Special Needs Information

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Special Needs Information Over The Edge (OTE) can accommodate almost all special needs. In saying that however, OTE will need to know the details of the rappellers needs beforehand in order to properly prepare. Some special needs require specific gear to be shipped in addition with the regular gear. Please note that some special needs rappels take up more than 1 Edger spot. Here are some general guidelines: Wheelchair: The Residence Inn in Sacramento is NOT able to accommodate wheelchair rappels. Limited Use of Limb/Prosthetic: If the individual has limited use of an extremity, they may still be able to lower themselves under their own power. If that is the case, this may only require a small modification to the equipment or rigging. This can also hold true to individuals who are missing a limb, or have a prosthetic. Prosthetics will need to be attached in a way that there is no chance that they can come off the individual during the rappel. In special circumstances, the prosthetics can always be tethered. In the event the individual has limited mobility, considerations will also need to be made with regards to access, edge negotiation and egress. This may or may not require an additional Edger spot. Individuals with Physical or Mental Disabilities: OTE has had fantastic experiences on rope with individuals with different kinds of physical and mental disabilities. Our experience has been that either the individuals themselves, or their caregivers, know exactly what they need in order to be successful. Usually the process starts with a conversation to clearly outline expectations. Oftentimes individuals only require some additional coaching. Other times, one of our technicians may choose to rappel with the individual to give them coaching or assist during the rappel. This may or may not require an additional Edger spot. Special needs rappellers must email Paula Daoutis at least 35 days prior to the event to provide detailed information about your disability so the OTE staff can plan accordingly. Please email Paula at [email protected]