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The SPEed® Cartridge for Automation with a High Pressure Connection SPEed cartridges utilise a new type of low dead volume connection for rapid, high pressure automated operation. The connector allows a press fit seal up to 1600psi. It also has ultra low dead volume connection to enable full sample to be delivered to and from the syringe/fitting and low cross contamination. The connector is ideal for robotic automation applications. Engagement and disengagement of the male and female components, without twisting or turning of parts, eliminates the need for complex automation apparatus, processes and programming. Simple push-pull fittings allow multiple fittings to be sequenced during a workflow operation with fittings being easily picked up and then dropped off.

SPEed Operation Summary

Valve Operation

SPEed cartridges incorporate a one way check valve so that flow through the cartridge is always in one direction. The sample is loaded from the top of the extraction media bed and all washing and elution is done from the top of the bed. With the one direction flow through the cartridge and the flow is driven by a syringe, high pressure driven SPE is possible and therefore small particle media (3µm) can be used. With the very efficient flow path the single use cartridge can actually achieve LC separations.

SPEed cartridges incorporate a one way cylindrical valve (check valve) within an independent inlet flow path between the inlet (needle) and syringe connection. This independent inlet path bypasses the media bed. As the syringe plunger is withdrawn to aspirate fluid into the syringe the reduced pressure in the syringe opens the valve. With sufficient restriction through the Sorbent Bed, no flow is permitted through the Sorbent Bed when the valve is open. After the fluid is drawn into the syringe and the plunger of the syringe is depressed, the check valve defaults to a sealed closed position assisted by the back pressure due to restriction of flow through the Sorbent Bed. With the valve closed the dispensed liquid from the syringe can only flow through the bed and exit through the needle of the syringe. The valve has been found to perform reliably in a flow rate ranges of 20µL/min to 5mL/min.

SPEed Cartridge Operation

SPEed Cartridge Chromatographic Separation details



Acknowledgments This work was supported by the Eprep and access to the resources at the Department of Chemistry

We reported for the first time a novel SPEed cartridge design that eliminates the need for complex automation apparatus, processes and programming. A one way values allows a clean sample prep by loading the sample from the top of the extraction bed and workflow operation from the top of the bed. The system was further developed to actual achieve LC separation and MS detection of the organic analytes such as benzoic acid. SPEed cartridge generated efficiencies reaching up to 60,000 plates/meter. With further method development, this novel system can be come the new alternative for simple chromatographic separation and QC monitoring.