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SJA Creative Chefs’ Cooking Club Does your child love to create? Cook and bake? Then you are in luck! Saint Joan of Arc School is ready to help your junior chef’s love of the culinary arts! We are offering a “No Bake Cooking Club” to students in grades K-2. We will meet every Friday from 3:10-4:15 pm on April 13, 20, and 27, and May 4, and 11. Please know that all children are welcome regardless of food allergies. The chef director, Mrs. Siglar will need to be notified ASAP of all food allergies and may seek parent assistance regarding possible ingredient substitutions to keep each of our chefs safe. ​Space is limited: First come, first serve basis, 10 spots available. Fee: $10.00 with application. Week 1: Bringing the taste of Italy to SJA - Mini Pizzas Week 2: Chocolate Lovers Trail Mix Week 3: Walking Tacos Week 4: Chocolate dirt in a cup Week 5: Surprise!

COOKING CLUB SIGN UP Student’s Name: ________________________________________________________________ Parent/ Guardian’s Name: ________________________________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________ I give the following individuals permission to pick up my child: NAME _______________________________________________ PHONE # _______________________ NAME _______________________________________________ PHONE # _______________________ NAME _______________________________________________ PHONE # _______________________ I understand that Mrs. Siglar reserves the right to cancel cooking club in the event of inclement weather, a personal emergency or appointment. (yes) (no) *** Any cancellations will be made up

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