Special Needs Sunday School

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Special Needs Sunday School Mission and Calling

Children’s Ministry is a place where kids are loved unconditionally, protected uncompromisingly, and taught the truths of the Bible creatively. From our youngest babies to our oldest 5th graders, volunteers are a part of programs and environments that engage every age group at their developmental level, while helping children discover and experience who God is and who God wants them to become. Specific Responsibilities • Demonstrate unconditional love to the children through playing, singing, and looking out for their safety. • Be a support to the classroom leader and help where needed throughout the morning. Spiritual Requirements • Be a committed Jesus-follower with a lifestyle and reputation of Christian faithfulness. Requirements • Pass a background check. Reporting: Responsible to the Early Elementary Ministry Assistant and the Children’s Pastor. Age Requirement: 14+ to volunteer alone; 13 and under can potentially serve alongside their parents. Time Commitment: Sunday Mornings, from 10:45am to 12:10pm, Weekly, Bi Weekly, or Monthly