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Raider Reporter Stewards For Christ Spring, 2016

January's virtue: Fortitude

February's Virtue: prudence

March's Virtue: Respect

Volume 24, Issue 3

Radio Writings By: Adam Delumpa and Liam Hogan, RR Staff

Vocation Vacation By: Teddy Lewis, RR Staff

On Thursday, February 4, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 5th grade students went on a “vocation vacation” to Guerin Catholic High School. Upon arrival, the students proceeded into the Guerin gym with a banner for each school. “The Guerin choir, Golden Voice, sang loud vivacious music that the OLMC students enjoyed greatly”, commented Sr. Maria Benedicta, 5th grade religion teacher. After Father Thomas Haan, Guerin Chaplain, quieted down the students by telling them to have “quiet souls”, Mass was celebrated with the high school’s student body in attendance. Afterwards, Sister Josemaria, Guerin’s theology teacher, talked about how she was inspired by God to become a religious sister after going through a challenging time in her life. During Father Peter Lodgson’s talk, he mentioned that he had a great interest in martial arts. Upon ordination, he had the weapons associated with this sport melted into his chalice. Elisabeth Green, 5A, said, “I learned that you can always start by doing the right thing and listening to God and that puts you on the right path.”

On January 21st, three Our Lady of Mount Carmel students, along with Sister Mary Emily, were invited to Catholic Radio Station 89.1/90.1 Indianapolis FM. Weeks before, Sister challenged the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to complete an essay based on the following question. “Why is attending a Catholic school so important to my formation as a person, and how can I, a young Catholic, contribute to my community?” The students answered this question with unique responses. Gabriella Peabody, 8B, wrote, “An important part of attending a Catholic school is practicing my faith with others my own age, not just with my family.” In her essay, Mary Schuh, 6B, responded, “I can contribute to my community by leading people to Heaven. Since I have a lot of wisdom, knowledge, and grace from what I have learned at school, I can use that to teach people more about the one true God, lead them to our awesome faith, and bring them to Heaven.” The three students felt privileged to be able to read their essays on such a popular radio station. Mary Rose Hokanson, 7C, stated, “I was really nervous before I read on the radio. I didn’t want to mess up or even stutter especially if a lot of people were listening. Then, I realized how privileged I was to be able to do something like this, and I really enjoyed it!”

Sr. Mary Emily with the essay winners: (From left to right) Sr Mary Emily, Gabriella Peabody, Mary Rose Hokanson, and Mary Schuh

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Page 2 Mismatch Day By: Aidan Legg and Michael Supernaw, RR Staff

There's a New Sister in Town! By: Grace Koscal & Avery Fagan, RR Staff

Starting off the third quarter on the right foot, the seventh grade, along with the rest of OLMC, warmly welcomed Sr. Delia Grace who was completing her student teaching. Sister was over the moon with excitement to have been assigned seventh grade English for nine weeks with Mrs. Hodgson. Since Sister is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, she was pleasantly surprised and quite intrigued by the snowfall! Aside from spending much of her time in prayer, Sister enjoys cooking, eating her favorite meals, singing with her fellow sisters, reading, and being outside. Sister commented that most enjoyable part of being a Dominican is living with Jesus and receiving His surprises. She said that leaving her family was the hardest thing she had to do. The qualities Sister most enjoyed about OLMC are the family culture, a close- knit parish and dedicated teachers. Even though Sr. Delia Grace now travels to Guerin, she hopes that she will always be in our hearts and prayers.

During the waning days of February, OLMC was raising SCRIP money for a special prize! The students took a poll on Edmodo to decide what reward they would like if $50,000 was raised for school projects. They met this goal! The results of the poll were: eight people wanted to wear a hat to school, 92 people voted to wear sportswear, and 60 people chose a DJ to play at lunch. The winning option (128 votes) was for a mismatched day. March 8th was chosen for the reward. Crazy socks, hats and clashing colors were worn in many different combinations that brightened OLMC classrooms and hallways. The third grade came in first place, with the most money raised and received a no homework night, second grade and seventh grade came in third. A fun day for a worthy cause!

