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Bible Study Guide Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sovereign King Sermon Text:​​ Psalm 29 Study Texts:​​ Exodus 15:1-18 Sermon Recap​​: Psalm 29 is a proclamation of God’s awesome power. It is in the form of a hymn and was most likely a favorite song of the Jews. In the Psalm, David compares God’s might and majesty with the great power of a thunderstorm or hurricane. As he did in Psalm 19, David draws on the created realm to show God’s awesome power and might; he draws our attention to see that God is the sovereign King over all things. He is the God over nature, over David’s enemies, over natural disasters, and He is the good and steadfast God over His people. The fact that God is the sovereign King over all is a treasure and deep comfort to the people of God. It serves as a warning to God’s people to walk in the holiness that God demands. God’s sovereign rule also serves as a warning to all who would transgress His commands. Because He is the sovereign King over all, He will have the last word. Sermon Connection:​​ Exodus 15 is one the three “Songs of Moses” recorded in Scripture. It follows God’s deliverance of the Jews after having led them safely through the Red Sea and then destroying Pharoah and his army. God had set His people free from sin and bondage, and Moses leads the people in a song of worship. As we read the song, we notice many similarities with Psalm 29: God is sovereign over the creation; He is the stronghold for His people; and He is the sovereign King over all.

Lesson Plan Lesson Goal: ​To see that God is the sovereign King over all and that His purposes will stand Lesson Points: Point 1: A Song of Worship About God ​(vv. 1-5, 18) Point 2: A Song of Worship to God​​ (vv. 6-17)


The Context: ​The Israelites have been freed from slavery and oppression in Egypt and have now moved out into the wilderness. Pharaoh, having changed his mind, led his army after the Jews in order to conquer them and re-enslave them. But God delivered His people once again and brought destruction upon Pharoah and his mighty army by causing the Red Sea to swallow them up. The “Song of Moses” comes directly after this episode and is a celebration of God’s faithful presence and deliverance. Defining Sovereignty​​: Throughout the Bible, God is shown as the One Who is King over all, He rules over creation, and He controls the entire course of nature and history. Another way of saying that God is sovereign is to say “God always, and without fail, accomplishes His purposes.”1 Point 1 - A Song of Worship About God ​(vv. 1-5, 18) ● According to v. 1, what is the cause of this song of worship about God? ● What attributes of God does v. 2 highlight? Why should this instill a deep sense of trust in and contentment with God in our hearts? ● Compare vv. 3-5 with Psalm 29:3-5. What similarities do we see? ● Verse 3 speaks of God as being “​a man of war​.” This is also connected with Ex. 14:14 where Moses says, “​The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.​” Why is seeing “God as a Warrior” good news for God’s people? See also Ps. 28:8-9. ● What is the reason for proclaiming v. 18 in the congregation of the people? Why is important to sing it over, and over, and over again? Point 2 - A Song of Worship to God​​ (vv. 6-17) ● Verses 6-10 describe the omnipotence of God.2 Why is this good news for the people of God? How does it help further verify that God is the sovereign King over all? ● How do vv. 9-10 echo the message of Ps. 29:3-5? ● What does God use to conquer the wicked Egyptians in v. 10? How does this serve as a comfort to the people of God? See also Romans 8:31. ● Verses 13-17 speak of how God leads His people. How is this a comfort to the people of God? How is this evidence of God’s Sovereign rule? The Big Picture​​ - God’s Sovereign Rule is for Our Good. It is a tremendously good thing for the Church that God is the sovereign King over all. There is so much in the world, both now and in the past, that stands against the Church. Throughout history, the Church has stood against the culture, been viewed as outcasts and rejects, faced tremendous persecution and hardship, been driven out of cities and countries, and had no formal gathering place or land. How is it that such a people continue to survive 1 2

For more on this see John Frame’s, ​The Doctrine of God,​ Chp. 4, or Wayne Grudem’s, ​Bible Doctrine​, Chp. 8. Omnipotence refers to God’s being all-powerful; possessing all power.


and thrive? It is only by and through God’s sovereign rule over all things. God has decreed that His Church will go forward with His gospel; that His Church will establish His glory around the world; and He has decreed that He will be with His Church forevermore. His sovereign rule is one of the Church’s sweetest treasures. Application Questions ● How am I trusting God’s sovereign rule over my life? ● Where am I guilty of opposing God’s rule in my life? ● How am I leading my family to love and treasure God’s sovereign rule over all? ● How does God’s sovereign rule motivate our Growth Group to go boldly with the gospel?