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JDA Software Rebranding PR/Social Media Recommendations October 1, 2014

JDA Rebrand PR Report Hermes Creative Awards – 78C 1

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Campaign Summary On October 28, 2014, Scottsdale-based JDA Software launched a rebranding campaign with a new logo and the tagline “Plan to Deliver.” Over the last decade, JDA has gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions. While the business successes helped grow JDA into a $1 billion company, the brand identity lost its clarity. There was much confusion around what the combined company stood for. The rebrand campaign was to change that. To ensure employees, customers, media and analysts understand the meanings behind the new brand identity, JDA launched a comprehensive marketing campaign that included print, online and out-of-home ads, a redesigned website, social media and events. JDA hired branding agency Lippincott to redesign its logo and website, and enlisted Weber Shandwick to create an external communications program. Weber Shandwick took the JDA brand messages to advertising, supply chain and industry trade media, with the goal of imparting the deep meanings of the brand, inspiring confidence in the private company, and generating positive stories for the new identity. Weber Shandwick secured seven interviews with JDA’s CMO and CEO, which resulted in nine feature stories about the new brand, including one in Advertising Age. The media coverage and social engagement generated a total of 1,174,952 impressions.


SITUATION OVERVIEW JDA needed a new brand identity with clear messages

JDA has gone through multiple M&As over the years and the brand identity lost its clarity.

The old JDA logo looked dated and the tagline didn’t reflect JDA’s spectrum of offerings or focus on customers.

The new brand identity speaks of JDA’s breadth of solutions and customer-centric approach.


COMMUNICATIONS GOALS JDA wanted to reach branding, design and supply chain media to…

 Inspire confidence in JDA’s new direction and build positive momentum for the brand.

 Impart a deep understanding of the brand identity to customers and media.

 Reinvigorate the brand by communicating brand differentiators to key media audiences.

 Position JDA as an innovative industry leader and a customercentric company.


MEDIA COVERAGE A good mix of media outlets covered JDA’s rebrand efforts


KEY MESSAGES JDA’s new brand messages were resonated in media coverage The new tagline, "Plan to Deliver," represents the breadth of JDA's solutions, from planning to execution through delivery. JDA’s new battle cry tagline is “Plan to Deliver,” a simple, yet meaningful, phrase customers and employees can rally around. JDA is also transforming from a company that sells product solutions into a one that sells both products and services, including moving more into cloud solutions. New "Plan to Deliver" theme has meaning on multiple levels, as company also re-orgs to become more customer centric. A broad marketing campaign spanning across digital, print and advertising channels, will bring “plan to deliver” to the forefront. 7

B2B BRANDING SUCCESS Ad Age article explained the deep meanings of the JDA brand





Breadth of Solutions

Promise to Customers

Employee Advocacy

“The new tagline, ‘Plan to Deliver,’ represents the breadth of JDA's solutions, from planning to execution through delivery.”

“‘Our brand promise is, if you use JDA's solutions, your project achieves business results and you can plan to deliver.’”

“The effort also includes a significant internal campaign to create brand advocates within the company.”


LOGO DESIGN Design critics and bloggers liked the new logo and tagline The new acronym wordmark by contrast is much more considered and has a nice thing going with the diamond shape that also informs the cut of the terminal of the "j" and the tail of the "a". The new tagline "plan to deliver" sums up JDA's mission to provide software solutions that help its customers succeed. JDA works business-to-business and the new logo and its applications are therefore straightforward and business-oriented. The new logo is simple and clean with a more vibrant colour scheme and the use of the diamond in the visual system. 9

SOCIAL REACH Key audiences shared JDA’s brand content socially Marketing and Design Trades

Local Business Media Employees Supply Chain Trades



JDA continues to extend new brand messages and momentum through…


EMEA Customer Event


New CEO Interview


NRF 11


1,174,952 total impressions 165,611 Twitter impressions 35,864 LinkedIn impressions 8,060 Facebook impressions

166 #PlanToDeliverJDA tweets 9 JDA-dedicated articles 7 interviews with C-level execs


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