Miss Cossell wears a holiday mix up outfit for mismatch day!

Second graders clash on mismatch day!

Dare to Dream By: Michael Supernaw Liam Hogan, RR Staff

On January 12th, the Junior High went to Guerin Catholic to hear a talk about following your dreams. A former pro football player, Randy Rich taught the Junior High that people need to have dreams and those dreams need to be accomplished. When Mr. Rich was in Junior High his dream was to play in the NFL (National Football League). His friends always told him that he was too small or that he could not make it in to the National Football League. Later in life his coach even thought that he did not have a chance to make it into the pros. Despite these hardships, he proved his friends and coaches wrong. He made it in to the pro football league and won Super Bowl XII. He played defensive back for the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and the Oakland Raiders. During this program, Rich told the students how he pushed through his hard times as a child and how he turned into an excellent defensive back. He taught us that no matter what kind of labels others put on us, we should know that God sees us as one of his loving children and we are great no matter what!

1st Graders Make 100 By: Michael Supernaw and Aidan Legg, RR Staff

On January 26, the first graders celebrated the hundredth day of school. They learned many interesting things about the number 100. Brady McIlvena, 1C, said, “I learned how to weigh 100 items!” Monica Powers, 1C, exclaimed, “My favorite thing was making the 100 piece puzzle!” 100 was the number of the day for these amazing first graders. Isaiah Niccum, 1B, learned to count to his newly found number, 100. Gus Darland, 1C, exclaimed, “It’s good!” Most enthusiastically Sean Laferriere, 1C, said that, “My favorite part about today is mystery stuff!” Finally at the end of the day, like many of us have done before, the enthusiastic first graders sang the Hundred Days of School song on the announcements.

VIRTUES January Fortitude -being brave and strong February Prudence -Thinking about what is best to do March Respect -Knowing all people are God's children

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Page 3

Soul Shower By: Aidan Legg, RR Staff

On January 30, the second graders seemed jittery and eager to receive their first Reconciliation. In this Year of Mercy the sacrament of Reconciliation took on a special meaning for OLMC’s second graders. Their teachers, Sr. Bernadette Marie, Mrs. Farrell, and Mrs. Hagel prepared them to confess their sins and experience God’s forgiveness. Riley Sweeney, 2B said, “I was scared at first.” The second graders were more than thrilled to go and take the burden of sin off their shoulders. Christopher Legg, 2B said, “I felt relieved because there was no longer the weight of sin on my soul.” Afterwards the students went to the parish hall for refreshments. Hopefully as the students grow in their faith, they will acknowledge the importance of this beautiful sacrament.

Music to the Ears By: Teddy Lewis and Liam Hogan, RR Staff

On February 13, about 150 young musicians from many Catholic schools around the Indianapolis area gathered at Bishop Chatard Catholic High School for the annual CYO Music Contest. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Raider Band, the Beginning Band, and the choir competed. In addition, several OLMC students performed duets and won medals. Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Krauser, the students, won around 300 ribbons, 5 trophies, and 10 plaques. Congratulations for a job well done! A Bowl of Math By: Michael Supernaw, RR Staff

On February 2nd, the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders came to the gym ready to compute as well as compete in the annual Math Bowl, a multi-school competition that included the following teams: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Saint Louis De Montfort, St. Joan of Arc & Patrick, Catholic Schools of Anderson, and Our Lady of Grace. The sixth grade team called themselves the “Addtomic Bombs.” Fifth graders were the “Fraction Cats” and the fourth grade team was “Divide and Conquer.” Mrs. Keck, 6th grade, Mr. Murray, 5th grade and Mrs. Lopez, 4th grade were OLMC’s coaches. They practiced problems about a month before the

competition. During the contest, questions were presented on a screen projector. For each problem, the teams were given about a minute to develop an answer. Charlotte Van Dyke 4C, said “It was kind of difficult.” Jude Hubner from 4A, said that “I really liked it. It was fun to see all of my friends.” Ava Kinney from 4A, said that “it was kind of difficult but I enjoyed it anyway.” These bright OLMC students let their IQ shine through and tied for 2nd place. Even though they didn’t win, they had a great time, and that’s what counts!

