dogs will be allowed in these areas. Pets are welcome in the lobby and in the guest room or outside on the premises  I will clean up after my pet and dispose of any waste in a trash receptacle.  I will notify hotel of any pet “accidents” immediately and request special cleaning efforts.  I agree to pay a fee of $75.00 per stay (non-refundable) to cover cleaning cost to the guest room upon departure.  I understand and agree that I will assume financial responsibility for any damage that may occur due to leaving my pet unattended at any time. I further agree that I could be charged a penalty fee for all instances of complaints related to my pet causing disturbance to other guest staying at the inn.  I agree to pay an extra $250.00 cleaning fee should my room require any excessive cleaning due to soiled bedspreads, furniture or carpet. I also agree that the condition of the room is based on the sole judgment of management upon my departure.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Usage of pet rooms are limited and based upon availability. In order to guarantee availability notification of pet arrival must be received at the time of booking.

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