Fantastic Fun Fair By: Grace Koscal and Avery Fagan RR Staff

To kick off Catholic Schools Week, grades K-4 had the most amazing time at the Fun Fair. The 8th grade Prep Team spent lots of time setting up a variety of stations for the students to enjoy in the gym. They were able to experience playing basketball and volleyball. They had a blast on the dance floor, and as Claudia Smith 3A, commented, “I love dancing the weird moves.” The station that seemed to be the biggest hit was face painting. As Mary DiPaola, 1A, replied, “Face painting is my favorite.” Another excellent aspect of the Fun Fair was that all of the proceeds went to support the 8th grade legacy gift. As Kiernan Harrington 2A, stated, “My favorite part is that we are raising money.” Overall, the Fun Fair was a unique experience, as well as a huge success, considering that the school was able to raise $1850.00. Way to go!

Faculty-8th grade volleyball game celebrating Catholic Schools Week!

Raider Reporter

Page 4

Firefighters Do More Than Save Lives! By: Katie Sweet and Maria Swidan, RR Staff

When you think of a firefighter what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a big, tall, built man, with a handle bar mustache, and a Dalmatian by his side? Well, Tim Griffin showed the junior high otherwise. On February 1st, during OLMC National Catholic Schools Week, Griffin came to teach 7th and 8th graders a lesson about safety. He has been a part of the Carmel fire department for almost 12 years, you have probably seen him at one time or another around town. When Tim was a high school student he dreamed of being a teacher, until one night while he and his friends were driving in different cars, his friend’s car drifted into the wrong lane and got hit head on! Griffin stopped his car immediately and ran out to his friends’ rescue. Griffin became a hero as he pulled his friends out of the totaled car, but this would not be the last time he was called one. Tim knew what he was meant to do, to be a firefighter. Now, about twelve years later, Tim is a physical trainer, a well-established cook, and father of an OLMC 1st grader. Griffin teaches safety awareness to children all over Carmel. Hopefully, Tim taught the Junior High a lesson that they will never forget!

Percussion’s Here to Stay! By: Katie Sweet and Maria Swidan, RR Staff

On February 2nd, during National Catholic Schools Week, OLMC students got a drummin’ to a fantastic beat! Conductor Art Reiner took the second graders on a Percussion journey in the music room. They were taught about patterns and sequences. Colored bins and drum sticks were given to the students who enthusiastically beat out rhythms. They also learned how to keep the letter “A” shape with their sticks. Lily Hirschfeld, 2B, said, “My favorite part was going up and slamming the thingys (drums)!” Joseph Nelson, 2A, said, “I learned the different ways you can hit a drum." The second graders received a fantastic percussion education that they will put into their everyday knowledge!

bands were finally ready to perform. As the curtain opened the bands knew exactly what to do. Teddy Lewis, 7A, said “I enjoyed the experience of meeting people from other schools and mixing our playing styles with theirs.” The audience seemed to enjoy listening to the many interesting songs including “The Final Countdown” and “Big Band Bop.” The performance had gone off without a hitch!

The Festive Band Festival By: Katie Sweet, RR Staff

On February 27th, the OLMC Raider Band joined Saint Louis De Montfort, Our Lady of Grace, Saint Maria Goretti, and Guerin Catholic to perform with their well-tuned instruments for the pleasure of many ears. The young band members from these schools got to know each other by playing games like ice breakers. This allowed them to get together and practice the songs for the performance. Guerin’s gym was filled with the sound of music! After hours of practice and many days of preparation at their own schools the bands

OLMC Band marched in the annual Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Indianapolis.